“Amok – Hansi geht’s gut” is a psychodrama about time that has remained agonizingly are on their way to retirement and takes no more prospects. A film about the internal pressure, which leads to wrong decisions and then only can still explode. In real time of suggestive camera follows the protagonist. From the apartment, on the street, to work, in the pedestrian zone. Lorenz Fuchs (Tilo Nest) puts in a torturous process. The spectator gets into the maelstrom of exciting sensation labyrinth. Sadly, upsetting, directly alive.

Starring: Tilo Nest, Charly Hübner and Anneke Kim Sarnau.

“Amok – Hansi geht’s gut” – in cinemas in Germany starting the 28th of May 2015.

The rousing alpine drama “Der Berg ruft” shows Luis Trenker in one of his most famous roles: as Italian mountain guide Tonio Carrel. The focus of the film is the authentic competition two cliques to the ascent of the Matterhorn. Through an intrigue manages a group under the leadership of the Englishman Whymper the first to reach the summit. The Italians defeated Carrel then returns a few meters before the finish line to be disappointed. On the descent into the valley happens misfortune. Three of the victorious climbers plunge to their deaths and Whymper is suspected to have cut the connecting cable to save his own life. It comes to a dramatic trial. Whymper’s situation seems hopeless. Only the broken rope could prove his innocence. But this rope remains seemingly untraceable back to the Matterhorn.

Germany has a birth rate of 1.36%. Why is that? No woman has mood for stupid “Bratz children”. It follows that the genes need to be manipulated or “doped”, because as soon as a man with an IQ of 130 to donate his inheritance. Accompanied Maja in finding the best sperm …

We are proud of our mega Hamburger “Bratz children”. Outspoken and rough. Objectively and unobjective. Every Friday a new episode @ CiNENET Germany!

Here you can see all released episodes for free: DNA Junkies – Die Serie.

Filmstadt (English: Film City, short FLMSTDT) is a series about us – the inhabitants of the media landscape. We accompany Melinda, a young actress and George, an unsuccessful former film students as they fight their way through the film and television world. Most winking, but also dramatically we portray our situation (and also particularly in Hamburg) that the “Generation angst” passes from the “internship generation”.

This series was produced by any TV station, but independently supported by the initiative “Our Shows”. Written, directed and produced by Dennis Albrecht, the much biography and anecdotes from 17 years can here incorporate film business. Many TV series actors come in guest roles before, for example, Oliver Hermann, Elke Jochmann & Wolfgang Hartmann (all Alpha Team), Ulrike Kargus & Niklas Osterloh (Red Rose), Tokessa Martinius & Norman Kalle (GZSZ) and Jan Stapelfeldt (Marienhof, GSG 9).

Every Wednesday a new episode @ CiNENET Germany!

Here you can see all released episodes for free: Filmstadt – Die Serie.

A modern adaptation of the Emily Bronte classic. When the wealthy Earnshaw family of Malibu adopts Heath, a troubled teenager, daughter Cathy falls madly in love with him, embittering her rich boyfriend Eddie and the rest of their exclusive community. Wrapped up in her exciting fling, Cathy is blind to the dangerous side of Heath – until it s too late. Starring Paloma Kwiatkowski and Andrew Jacobs.

“Gefährliche Leidenschaft – Wuthering High“ street day: 4th May 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD.

Beginning of 1940, German generals want, who do not identify with Hitler’s total war, the British play about another German war plans. The conspirators call their secret company “Black Chapel”. In Rome the middlemen of the “Black Chapel” with the British trying to contact. But the counterintelligence of the Gestapo is a constant threat. When the secret courier in love with an SS agent, the mission seems to fail …

Starring: Peter Eyck, Ernst Schröder and Ralph Habib.

Out now on VOD and EST platforms.