Out now on VOD: „Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi“

Attorney General Florestan Mississippi (O.E. Haase), the world wants to reform with Moses “tooth-to-tooth-law,” his childhood friend Saint-Claude (Martin Held) sees in Karl Marx the rescue. The third-gooders Count Bodo von Überlohe-Zabernsee (Hansjörg Felmy) is a Christian dreamer. Fulcrum of the event is Anastasia (Johanna von Koczian) that has poisoned her husband. She confesses Mississippi murder. After her Monsieur Mississippi has confessed in return, he had also killed his faithless wife, marry the two. Later lands in the political intrigues of the fanatics a shot in the madhouse, the other is that the third party seeks solace in alcohol – and Anastasia, the beautiful and callous woman ultimately a cold careerist (Charles Regnier) the hand is sufficient to collar. A triumph of evil? No, that’s in the world, and so it will go on forever.

Out now on VOD and EST: „Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi“.