"Natasha Watts“ Album entered the official UK Soul Chart Top 30 @ position # 1


We´re proud to announce, that Natasha Watts’ Album „Natasha Watts”, released on the well known label SedSoul, just reached the pool position at the official “UK Soul Chart Top 30“. UK Soulstress Natasha Watts hits the streets with her Debut Album following up a successsful year. All her Singles ended up in the UK Soulcharts top five and her last single „Change” made it also up to No 1 in the UK Soulcharts as did “Go slow”  and several Radio Charts across the world. She also won the Readers Choice Award from the soul survivors magazine for Best New Soul Act 2013. The 12 Track Album Procduced By Frank Ryle & Rob Hardt (Cool Million) already made the Collectors sticky fingers itch. From Soulful Bossa to 80s Influenced R&B, Natasha has got it all and delivers it on a golden plate. You shouldn ́t miss out on one of her many Live Shows between London & Dubai to see how much her heart beats for the music.