Out now on VOD platforms! "Gott ist nicht tot" (God is not dead)

Student Josh Wheaton writes in his first year of college in the course of Philosophy Professor Radisson one. This calls for its students in the very first hour to end the words ‘God is dead’ to write on a piece of paper. If they do not, they fall through. As a devout Christian Josh is in a dilemma: Should he deny his faith, to exist only for the course? Or instead seek confrontation with the professor, which could have devastating consequences for his future? Josh decides to stand up for his beliefs. Then challenge Professor Radisson him: Throughout the semester, he shall deliver in a direct debate with him sound and well-founded evidence of the existence of God. Josh takes up the challenge. But how can the existence of God prove?

A magnificent film about the basics of the Christian faith, which was a mega success in USA and made it to # 2 in the official US cinema charts. The movie also has more than 1.200 reviews at amazon US so far (4.5 Stars from 5 Stars).

“Gott ist nicht tot“ VOD release date: 30th October 2015.