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“Get Slow Records” was originally conceived in Rosario, one of the most thriving cities in Argentina, as a conceptual event oriented to house and techno music with a high degree of groove, deepness and emotion. The main goal of the party was to try to loosen up the intensity and speed of the beats in order to take people on a more sophisticated journey. Its immediate success suggested a next step had to be taken; and this was naturally to create a platform to release music that encaptures that very same vibe. “Get Slow Records” born in Argentina under this premises and ran by Deep Mariano and Adi Dumitra.

Amateur radio presenter Doc Rock has anticipated his listeners to his mission over the so-called “Nightslasher”, a brutal killer, not! The Night Slasher himself turns into the mission and provides Doc remained a mystery on whose solution the life of the young and pretty Tara hangs, the latest victim of the night Carver. The game has begun!

Every Friday exclusive @ CiNENET Germany.

If you like to watch he full series, please follow the link: Radio Silence – Die Serie.

Darling Berlin proundly presents the official clip from mastermind Klaus Lemke called “Unterwäschelügen 1″. Klaus Lemke was born on October 13, 1940 in Germany. He is a director and producer, known for movies like Amore (1978), Rocker (1972) and “Die Ratte” (1993). “Unterwäschelügen 1″ has just sexy girls, fantastic pictures and perfect sound-design substituting any words. We make a bet, that you click the repeat-button after watching this clip the first time…

From January 23 Spiegel.TV shows eight young feature films: In “Open Fiction” run the best German Impro films – the first online festival for the currently most exciting trend in German cinemas.

In the trailer tells director and actor Tom Lass about his working methods and his favorite films. Together with his brother Jacob, he is responsible for three of the most important works of the so-called “German mumblecore”. We provide all eight festival entries before: “Kaptn Oskar”, “Love Steaks”, “Dicke Mädchen”, “Papa Gold”, “Klappe Cowboy!”, “Am Ende der Strasse”, “Stiller Frühling” and “Die Liebe und Viktor”. The “Open Fiction” festival realized SPIEGEL.TV together with its partners alleskino, “achtung berlin” and “Darling Berlin”.

“Nico Sommer tells about the relationship crisis of three couples in a relaxed but very detailed way. A great melange of tragedy and comedy – in other words: Don’t mess with Peter (Trabner)…!” ( EPD film), “Absurd family fun!” (TV Movie).

“Family Fever” (Familienfieber) starts on 15th January 2015 in German cinemas and already the premiere at Berlin’s Babylon on 13th January was an huge success. Earlier this year, Nico Sommer has won the Best Director Award at the achtung berlin film festival for this movie and besides that, it has received many great reviews so far.

On the film:
At some point, they have to meet finally: Alina and Nico are in love as of late and have decided to introduce their parents to each other – notoriously a venturous enterprise. And so, Maja and Uwe are reluctant to their daughter’s plan. Nevertheless, the family hits the road to the “big house” of her boyfriend, as Alina announces it, somewhere in the Berlin hinterlands. After the house turns out to be a genuine castle, Maja has to face the additional fact that she knows Nico’s father much better than she would prefer in this situation. One thing’s for sure: that sounds great!

More information: Familienfieber Homepage

Love Steaks was nominated even twice – not only director Jakob Lass was nominated for Best Feature Film Debut, also producer and composer Golo Schultz was honored with the first nomination for Best Soundtrack in his career. Congratulations to both nominees from our side and we wish great success at the award ceremony! The German Film Critics’ Association will award the prizes at the Berlinale on Monday, 9th February 2015 in the presence of the nominees and award recipients. The prize is being awarded in 12 categories to German films which were screened in cinemas during the past year.

The German Film Critics’ Award was first awarded in 1954 and is the only German film prize that is awarded solely by film critics. It does not consider economic, regional or political but only creative criteria and is thus an award with a large reputation.

Trailer: Love Steaks, Spot: Love Steaks, More information: Love Steaks

dreier news releases-jan2015

We proudly present the special releases by three of our deep house and techno distribution labels:

KDB Vibes Vol. 3 (Release on Beatport: 2014-12-15, Overall: 2015-01-12)
From KDB With Love: Come around and take a look! KDB Records have a sweet Christmas gingerbread for you, this is the last release in 2014 from the#kdbmafia: Newcomers and old mafioso acts compiled together! The tracks are already featured by Nadja Lind, Betoko, Dousk, Sean Ray, Larry Cadge, Denite, Vanilla Ace, Denite, Martin Kremser, Animal Picnic, Eddy Romero and many others.

Tronic 2015 Part.2 (Release date 2015-01-12)
As they unfold the second instalment of their annual compilation of exclusive gems, they couldn’t be more excited to have Mr. Eric Sneo kick things off with the aptly titled -yet grinding- “Beauty Of The Sky”, followed closely by the rocksteady groove and haunting electronics of Arjun Vagale. Rafa Barrios picks up from there, strips things down to a bare minimum and adds a cheeky sample which everyone will recognize. Paride Saraceni graces us with a heads-down number, complete with house strings and meaty chords, while Matt Sassari and Reinier Zonneveld give us the claustrophobic “Gas”. Closing up, Raffaele Rizzi’s “Rebus” constantly evolves and builds over a rubber-band bassline and commading vocals.

Fast Lane. Highway Records Remixed (Release on Beatport: 2015-01-12, Overall: 2015-01-26)
Fast Lane is a collection of the brand new remixes of Highway Records tracks released in 2008-2014. The label’s essential tunes remixed by some of the best Russian producers – such as Anton Kubikov, Sergey Sanchez & Thierry Tomas, Nikitin, Asaga, Andrey Burtaev, BarBQ, Monkey Fish and Dave Pad.


It all began fron an idea to play music to the Sunset. A visionary artist was chosen to create a dreamlike space to synthesize music with sunlight. Over the years artists alike have contributed their finest art to the concept. This is a journey throughout those years. This is a soundtrack for the Sunset. This is… Café del Mar. Including 40 tracks by Art of Noise, M83, Moby, Nightmares On Wax, Stonebridge, Apex Twin, Sydenham & Ferrer, Chicane, John Williams and many more, plus 3 continuous mixes by Toni Simonen.

Berlin in the 1990s: amongst great political change and in the shadow of ultra-commercialized Techno culture, there existed a parallel universe, now mostly forgotten, but defining for the feeling and lifestyle of the city: the world of basement bars and off-creatives. After the Wall fell, a lively and very motley scene of young people used the vacant houses and apartments in Berlin-Mitte as a stage for living and celebrating their sense of easy-going freedom. Long-term success was not an important category – people lived their lives from one event to the next experiment, playfully de-establishing art and its market imperatives.

The film „Berlinized“ takes you on a tour to 1990s’ Berlin-Mitte, both capturing and reflecting on this very unique feeling at a certain place in time. Filmmaker Lucian Busse, an active protagonist of this era, took his camera everywhere to document the changing cityscape, the art scene, clubs, concerts, and also the many construction sites where free space was filled up with ever-new, ever-the-same, faceless office buildings.

More Information: Berlinized Homepage, Amazon: Berlinized, Vimeo VOD: Berlinized


This year Fancy celebrates the 30th anniversary of his first world hit “Slice Me Nice”. Together with his publisher & producer Adam Pokorny, he searched his archives deeply and compiled an album full of rarities and without the well-known hits! Fancy posted on his Facebook page: “We have deliberately chosen and re-arranged only those songs for this album. Everybody already owns the Hits, but these songs we’ve chosen, have definitely a hit-potential. A healthy dose of variety with a little touch of today”.