Out now! Michael Kohlbecker - End of time (Eternal Basement)


The first album of Michael Kohlbecker with his own name after 25th. Anniversary of music producing. 1989 Michael Kohlbecker released his first records on Sony Dance Pool, 25 years later, after producing more then 29 projects, several albums, over 100 singles, and much more… now the pure sound of now and tomorrow of Michael Kohlbecker. “End of time” reflects the hand-signature of Michael Kohlbecker in all kind of styles. Definition is Limitation. Real techno to dark and deep to open air to deep house and electro pop. Concept of the album also shows itself with the very special videos made to the key tracks: The „End of the time mix“ of the legendary song of „Extrabreit – Die Polizisten“ is turning on the light on that album! The different videos for the tracks are made with the new ideology, a sample is not just audio it also can be visual. The cooperation with the company Canon allowed to visualize like it sounds or better… it looks like it sounds. Video and music coming from one hand reflecting the pure energy of the individual title of this album. The concept of the album – timeless – this statement fits100% to the reality of the artist and the electronic dance world. Electronic dance music of all kind – one of the best ways to freeze time!