Hirschen is a picturesque and quiet village. Everything changes, the day the factory goes bankrupt. Most residents have to leave their village to find new work. Only a few people decide to stay. They are  looking for a new way to make money. But what they start in their despair is absolutely illegal.

Releasedate “Hirschen”: 11th of December 2015.

The story about the founding history of Borussia Dortmund (BVB). The film works the period before, during and after the founding of the association on. In addition, it provides an impression in the city historical development of Dortmund. The focus is on Franz Jacobi, the most important man of the early BVB history, but also his colleagues are honored. The documentary Was financed by the movie fans and sponsors as part of crowdfunding (financing swarm) via the platform Startnext. It was the filmmakers made to mainstream as many BVB to reach the desired character of a film from Borussia fans for Borussia fans.

12.19.1909, Sunday, the fourth Advent. On Borsigplatz it comes to big bang: The Catholic Church wants to ban football games Franz Jacobi and his friends. But the boys rebel against the Church and establish a football club, who should come to world fame later: Borussia Dortmund.

“Am Borsigplatz geboren – Franz Jacobi und die Wiege des BVB” tells not only the story of the founding of the BVB on 12/19/1909, but also their history and time to 1923.

The year comes to an end, the leaves are falling and the first snow is not far away!

This time, Christmas will be really hot! Right before the end of the year we’re having a burn-up with the new sunshine live Vol. 56 compilation! Like always, only we have the hottest tracks from the clubs and directly form the radio programs of Germanys electronic radio number one sunshine live!  On 3 CDs with a stylish digi-pack or online bundle with 2 Bonus DJ mixes, including: David Guetta, Robin Schulz, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Galantis, Gestört aber GeiL, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Faithless, Markus Schulz, Paul Van Dyk, Klubbingman and many more!

Hot Christmas with sunshine live vol. 56 – available from December 4th 2015 in stores and online!

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The highly decorated Gulf War veteran Sergeant James Dunn is, asked after a deadly incident, in front of the military court and ends up in jail. There he gets proposed by Colonel Casey a deal: the pardon to his assistance in the murder of an arms dealer. Too late Dunn acknowledges that it is only used as a scapegoat. The contract ends in disaster: instead of the dealer, the wife of the President is killed. Now chasing him not only every single policeman in the country, but also Colonel Casey and the military. As the First Lady killer hunted, he has to collect evidence of his innocence …

“America’s Most Wanted“ release date: 1st December 2015 on DVD.

At the time of the Revolutionary War in 1920 in Ireland, the life of Collingwood Sisters changes fatal. While the Irish Republican Army moves into the field against the British government and divided the country, May rescues a wounded soldier from England and takes care of him. The young woman is now forced to make more momentous decisions in order to protect not only the recovering British, but above all herself and her sister Tilly. Because if the IRA finds out that they have a British defended refuge, have their days numbered.

“Wenn die Nachtigall fällt – Aus Liebe wird Krieg“ VOD release date: 27th November 2015.

15 Years of Oslo Records, the label of Federico Molinari & Nekes, releasing music which straddles the line between House and Techno. The compilation contains tracks from Christian Burkhardt, Federico Molinari, Sascha Dive, Johnny D, Damian Schwartz, Ray Okpara and many more

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Caduceus Empirical look to Swiss DJ and producer Garance for an excellent new EP that features two top originals as well as remixes by Ray Kajioka and Beroshima. Garance hails from Geneva and over the course of the last 10 years has built a sterling reputation playing in great locations such as D-Edge (São Paulo), Ritter Butzke & Sisyphos (Berlin) or Montreux Jazz Festival. Since 2013, inspired by richly layered deep house and techno, Garance has been putting out fine remixes and originals. Excellent opener ‘Alice’ is a patient, spiritually infused bit of main room techno. Ray Kajioka (well known for his output on Kanzleramt Music) turns out a remix that is a more stripped back and supple bit of peak time techno that oozes warmth and soul as it rolls deeper and deeper. The other great original is ‘Suzy’ which is slower, more patent and deeper. This one gets re-rubbed by Beroshima, who has released on the likes of Cocoon and Soma and is often played by Berghain DJs Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock.

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Evangeline leaves home to expand her horizons at college. But just as Evangeline makes friends and begins to break out of her shell, she attracts the attention of a sociopathic fraternity leader and his two sadistic cohorts, who beat her to death in an isolated cabin. Evangeline’s corpse is left to rot in the woods, where it is invaded by an ancient demon spirit. The demon restores Evangeline to life. She is now able to avenge her murder, however, the more Evangeline inflicts deathly violence upon her killers, the more demonic she becomes. Her face begins to resemble a powdered white death mask. Slowly losing her humanity, Evangeline surveys her cracked hands after each revenge killing, realizing she is becoming a demon.

“Evangeline – Rache ist stärker als der Tod“ release date: 13th November 2015 on DVD, Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray and VOD.

daredo is proud to announce its partnership with IndieFlix, one of the biggest distributors and streaming services for independent movies, based in Seattle (USA). IndieFlix curates the best (or possibly the weirdest, depending on your taste) from worldwide film festivals and distributors like daredo to make sure indies have an audience. Independent filmmakers have worked hard to create these incredible films – movie lovers deserve to be able to see them!

daredo media also agree with that philosophy and is happy to present the Darling Berlin catalogue at IndieFlix, as well as other selected movies from the catalogue. At IndieFlix, members pay a low monthly or annual fee to access unlimited shorts, documentaries, and features, and they share revenue with the filmmakers, which is very important for us, too. It’s a win-win-win model for everyone who loves the craft and content. Both, IndieFlix and daredo are fair-minded facilitators of all things indie.

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