Nico Sommer, who had already been awarded in 2013 with the achtung berlin – new berlin film award for his highly acclaimed movie SILVI, has now won the Best Director Award for his second film „Familienfieber“! Ten Years of creative capital cinema, ten years of courageous cinematic art, ten years a home for filmmakers and cineasts. The achtung berlin – new berlin film award celebrates its tenth anniversary and for one week, it offers what it’s best-known for: fresh movies from Berlin-Brandenburg! The German press was enthusiastic about the movie, here are some quotes: „Here, a noisy, earthy comedy is melting with a quiet and profoundly staged drama – but Sommer’s actual achievement, his genuine finesse lies in the fact that the movie appears so natural and unaffected as it was a documentary.“ (Der Freitag, weekly journal by Jakob Augstein)„The director (…) has succeeded in what not many young directors are able to achieve: to prevail in a difficult industry. And even more so: he gives the main points with innovative concepts of directing. He re-thinks the genre: film 2.0.” (Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine)

daredo media presents on the Darling Berlin label the Original Soundtrack of LOVE STEAKS with music by The Knife, Blood for Blood, Andrea Berg, SWISS and the score by composer Golo Schultz. The soundtrack is highly emotional and contains both music by the favorite bands of the director and the producers, which also can be heard in the movie, and the original score, partly in extended cut versions, as well as some of the gems that have emerged during the compositors process of LOVE STEAKS. Well-known Indie bands like THE KNIFE, Hardcore legends BLOOD FOR BLOOD or Jazz icons NDR BIG BAND encounter German Schlager hits by ANDREA BERG and Underground Hip Hop by SWISS. Similarly electrifying is the pulsating score with Golo Schultz’ monumental Dubstep, recorded by DEUTSCHES FILMORCHESTERS BABELSBERG, among others. “Due to our method of making the movie, we also broke new ground in producing the music, by working with the original score layouts already in the cutting process. Many titles had a rather theoretical guideline which we playfully dealt with in intensive and creative improvised sessions. What came out was – besides the tracks in the movie – lots of fun and a big amount of heart’s blood which we didn’t want to end up in the drawer. A nice plate with goodies from the movie and with tracks that widen the world of LOVE STEAKS. All mixed and mastered fresh and juicy”, says composer and producer Golo Schultz. The Original soundtrack is served classically in a jewel case CD with extensive track-by-track comments by the composer in a 16-page booklet. The delight is even increased the many positive reactions and awards the movie has gained at festivals during the last year and right before the film started in cinemas. For the first time in the history of the Munich Filmfest, the love story won all four advancement awards and received the script prize without even having a script. Besides that, LOVE STEAKS is nominated for the German Film Prize LOLA. At the Slamdance Festival, the film received the Slamdance Trailer Competition Grand Prize by YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, in Saarbrücken the movie had sold-out houses and won the Grand Prize Max Ophüls Preis, which is awarded with 36.000 Euros. In Rotterdam, the film won the Lions Club L’Esprit du Temps.
We´re proud to announce, that the new “sunshine live, Vol. 49“ compilation, which was released on Uptrax Records in cooperation with daredo music on the 28th of March 2014 and digitally distributed via digedo, reached top-positions at the top download stores in Germany, for example:Sunshine live, Vol. 49 @ iTunes:# 39: Album Charts# 04: Dance Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 49 @ Musicload:# 15: Musicload Album Charts# 03: Musicload Dance ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 49 @ amazon.mp3:# 38: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts# 03: Top 100 mp3 Dance Electronic Album ChartsSunshine live, Vol. 49 @ Google play:# 29: Top 100 mp3 Album Charts
DigedoNews Charts Compi-SSL49.jpeg
Radio Sunshine live is the biggest electronic music radio station in Germany. Electronic music, 24 hours a day, which makes the program of Radio sunshine live unmistakable. You can listen to Radio Sunshine live via FM in Germany (Baden-Württemberg and parts of Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz), in Berlin (Germany) also via DVB-T, in the German cable network, via satellite in Europe and worldwide via the Internet. Because of this, Radio Sunshine live is also one of the most important interfaces in the communication between producers, DJs, promoters and between the advertising industry.

Ten Years of creative capital cinema, ten years of courageous cinematic art, ten years a home for filmmakers and cineasts. The achtung berlin – new berlin film award celebrates its tenth anniversary and for one week, it offers what it’s best-known for: fresh movies from Berlin-Brandenburg! Nico Sommer, who was awarded with the 2013 achtung berlin – new berlin film award for his highly acclaimed movie “Silvi”, presents his second film “Familienfieber” – which also was realized through crowd funding and improvisation – in the ‘Made in Berlin-Brandenburg’ / Best Movie contest, being one of ten full-length feature movies.On the film: At some point, they have to meet finally: Alina and Nico are in love as of late and have decided to introduce their parents to each other – notoriously a venturous enterprise. And so, Maja and Uwe are reluctant to their daughter’s plan. Nevertheless, the family hits the road to the “big house” of her boyfriend, as Alina announces it, somewhere in the Berlin hinterlands. After the house turns out to be a genuine castle, Maja has to face the additional fact that she knows Nico’s father much better than she would prefer in this situation. One thing’s for sure: that sounds great! Familienfieber is a ravishing, tragicomic “family setup”, where director Nico Sommer gives his actors plenty of room for spontaneous improvisations. Maybe the “nucleus of society” is already a phase-out model?

Our little raw flesh love story has just won both the Outstanding Award in Film Editing and the Grand Prize at the First Time Fest of the Museum of Moving Image in Manhattan, which took place from April, 3rd until April, 7th 2014 in New York! This is an incredible honor for the film’s cutter Gesa Jäger, who contributed a good portion to the ingenuity of the movie with her unbelievable talent. The jury has confirmed this in its statement: “The Outstanding Achievement in Editing goes to Gesa Jäger for Love Steaks (Germany), whose editing work – lively, adventurous and precise – brilliantly captures both the breakneck pace of restaurant work and the more languorous, tentative pace of budding romance.” Congratulations, Gesa!!! But there was still more to come – the jury also considered Love Steaks as a whole such a great movie that they awarded it with the Grand Prize of Theatrical Distribution – and this will certainly help us a lot in bringing Love Steaks into cinemas all over the U.S.! Enjoy the jury’s statement here: “Love Steaks (Germany), the Grand Prize Winner of Theatrical Distribution from Cinema Libre Studio, is a beautiful love story, told with candor, that evokes the behind-the-scenes madness of the restaurant and resort world. Funny, audacious, touching, and brilliantly acted and directed.” What else could be said…?

Trailer: Love Steaks, Spot: Love Steaks, More information: Love Steaks

The movie “Am Ende der Strasse” (English title: “Where the street ends”) by Nils Strüven is a portrait of the Berlin taxi driver Theo (Peter Trabner) who believes ultimately it past down his dreams between the everyday routine of short-range, small talk and wait. Told through five episodes of sometimes bizarre, tragic or funny passengers a night shift, he eventually rediscovered a piece of forgotten magic and Felt moves suddenly to new roads.

The full length movie can be seen here: Am Ende der Strasse


Pokorny Music Solutions, a dynamically developing music company, is planning to release at the beginning of April (04.04.2014) an album compilation with some selected repertoire of Bad Boys Blue that was recorded between 1984 and 1990. It is another release in the thriving series “The Original Maxi-Singles Collection” with extended maxi-single versions, their B-sides and, occasionally, rare remixes that are still being sought for by fans. For Bad Boys Blue, their second single “You’re a Woman” turned out to be a breakthrough and instantly conquered the European charts. More smash hits followed on, such as: “Pretty Young Girl”, “Come Back and Stay”, “A World without You”, “Lady in Black”. The set by Bad Boys Blue included in this “Original Maxi-Singles Collection” edition is compiled from the aforementioned tracks as well as many other smash hits of that legendary project; and all of the recordings are of the best sound quality, thanks to the high-class remastering. Some of the tracks herein have been released on mp3 format for the first time in the band’s artistic history. The curious item of this compilation is “Midnight Hour” – a track that was kept unreleased in the archives of the “Coconut-Music” label for almost 25 years, just to have its ultimate premiere as late as in the present day! Inside the multi-page booklet added to this release, you will find colour reproductions of the original front covers of Bad Boys Blue’s classic maxi-singles and a photograph of the famous production line that gave birth not only to “Midnight Hour”, but also to the mythical and long-desired track “Kiss You All Over, Baby” in its extended 1987 version. Well then, have plenty of fun and many good vibes while giving a listen to this compilation by Bad Boys Blue: The Original Maxi-Single Collection!

We´re proud to announce, that Natasha Watts’ Album „Natasha Watts”, released on the well known label SedSoul, just reached the pool position at the official “UK Soul Chart Top 30“. UK Soulstress Natasha Watts hits the streets with her Debut Album following up a successsful year. All her Singles ended up in the UK Soulcharts top five and her last single „Change” made it also up to No 1 in the UK Soulcharts as did “Go slow”  and several Radio Charts across the world. She also won the Readers Choice Award from the soul survivors magazine for Best New Soul Act 2013. The 12 Track Album Procduced By Frank Ryle & Rob Hardt (Cool Million) already made the Collectors sticky fingers itch. From Soulful Bossa to 80s Influenced R&B, Natasha has got it all and delivers it on a golden plate. You shouldn ́t miss out on one of her many Live Shows between London & Dubai to see how much her heart beats for the music.