Halloween, a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It initiates the triduum of Hallowmas, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers. Typical festive Halloween activities include “trick or treating”, attending costume parties, decorating, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, telling scary stories, and watching horror movies. Because of this, CiNENET Germany presents the „Halloween 2015 | ‘Trick or Treat’ Horror Special“ playlist with films like “Satanic Halloween”, “The Secret Village”, “Der Teufelspakt”, “Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray”, “Horror Creek”, “Menschenfresser”, “Halloween 5″ and “Dracula im Schloss des Schreckens”.

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A summer cruise threatens to end in a terrible bloodbath. A entkommender from a research station, three-headed Giant shark feels threatened and attacked the cruise ship. Only the experienced big game hunter Mike Burns (Danny Trejo) is the eating machine in the way. But the monster with its razor-sharp teeth seems to be unstoppable and eats its way through the ship in order to kill all the passengers. The long-awaited sequel to the trash-cult hit “2-Headed Shark Attack” is there. Action Legend Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn) & Wrestling Star Rob Van Dam in the fight against super-monsters.

“3-Headed Shark Attack“ release date: 30th October 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray and VOD.

Student Josh Wheaton writes in his first year of college in the course of Philosophy Professor Radisson one. This calls for its students in the very first hour to end the words ‘God is dead’ to write on a piece of paper. If they do not, they fall through. As a devout Christian Josh is in a dilemma: Should he deny his faith, to exist only for the course? Or instead seek confrontation with the professor, which could have devastating consequences for his future? Josh decides to stand up for his beliefs. Then challenge Professor Radisson him: Throughout the semester, he shall deliver in a direct debate with him sound and well-founded evidence of the existence of God. Josh takes up the challenge. But how can the existence of God prove?

A magnificent film about the basics of the Christian faith, which was a mega success in USA and made it to # 2 in the official US cinema charts. The movie also has more than 1.200 reviews at amazon US so far (4.5 Stars from 5 Stars).

“Gott ist nicht tot“ VOD release date: 30th October 2015.

In his studies of anthropology, Markus is dealing with popular superstition and the poltergeist phenomenon. When his friend Lukas hears about a remote castle which is said to be haunted, Markus wants to take the opportunity to record something paranormal and they decide to spend a week of the upcoming holidays there. Markus’ girlfriend Rebecca is not let in on their secret until they reach their destination. The students trespass into the gloomy water castle and arrange themselves for the night. What started out as a joke becomes deadly serious very soon. Something demonic is haunting the place, and things spiral out of control – until it’s too late to turn back. The movie is shot in the found-footage style and shows the deadly events of the upcoming days and nights.

“Die Präsenz“ (M-Square Pictures) release date: 30th October 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD.

Linda Freeland hails out of Queens New York, and now since 1983 lives in the Rhein-Main metropol of Germany. Linda can look back on numerous releases with wellknown producers of the German Dance and House scene. Under her own name she released tracks which hit the international clubcharts. The succesful co-operation with DJ and producer Ralf Holl from Frankfurt over the last years has now opened a new chapter. They gave Sade’s 1984 classic hit ‘Smooth Operator’ a new up-to-date sound. The result is a pop/house version, which has its world premiere on August-23th-2015 at the German TVstation ‘ZDF’ in the Show ‘Fernsehgarten’. A pulsating beat and bass; a guitar which picks up the core of the original song, and the voice of Linda gives the new version a very special energy. Further two club tracks, which were already tested (with success to the max) in several German clubs. ‘Smooth Operator 2015′ from Linda Freeland is really infectious and memorable…

Deutsche DJ Playlist (DDP) Top100
from Entry #77-> #53

Deutsche DJ Charts (DDJC) TOP200
in Dance Titel Chart Highest Entry #34
in All Genres Chart von Entry #52 -> New Peak #49

Deutsche Dance Charts (DDC) Top60
from Bullets #06 -> New Entry #60

Dance50 Charts powered by Sunshine Live
New Entry #50

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During the outbreak of a mysterious deadly epidemic devastating a rural European village, sisters Ayia and Mirra promise their dying mother to look after each other to the end of their lives. When Mirra, the younger sister falls victim to the epidemic, Ayia in desperation realizes that conventional medicine will not save her sister. At the local priest’s house Ayia discovers a collection of Shamanic books containing a series of mystic drawings which she deciphers as a ritual for spiritual healing which she believes will save her sister. The Shamanic cure involves a complete immersion into the patient’s mind, a journey into the deepest most hidden depths of their subconscious where terrifying monsters and demons. Will Ayia cope when she faces the obscure depths of her sister’s subconscious where terrifying monster may lay in waiting? The closer to the bottom of the ocean, the darker it gets …

“III – Die Ritual“ (M-Square Pictures) release date: 23th October 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD.

The ‘Yellow Loop’ EP from Italian producer Santos is the latest release in This And That’s nine-part series exploring the relationship between music and art. ‘Detune’ is a laid-back groover of an opener; a thudding bass, tribal-esque percussion and pitched-down male vocals provide the build-up into blissed-out synth chords with a touch of balearic feel-good vibes, whilst ‘Give It To Me’ builds on the tempo with its persistent bell, bouncing drums and eponymous refrain. ‘Rare Boogie’ acts as the centrepiece of the EP; a masterclass in a long-play danceable record, the ethereal breakdown halfway through its nine minutes leads up to a powerful, shooting buzz-saw synth. Riva Starr’s remix of ‘Rare Boogie’ meanwhile, remains faithful to the original’s defining characteristics, whilst injecting a touch of fun – club-ready jacking hi-hats, a bumping bassline and extra echoing around those monstrous synths both enhance and emphasise the record’s original features.

Yellow Loop” is featured on Beatport‘s main and tech house page (KW43)

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On 15th August, daredo media releases a new thriller on its Darling Berlin label: “HomeSick” tells the story of Jessica, an ambitious cello student, who moves with her boyfriend Lorenz into a new flat. When she receives the honorable invitation to represent Germany in an international contest for classical music it seems to be her great opportunity – but at the same time an enormous pressure. In her home, Jessica starts preparing meticulously for the contest. However, her own four walls don’t appear to shelter her as Jessica finds herself increasingly exposed to small and major anonymous harassments. What is the neighbour’s involvement, who mysteriously pries behind half-closed curtains? As Lorenz doesn’t notice any of this and therefore finds it hard to believe Jessica’s assumptions, it creates conflict between the young couple. The increasing pressure and stress begin to noticeably gnaw at Jessica’s everyday life and pretty soon reality and imagination blur. Eventually Jessica finds her life in shambles, caused by her own ambition. In the desperate hope to restore her happiness, she starts to defend her home – at all cost…


The director Jakob M. Erwa wanted to become a rockstar, but then cinema turned his head. He entered the Art-school Later Filmschool in Munich which he successfully completed in 2007. With his well-received debut film Heile Welt (2007) he won the “Grand Diagonale Award – Best Austrian Film” as well as the “German Independence Award – Best German Film” at the Oldenburg International Film Festival. Furthermore, his film was invited to attend numerous international film festivals around the world. He loves new challenges and unconventional approaches. His latest film HomeSick marks a new step in his carreer: it is his first own, independent production.

“HomeSick” – in cinemas in Germany from 25th October 2015.

On the occasion of the Amsterdam Dance Event, some of our most interesting labels are releasing their ADE-Samplers these days. We picked Tronic, Circle Music and Seveneves Records for a closer look

TRONIC ADE (Oct 26th, Tronic)

We are excited to present you our ‘exclusive tracks’ compilation in support of Tronic’s official ADE event this year Oct 16th @ Q Factory. This compilation features 7 strong tracks handpicked by Christian Smith from Tronic household names as well as newcomers. Everything from jacking to musical techno is covered. Please have a close listen as each one of these tracks has been road tested many times and always deliver the goods. Play out LOUD!
Incl. Tracks by Harry Romero, Christian Smith & John Selway, Eric Sneo, Whebba & more!

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Circle Music ADE Sampler 2015 (Oct 16th, Circle Music)

Just like every year, also in 2015 all players from the electronic music business gather in Amsterdam in autumn. For those who can not be there, or if you want to treat yourself to the sound of Circle Music at home, Alex Flatner and his team put together a compilation that has it all. The “Circle Music ADE Sampler 2015″ is 20 tracks strong and shows with pieces from Hermanez, Erhan Kesen, Julian Ganzer and Matthew Art, which musical direction the label points the finger to. But also tracks from George Morel, Patrick Podage and David Jach demonstrate the wide range of the imprint. In addition, e.g. the cooperation between label boss Alex Flatner and Lopazz and the recently released track “Nobody” by Junior Pappa & Antonio feat. Mehrklang come around. Wrapping it up, two remixes have been exclusively signed for this sampler: Alex Flatner & Blue Amazon – See You Next Saturday (Urrs & Nuclius Remix) and IOAKIM SAYZ – Joker (Smilla Remix).

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ADE 2015 Seveneves Sampler (Oct 16th, Seveneves Records)

The Amsterdam Dance Event is part of the largest “Get-Together” of the European music scene, where artists meet labels, music managers and thousands of party people from all genre of electronic music scene.

This versatility reflects the ADE 2015 Seveneves Sampler again. Whether it’s House, Future House, Club Music, Tech House, Newcomer or Headliner – Hofmann & Weigold have put together the hottest tracks for this Seveneves Sampler. Tracks from Laidback Luke*, Moska, USB Players, David Puentez, Sultan & Shepard*, Patrick Hofmann, Jake Dile, D-Wax, Tom Glombik, Sergio Veros, Ton Don, Johnny Pana, Steve Norton, Soundplayerzz, Back Wall & Jerry Rekonius and Matthias Weise can be found on this compilation.

As a special bonus Hofmann & Weigold exclusively present their cover single “Spread Love” on the Compilation and DJ Mix.

*GSA only

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