Happy Birthday Franz Beckenbauer!

Because of the 70th birthday of Franz Beckenbauer, the German newspaper Bild shows, in cooperation with daredo, the cult movie “Libero” for one week on Bild.de and all other digital media such as Apps. Franz Beckenbauer is probably the best German footballer of all time. As a player and coach, Beckenbauer became world champion, in the 1970s he shaped the rise of FC Bayern. To date, his opinion as an expert is in demand everywhere.

The film “Libero” is about footballers and millions. Hardly anywhere else in our society, a man can get to fame and fortune than as a professional footballer, and nowhere the battle is so hard and the risk can be so high at the same time. Just one unfortunate injury can end a career irretrievably, from one day to another. This film shows what professional football was like in 1973, not only in the stadium, when hundreds of thousands cheer to erupt in rage or get totally desperate. It looks behind the scenes of professional football and shows the people, the powers and the machinations with which a top athlete like Franz Beckenbauer has to deal with.

A taut-calves contemporary document with poignant scenes and a wonderful and and in our days also funny-to-see reunion in the look of the 70s with the players Paul Breitner, Gerd Müller, Uli Hoeneß, Günter Netzer, Rainer Zobel, Georg “Katsche” Schwarzenbeck, Hans-Josef “Jupp” Kapellmann, Franz “Bulle” Roth, the coaches Udo Lattek and Helmut Schön and FC Bayern President Willi O. Hoffmann. Also starring: Harald Leipnitz, Klaus Löwitsch and the German champion team of 1973, FC Bayern München.

Regarding the 60th birthday of Franz Beckenbauer his son Stephan Beckenbauer (died on 31 July 2015) wrote the foreword for the image-book “Images of an eventful life” (Publisher: Alfred Draxler): “…On a family life, as I run it today with my wife Nicole and their three children I can not remember. We did not go in the beer garden or to eat ice cream … Only once we were with, when Papa shot the movie Libero in Israel …” The sequence in Israel is especially nice in the movie „Libero“ and was with the whole family Beckenbauer, also Stephan Beckenbauer, who unfortunately died much too early at the age of 46 years.

The direct link to the movie @ Bild.de: Libero

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