Der Berg ruft @ CiNENET Germany

The rousing alpine drama “Der Berg ruft” shows Luis Trenker in one of his most famous roles: as Italian mountain guide Tonio Carrel. The focus of the film is the authentic competition two cliques to the ascent of the Matterhorn. Through an intrigue manages a group under the leadership of the Englishman Whymper the first to reach the summit. The Italians defeated Carrel then returns a few meters before the finish line to be disappointed. On the descent into the valley happens misfortune. Three of the victorious climbers plunge to their deaths and Whymper is suspected to have cut the connecting cable to save his own life. It comes to a dramatic trial. Whymper’s situation seems hopeless. Only the broken rope could prove his innocence. But this rope remains seemingly untraceable back to the Matterhorn.