The research group led by Professor Chambers is a sensation on the trail: Aliens approach the Earth, its arrival is imminent. People disappear, unexplained destructions, finally, the Armada from space shows its true face: Suddenly, however, the sign that the visitors do not come in peace multiply a murderous Inferno begins …

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From 2016 we will relaunch the / digedo Content Management Console (CMC) and add many new features that you have been waiting for:

  • Indivudial release date for streaming-portals 
  • Streaming rights can be selected and de-selected 
  • single track pricing
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and many more.

For this update the Content Management Console will be offline for a complete update of the CMC System from December 28th 2015!

On Tuesday January 5th 2016 the new CMC will be online including new features and design. During this time the system will be down. Already delivered products are not concerned by the relaunch.

The daredo company with its affiliated companies daredo media and uptrax and its departments digedo, daredo distribution, and CiNENET wishes you happy Christmas holidays and a good start in 2016!

A big “Thank You” goes out to all of you for the support and the help and for the interest in our artists, labels, producers and customers, to our distribution partners for the great job, to our international partners for the great support and the strong partnership and, of course, to our producers, artists and producers who provide us with great new music and movies.

We hope you get some time to rest and wish you all the best for the upcoming year!
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Christmas is always a special time for everybody. Of course this special period of time has also special stories and fairy tails. We´re proud to announce, that we released there movies specially for the Christmas time:

“Silberglöckchen: Was an Weihnachten wirklich wichtig ist”:
Sports presenter Bruce Dalton is a winner. No matter what he does, he wants to win, and that’s why he makes himself from a shopping spree a real competition. When he the referee accidentally breaks her nose during a basketball match of his son, he is on leave from his station and obliged publicity to repent for a while at the Salvation Army. As Bruce then but also makes out of the fundraising a competition, he receives from Salvation Army Major Lowell a lesson that makes his life upside down. And that makes a man out of the selfish guy who finally understands the true meaning of Christmas.

“Orangen zu Weihnachten”:
Little Rose is exposed as a baby on the steps of Greenwoods orphanage. There, the good-natured Mrs. Hartley assumes (Nancy Stafford) her. Together with other children, she grows there on in a loving atmosphere, and everything seems to be fine, until one day a terrible stroke of fate changes everything. Rose is brought into the Iron Gates orphanage. Instead of the warmth and friendliness of Mrs. Hartley, awaits them there the severity of the cold and cruel headmaster Mr. Crampton. Only at Christmas the children expected there is a small ray of hope: For then shall every child received an orange from the kind and generous brother of the head teacher and Rose is initially full of anticipation. But this year it’s up to her and the other orphans to save the Christmas and to bring the hard-hearted Mr. Crampton, the feast of charity closer.

“Die verzauberte Schneekugel”:
Meg (Alicia Witt) is a stressed, grumpy TV producer who still should make a holiday event movie finished shortly before the Christmas party with her team. And this job done yet, she is ready for anything. Focused only on themselves and the work they harassed her team to the utmost. Everything in the film is to look like a fairy tale, like the world in the snow globe, she is on the set wearing it at all times. This desire, however, reality faster than she dared to dream: After a blow to the head, awakens the narcissistic, far thinking only in career steps Meg, the middle of this snow globe world she has devised for your viewers. In this world she is married to a woodcutter and must take care of two children. A “job”, which is much more difficult in these small snow globe idyll as she ever expected. Slowly but surely, she realizes that it’s about a lot more during the Christmas period, when to use and quick success.

Furthermore, the movie “Golden Winter 2 – Die Katzen sind los” ist still available:
Unfortunately Santa Claus is allergic on cats. Therefore, it is one of his self-imposed rules, never to give cats. But when little Tommy (Ezra James Colbert), who was very well-behaved throughout the year, now wants nothing more than a little kitten, Santa can soften. He grabs a kitten for Tommy in the sack. But the kitten has siblings who all now hiding in Santas gift bag. As Santa opens the sack, he gets through the many cats a severe allergic reaction, by which it can deliver no more gifts this year. Now it’s up to Tommy and the kittens themselves, the Christmas feast for all the other children to save and still on time to deliver the gifts for Santa. But until the mess is far too little time …

Merry Christmas …

Young and wild, loud and proud… the charismatic DJ and producer LE SHUUK from Stuttgart is one of the hottest names in the EDM scene to watch out for. While his latest singles got support from people like David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or Blasterjaxx, the energetic DJ sets of Le Shuuk was heard at some of the biggest festivals in 2015 like World Club Dome, Ultra Europe or Lake Festival. So far already Le Shuuk performed with stars like David Guetta, Hardwell, Dada Life, DVBBS, Bingo Players and many more.

His energetic sets are burning down dancefloors all over Germany like the notorious club Bootshaus in Cologne or his first residency Village (Stuttgart).
His debut single “Hey Mister” was a catchy club hit in 2011 that was followed by many awesome productions and festival bangers – here is a selection of his best singles and remixes, from 2011 to 2015, including a continuous DJ Mix of all 12 tracks as a special goodie!

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Plastic City is a town, not m26086_webade of stones and metal, but made of the thoughts of its listeners. This ethos is written in English on many Plastic City record covers from 1995 until the present. Plastic City therefore is something mystical; it is timeless and keeps up a constant flow. It is a town built by thoughts, where the inhabitants and their positions are indeterminate, as new dimensions are developing constantly and changes are taking place. “Straight Outta Plastic City” is compiled and mixed by house music legend Terry Lee Brown Junior. 

Incl. Tracks & Remixes by David Keno & Jimmy Lesson, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Lukas Greenberg, Dalson, Jeff Swing, Alex Connors & Hardy Heller, Bucher & Kessidis, Pav Parotte, C-Rock & Franksen, Perception Of Sound, Manuel Romero

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The official, legendary TV series to the movie, the first time completely in a great box as deluxe edition with 7 hours runtime on 3 DVDs and much bonus material an on all good VOD portals. “O” (Claudia Cepeda) agrees to go with her lover Rene to an unknown castle for them. Once there, she gets sexy clothes, gets tied up, blindfolded and finally flogged. Thereafter, she is with the strict rules in this castle only. The thought of René lets you put up with it. “O” loses relish the relation with the outside world.

From Éric Rochat, the producers of the movie version with Udo Kier. The film adaptation of the novel by Anne Descales scandal. The Study is still regarded as the most famous, sadomasochistic chistischteRoman the world! Till today the original novel is x-rated in Germany! A Must for fans of films like “Emanuelle”, “Lady Chatterleys Lover”, “Fifty Shades of Grey” or “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman!

Press Quotes:
“A rare nowadays sado-erotic experience!” (
“Pure passion and crackling erotic!” (

“Die Geschichte der O” (Die komplette TV-Serie) release date: 17th December 2015 on DVD and VOD.

uptrax021-2_MM2015_webThe days between Christmas and New Year’s Day are dedicated to the hottest DJs and newcomers of the scene – it’s “mix mission” time again! That means: 11 days packed with the best Live-Mixes directly from the sunshine live studios or the hippest night clubs and locations from across the broadcasting area of radio sunshine live. The Mix Mission starts on 23rd of December 2015 nonstop until 3rd of January 2016.

For all who can’t wait until then and/or want to take the mix mission music into new year, the new double CD / online compilation sunshine live mix mission 2015 can be purchased online or in stores from 18th of December, 2015.
The 2 mixes are compiled and mixed by DJ Falk and Chico Chiquita.

Now, the new year can start!

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Based on the award winning novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, “Speak” unfolds a story about Melinda (Kristen Stewart), a smart and spirited high school freshman who retreats into self-imposed silence after she is raped one night at a party. Feeling isolated from her classmates and from her preoccupied mother Joyce Sardnino (Elizabeth Perkins), Melinda retreats further in an attempt to escape the torments of high school. It is only through her work in art class with the help of her compassionate art teacher Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn) that she begins to reach out to others and eventually finds her own voice and inner strength. A feature debut of director/co-writer Jessica Sharzer, “Speak” resonates with stubborn honesty and sardonic humor as we follow Melinda on her journey from traumatized isolation to a brave and final triumphant disclosure.

After a meteorite crash in a US town there running amok all pets! So are all the dogs into raging beasts that call without warning against its holder. The residents have no choice, as with all his might to fight back against their murderous animals. But even gunshot wounds keep the animals on. A naked struggle for survival begins, as the “best friend of man” is now his worst enemy … A must for all fans of horror and friends cult shockers like Stephen King’s “CUJO” or “The Pack”!

Releasedate “Night of the Wild – Die Nacht der Bestien”: 11th of December 2015.