2_115089In 1974 Marcus Schmahl, also known by its chill out, downbeat & electronica Projects Guardner and Rauschfaktor, was born in Mainz, Germany. He began with the age of 14 as a “computer and electronic freak” to use his computer hardware as a musical instrument and to produce first electronic tracks with it – in addition to his classical guitar training. Marcus has developed his own way to write music and to perform it live or as a DJ. Thus the foundation was laid to form his own production company, which also was influenced by video production activity and photography. With his albums for the project Guardner he led the German chill out charts for months and he was hired as a remixer for major music projects. Today his music catalog is regularly used by TV producers / directors. In 2000, Marcus produced his first film score for a TV series of the ARD (Germany) with a team.

Berkstroem was founded in 2008 because the new music layouts didn’t fit to Marcus’ other projects. The project will approach a greater audience and is also a musical evolution of Marcus Schmahl. He will work with many guest musicians and producers on the forthcoming Berkstroem album to have as many musical styles and working methods combined to a musical production.

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The graduation film of director Florian Gottschick at the Film University Babelsberg is nominated in the category ‘Fiction/Special’ and features Benno Fürmann (as Bernd) and Anna Grisebach (as Anna) as an ex-couple that meets again for a weekend in the village of their childhood, accompanied by their current partners. The place is almost deserted. Nevertheless, the four protagonists are enjoying their visit to the moribund village – when an old debt about to be cashed in starts to invade Anna’s mind. Returning to their hometown seems to have a menacing effect. Anna and Bernd are haunted by nightmares, realities begin to shift…

The “Grimme Award” is one of the most prestigious awards for German television productions. Named after the first general director of Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk, Adolf Grimme, it is awarded since 1964 and can be seen as the “German TV Oscar”.

Sticker_RUND_AMA-EventAma Recordings is Ray Okpara’s label from Mannheim, Germany. Amaefule, Ray’s middle name in fact, literally means “your name will never get lost” and it symbolizes the strength of identity we create through music. Ama is also derived from the Latin meaning of love and the philosophy of the label is born out of the affection held for conceiving and sharing quality electronic music. There are no rules about what Ama Recordings will sound like, but it comes from the heart, so expect true house values to be maintained at all times with a natural tip towards the deep and dubby.

The best of compilation includes tracks by Ray Okpara, Nekes, Paul C, Hot City Orchestra, Paolo Martini, Mobius Strum and many more

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One of the most prestigious German film festivals is currently taking place in Saarbrücken, named after a true pioneer of the German movie scene, director Max Ophüls. For daredo, it goes without saying that our staff is present there – with the Darling Berlin movies “Family Fever” (by Nico Sommer, German: “Familienfieber”) having won the Prize of Saarland’s First Minister for the Best Premiere in 2014 and “Love Steaks” (by Jakob Lass) having won the “Max Ophüls Film Prize” in the same year, we feel quite at home there.

The Max Ophüls Film Festival (18th to 24th January 2016) is always a great opportunity to see new movies and make contact with promising directors and innovative producers. The atmosphere is very informal and warm-hearted, and the business panels are always covering the latest developments in movie making and movie distribution, one of this year’s topics being the digital distribution of movies via Video-on-demand.

Once again Luca Bacchetti divests himself of all preconceived ideas, taking the project into 4 separate directions, 4 different soundscapes; but maintaining as underlying common denominators the attention to detail that has always distinguished his productions and his unmistakable groove, the poetic dimension and narrative ability always manages to reach its peak in the breaks.
Yes, because Luca always takes sound snapshots, sounds that become images, stories that arise from the imagery as always linked to travel and that continues to inspire the Italian DJ and producer: so passionate, deep, never cold. From the African hints in Above the Line to the melodies of the title track, Genesis, bringing us back with its atmosphere to the Middle East. Anaconda could be a journey into the darkness of space, while Fireflies and Crickets written with The Box (Trio) brings us back to a bucolic dimension we experienced as children. The EP will be released both on vinyl and as a two part digital release. 

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Two Darling Berlin movies have been nominated for the prestigious Prize of the VDFK, which is awarded by the German movie critics:

Best Feature Film Debut: Philipp Eichholtz (Liebe mich!/Love me!)
Best Actor: Peter Trabner (Familienfieber/Family Fever and Alki Alki)

Philipp Eichholtz was born and raised near Osnabrück. At the age of 15 he made his first short movie and 23 projects were to follow in the next 8 years. In 2005, he won the Newcomer Prize at the Hamm Film Festival with “The Last Night”, invitations to Film Workshop Wiesbaden and the 19th European Media Art Festival followed. Between 2006 and 2007, Philipp Eichholtz was invited to 17 more film festivals with different works. His second movie Liebe mich! (Love Me!) tells the story of Sarah, a loud, non-conformist, rude, honest and provocative girl. She seems invincible, but she is lonely and lost and is struggling with her daily life. “Liebe mich!” (“Love Me!”) is a film working with improvisation and without a big budget or promotion. Inspired by the “Great Movies Manifesto” of director Axel Ranisch, the film was shot in Berlin in ten days, using a six-page script.

Peter Trabner was born in Bückeburg / Germany in 1969. After moving to Berlin in 1992, he acted in his first play, a Commedia-dell’-Arte production which was staged at many fringe festivals in Canada. He received clown and pantomime training from Eberhard Kube and has worked in Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Australia as well as in Germany. In 2010, Trabner made his first full-length movie “Papa Gold” under the direction of Tom Lass and short after that, he gets to know the director Axel Ranisch, with whom he realizes his second movie “Dicke Mädchen. Next, he has theatre engagements and works with German actor/director Corinna Harfouch, before he becomes one of the most important faces of the young Berlin movie scene with the productions “Silvi” by Nico Sommer, “Kohlhaas oder die Verhältnismäßigkeit der Mittel” by Aron Lehmann, “Reuber” by Axel Ranisch and, finally, “Familienfieber (Family Fever) by Nico Sommer”.

Congratulations to the nominees, we wish the best of luck!
The award ceremony will be held at the Berlinale festival on Monday, 16th February.

Liebe mich! (Love me!) by Philipp Eichholtz with Peter Trabner as well:
Sarah’s MacBook Air flies out of the window when she is throwing an angry fit after an argument with her supposedly best friend. They just spent the night together but he’s not on the same page as her regarding of this new development in their relationship. Stupidly enough, her whole week’s work is on that broken laptop. But maybe the nice guy from the computer repair store can fix it? Or maybe he can fix her life altogether? He is trying to do both and Sarah lets him, because behind her loud and impulsive façade she has a big desire for love. But Sarah wouldn’t be Sarah if she did not test the limits of what this new blooming relationship could take, how many arguments she can have with her father or how much she can party away in Berlin’s night life.

Familienfieber (Family Fever) with Peter Trabner:
At some point, they have to meet finally: Alina and Nico are in love as of late and have decided to introduce their parents to each other – notoriously a venturous enterprise. And so, Maja and Uwe are reluctant to their daughter’s plan. Nevertheless, the family hits the road to the “big house” of her boyfriend, as Alina announces it, somewhere in the Berlin hinterlands. After the house turns out to be a genuine castle, Maja has to face the additional fact that she knows Nico’s father much better than she would prefer in this situation. One thing’s for sure: that sounds great!

daredo media’s new Darling Berlin movie “Schmitke” is nominated in three categories for the Prize of the Czech movie critics association. Peter Kurth is on the list for Best Leading Character, sound engineer Philipp Schneider is nominated for Best Sound Design and director Štěpán Altrichter is talked about as Newcomer of the Year. The award ceremony will be held at the Archa Theatre in Prague on January, 21st and is broadcasted nationwide on TV.

Furthermore, “Schmitke” is also nominated for the Prize of TV and Movie Producers. Together with the Czech Lions – its nominees being announced in short time – these are the three most important film prizes in the Czech Republic.

The daredo team congratulates all the nominees on this great success and crosses fingers that the movie will win all the prizes it is nominated for.

We are back, proudly presenting a new version of the Content Management Console, the “CMC V3.0 Yavin“!


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…and more to discover and to come!

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Katha is sure: she wants to marry Jana and she wants to have a baby with her. But Katha’s childhood friend Charly has a special surprise for her: A bachelorette’s night out with the „guys“. A weekend. The five of them. On a raft. There is Ken, her „new“ best friend, her little brother Tobi and, alas, Momo, the future sperm donor: this is bound to end badly. Floating! (German: Das Floß!) – an improvised tragicomedy on water.


The director of the movie, Julia C. Kaiser said: “It takes courage even to declare one’s intention of a lifelong commitment to a person, whether it is a child or a partner or both. That is what our improvised tragicomedy is about. Katha has to learn to think outside the box and it is her rather conservative friend Charly of all people who represents the story’s queer spirit.“ The film is about the freedom of thought which is why it was supposed to be made with as much creative freedom as possible. “Das Floß!” (english: Floating”) is a film in which the authenticity of improvisation is just as important as narrative density. Our screenplay was a promise with the permission to be broken. The most important thing to us was staying empathetic, flexible, unusual. At the end of the journey the spectator might get the slight impression that it does not actually matter all that much if we choose to seek our happiness in a conventional or alternative way. And that impression is exactly what we want to achieve. Because we all seem equally tragicomical in our strive for happiness…”

“Das Floß!” – in cinemas in Germany from 7th January 2016.

The twins Pete and Andy Goodwyn grow up in a small town in Georgia in the 1950s. They are two brothers as they could hardly be more different: While Andy always ends up in trouble, Pete wants to visit a theological seminary. The previous life of the brothers is turned upside down when Pete is wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend. Sentenced to death, he struggles with faith doubt and hopelessness. To help his brother Andy attended the theological seminary and found to believe in God. Will he be able to save his brother from the death penalty? A moving drama about the power of forgiveness.