Out now! "Sharknado - Der ganz normale Wahnsinn"

Take a ride into the „Sharknado – Feeding Frenzy“ (German: „Sharknado – Der ganz normale Wahnsinn“) with a documentary geared to entertain while exploring how a Syfy creature feature become a unimaginable franchise and surprise phenomenon capturing the zeitgeist. With such a ridiculous name and premise, the movie about a shark-filled tornado destroying Los Angeles, Sharknado, was considered career suicide. However, when the Sharknado film finally premiered on SyFy, a social media conversation exploded, and news outlets ran with it. As a result, the film, cast and filmmakers were catapulted into the pop culture stratosphere! Why? How? Can filmmakers create lightning in a bottle again and again?

“Sharknado – Der ganz normale Wahnsinn“ street day: 22th August 2015 on DVD and VOD.

Direct Link to Vimeo VOD: “Sharknado – Der ganz normale Wahnsinn