There can only be one Chill Out and Lounge compilation series being the market leader and it certainly is the „Café del Mar“ series. There have since been many imitators, but only one true „Café del Mar“. No other album will reaffirm further this very simple statement than Volume 20 with exclusive tracks from Nightmares On Wax, Goldfrapp, Thievery Corporation, Rae & Christian , Penguin Café, Moby, M83, Morcheeba and Boards of Canada. We´re proud to distribute this tremendous album „Café del Mar, Volume 20 (XX)“ digitally.Café del Mar (Catalan: [kəˈfe ðəɫ ˈma], Spanish: [kaˈfe ðel mar]; “Sea Café”) is a lounge and bar located in Sant Antoni de Portmany on the magic island Ibiza. The special look of the „Café del Mar“ was designed by a Catalan architect, Lluis Güell. In 1994, the first official “Café del Mar” album was released, which also included at this time works by world-renowned artists. The „Café del Mar“ is – beside the special music taste which can described as „balearic ambient, easy listening music“ – known for its famous sunsets.


The band Boytronic was founded 1983 and no other band has so boast a varied history. Similar to Camouflage or their Idols „Depeche Mode“, Boytronic become quite the electronic synth pop prescribed also. With their first single “You” they landed immediately a worldwide hit, quickly established itself as 80s classics. Also the first album “The Working Model” with another single from the album, “Diamonds And Loving Arms” sold very well. Particularly noteworthy was the collaboration with the then very fashionable producer Bobby Orlando. The first single of the second album “Man In A Uniform”, the song “Hurts” was proposed. In the meantime, also “Late Night Satellite” was published, a great radio success was on the album but unfortunately not found space. There were arguments with the former record company that also attracted disputes within the band, and provided the naming rights remained with the producers. In 1988 the album “Love For Sale“ with singles like „Do not Let Me Down,” “Love for Sale” and “Tears” were released which found many enthusiasm in Euro disco area. In recent publications, however, it is not the original cast, but an artificially generated by the record company project with other musicians. Today, the original Boytronic members are reunited and planning a new album. This compilation with of all maxi-singles which were released between 1983-1989 gives a comprehensive overview of the work of this band that once shaped the sound of the 80s with.


The new label “Darling Berlin”, which also brings the movie „Love Steaks“ into the cinemas, stands for fresh and uncommon independent movies from the German capital. Often underfunded but with so much the more lifeblood, a whole new generation of filmmakers and actors is shooting comical, touching, down-to-earth movies. No conventions. No compromises. With lightness and a bizarre humour. The hearts of the Berlin audience are already captured, and daredo media has now set itself to make these movies accessable to the rest of the world. To reach this, all possible channels will be served. Some movies will start with a classic cinema start, other films will be starting on VOD platforms. Furthermore some movies will be available for fee. „Stiller Frühling“ from Nico Sommer and starring Tom Lass, Thorsten Kaphahn, Livia S. Reinhard is such an example. Starting this weekend, the movie is available at YouTube and Vimeo in full length on the channel “Darling Berlin“. The movie is about Sebastian, who is 21 and has never been with a woman. His patience is at an end! However, neither the advice of his sprightly grandfather nor the abstruse methods of his therapist can really help him ease to reach out to others. Slowly he begins to break out of his thoughts jungle ….


The first album of Michael Kohlbecker with his own name after 25th. Anniversary of music producing. 1989 Michael Kohlbecker released his first records on Sony Dance Pool, 25 years later, after producing more then 29 projects, several albums, over 100 singles, and much more… now the pure sound of now and tomorrow of Michael Kohlbecker. “End of time” reflects the hand-signature of Michael Kohlbecker in all kind of styles. Definition is Limitation. Real techno to dark and deep to open air to deep house and electro pop. Concept of the album also shows itself with the very special videos made to the key tracks: The „End of the time mix“ of the legendary song of „Extrabreit – Die Polizisten“ is turning on the light on that album! The different videos for the tracks are made with the new ideology, a sample is not just audio it also can be visual. The cooperation with the company Canon allowed to visualize like it sounds or better… it looks like it sounds. Video and music coming from one hand reflecting the pure energy of the individual title of this album. The concept of the album – timeless – this statement fits100% to the reality of the artist and the electronic dance world. Electronic dance music of all kind – one of the best ways to freeze time!


After almost 5 years of high quality electronic dance music from Electro and Progressive to Tech House, 120dB Records puts together a selection of their best remixed tracks. This collection starts from the early days of 120dB and their first shot “Cafe Prague” to their latest dance chart hit “Hey Mister! 2014″ and re- discovers countless remixes long past and almost forgotten. Some nowadays star producers such as Purple Disco Machine, Pierce Fulton, Jewelz, David Puentez, Sean Finn, Laserkraft 3D, Chris Avantgarde, Kevin Over or Final DJs join forces to 120dBs established artists like Le Shuuk, Filip Riva, Falko Niestolik & BK Duke, Hochanstaendig or Philippe Lemot! And also one of the future rising stars will give his debut on a previously unreleased remix: “Jungster” Mike Jung gives “Bitches” by Thunder + Ford a new energetic treatment. Always having an ear for talented newcomers, 120dB’s A&R manager Chico Chiquita compiled some of the catalogues „lost pearls“ with successful remixes and long forgotten club smashers – don’t miss this unique selection incl. 2 exclusive DJ Mixes from Chico Chiquita.

Mole Listening Pearls proudly announce that Žagar received the Fonogram Award for Light Leaks album in the category of the Best Electronic Music 2014. This is the most notable prize of the Hungary’s record industry. Žagar are a five piece psychedelic electronica band based in Budapest that are turning heads across the globe with their forward thinking sound design, catchy melodies and multi sensory live shows.Their new album ‘Light Leaks’ explores expansive cinematic dreamscapes created with their perfect blend of cool guitar riffs, vintage synth sounds, psychedelic effects and Kraftwerk style vocoders. The lyrics and sonic textures weave a narrative through the album about, inner conflicts between the rational down-to-earth mind and its restless, dreamy, other half.For more info, please visit: Light Leaks