115983TOTEM & TABOU ​is a multidisciplinary project. It is rooted in music, architecture, graphic arts and computer programming. The album is progressive and organic, but also serves as the vessel, the engine and the messenger for the artistic discourse. This miscellany represents the culmination of more than two years of composing, designing and building, thinking, illustrating, researching and experimenting.

Please experience “Totem & Tabou” yourself here

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Welcome to the Future Jazz Cafe! Lemongrassmusic present Volume 7 of their outstanding compilation series – modern Electronic Jazz tunes sometimes with a slightly extraordinary feel. This compilation sets the right mood for a good time in a bar, a cafe or a stylish restaurant. Enjoy yourselves, get a drink and feel the Jazz vibes!

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115993Yet another exciting year has flown by and the sound of Serialism has grown from strength to strength. We have hosted label nights in clubs, warehouses and festivals all over the world, and we are very proud to have gained more fans everywhere we go. Taking the label into 2016 we have initiated a new compilation series welcoming some fresh and exciting talents to the Serialism roster. Compiled by head honcho Cesare vs Disorder, he merges gems from existing label stalwarts and new comers alike. Before Everything Else Vol1 is a sublime mix of underground music which reflects the quality and diversity of Serialism. This is the genesis of something that Cesare has been planning for while, we hope you enjoy this exclusive package like we do‬.

Incl. tracks by Renato Ratier, Christian Burkhardt, Mikael Stavöstrand, Rick Maia, Quenum, Andre Buljat, Loquace, Tripmastaz, Dave Vega, Salvo Castelli, Marc Scholl & many more

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As Arthur Conan Doyle in 1886 wrote his first Sherlock Holmes story, he had no idea what fame he would achieve this figure. For more than a century of idiosyncratic detective with pipe and his faithful companion Dr. Watson readers and fans fascinated all over the world. Crack codes have imaginative – and particularly successful – ideas so go the individual cases on the ground and always get the evildoers on the track.

Including the full TV-series:
Episode 01: Das Cunninghams Erbe
Episode 02: Der Fall der Lady Baryl
Episode 03: Der Fall der Pensylvannia-Pistole
Episode 04: Der Fall des Texas-Showgirl
Episode 05: Der Fall des streitsüchtigen Geistes
Episode 06: Der Fall der schüchternen Ballerina
Episode 07: Der Fluch der Winthrops
Episode 08: Das Ritual
Episode 09: Der seltsame Fall des Harry Crocker
Episode 10: Der Fall des verirrten Mädchens
Episode 11: Der Fall der rothaarigen Gentlemen
Episode 12: Sherlock Holmes und die Falschmünzer
Episode 13: Sherlock Holmes und das geteilte Los
Episode 14: Sherlock Holmes und der entführte Übersetzer
Episode 15: Der Fall der singenden Violine
Episode 16: Der Fall der historischen Inschrift
Episode 17: Der Fall der lachenden Mumie
Episode 18: Der Fall des Distel-Killers
Episode 19: Der Fall des verschwundenen Detektivs
Episode 20: Der tödliche Kriket-Ball
Episode 21: Der Fall des schweigsamen Tischlers
Episode 22: Der Fall der tödlichen Prophezeiung
Episode 23: Der Fall des Weihnachtspuddings
Episode 24: Sherlock Holmes und das Rätsel des Nachtzugs
Episode 25: Der Fall des gewalttätigen Verehrers
Episode 26: Der Fall der Baker Street Kindermädchen
Episode 27: Der Fall des perfekten Ehemannes
Episode 28: Der Fall des erhängten Kaufmanns
Episode 29: Der Fall des betrügerischen Doppelgängers
Episode 30: Der Eiffelturm – Mordfall
Episode 31: Giftmord in Farnsworth Castel
Episode 32: Auftrag eines Todgeweihten
Episode 33: Der Fall der Baker Street Junggesellen
Episode 34: Ein königlicher Mord
Episode 35: Das Geisterschloss in Schottland
Episode 36: Der Verdacht des Dr. Watson
Episode 37: Der Fall des glücklosen Spielers
Episode 38: Der Fall des Diamant-Zahns
Episode 39: Der Fall des mordverdächtigen Apothekers

plus the bonus movies:
Der Hund von Baskerville (96 Min.)
Im Zeichen der Vier (91 Min.)
Sherlock Holmes und die Dinosaurier (89 Min.)

115890Boris’ label and booking agency FCKNG SERIOUS has its focus in the field of techno and minimal. But these are only the basic directions. Digressions into other genres such as the “High-Tech Minimal” show, how diverse their artists are and always try to rediscover

Now, Boris Brejcha is coming up with his 5th album called “22”.
It will be available as a special edition of 500  limited white Vinyls + 4GB designed USB stick (including all 22 tracks in WAV & MP3) + 8 pages Songbook.

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Luxuslärm are in the german pre-selection for the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST in Stockholm 2016, which will be broadcasted on Thursday, February 25th 2016 at ARD.

German Infos:
Für die Band Luxuslärm ist der ESC-Vorentscheid nicht der erste große Wettbewerb. Bereits 2012 holte die Gruppe um Sängerin Jini Meyer den vierten Platz bei Stefan Raabs Bundesvision Song Contest an. Jetzt wollen die Iserlohner mit “Solange Liebe in mir wohnt” überzeugen und für Deutschland in Schweden an den Start gehen.

Gutes Abschneiden beim ersten Contest

Im Mai 2011 formiert sich die Band fast komplett um: Von den fünf ursprünglichen Mitgliedern bleiben nur Sängerin Jini und Schlagzeuger Jan übrig. Doch auch in der neuen Besetzung haben Luxuslärm Erfolg: Die Band tritt 2012 für Nordrhein-Westfalen beim Bundesvision Song Contest an – und belegt den vierten Platz. Mit Gesangs-Wettbewerben kennen sie sich also aus, nun müssen die fünf Musiker im Februar nur noch das Publikum des deutschen Vorentscheids davon überzeugen, dass sich hinter ihrer Musik mehr Luxus als Lärm verbirgt. Sollte es dort zum ersten Platz reichen, stünde mit Schweden vielleicht auch dem internationalen Erfolg nichts mehr im Weg.


Presentation Video

“Our Balloons” is the first single from Not Profane’s upcoming debut album “This Moment Now” featuring US YouTube Sensation Tiffany Alvord. The german Top 40 singer/songwriter is happy to announce his first release in 2016. The Song “Our Balloons” is full of emotions with a deep message and an amazing music video storyline behind it.

The blond surfer-like looking singer already gained several millions views with his music videos and now teamed up with american singer/songwriter Tiffany Alvord that has garnered a worldwide fanbase in the millions, with over 480 million video views culminating into over 2.7 million YouTube subscribers and 2.5 mio Facebook fans. Tiffany’s YouTube channel is among the top 50 most subscribed music channels – An epic combination for a duet that highlights both of their immense talents.

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Hans “Dolph” Lundgren is a Swedish action actor who belongs to a generation of film actors who epitomise the action hero stereotype, alongside Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme. The “Best of Dolph Lindgren” Box (on 3 DVDs with more than 700 minutes) includes the following movies:

Time Travellers:
In the near future makes a genetically unique team of men and women to their manager John Foster (Dolph Lundgren), a journey into the past, to the impact of a meteor, of infected humanity with a deadly virus, to prevent …

Thrill to Kill:
Agent Maxwell (Dolph Lundgren) found in the underground of LA against the drug syndicate of Vincent Camastra (Vinnie Jones), a crime boss who for years in almost all illegal activities mercilessly his threads draws, but the never something could be detected directly. When it finally succeeds undercover in the inner circle of the drug ring penetrate Special Agent Beverly Royce (Carly Popope), the situation quickly becomes precarious because they discovered that the drug ring with information from the ranks of the police is fed. The corrupt police could Beverly unmask any time. Maxwell intervention. It comes to a bloody shootout in which survival is a matter of luck.

Edward Genn was used under the code name ICARUS from Russian KGB for years as a hired killer, and then installed as an undercover agent on demand, a so-called sleeper, in the United States. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Edward sees his chance to be able to start a normal life and to leave his dark past finally behind him. He married, had a daughter and his new life seems perfect – until catch him the shadow of his past suddenly. By an unfortunate coincidence his identity is revealed and one of the most dangerous assassins in the world is prepared for him to track him down and silence. A tough race for life and death begins in the Edward not only fighting for his own life, but also his family from the deadly danger has to save – because the mysterious authority of the Killers will stop at nothing and have no scruples. But Edward is willing to all means to defend the most important and most valuable in his life, his beloved wife and daughter, … and he will show no mercy.

Bridge of Dragons:
After the nuclear war: The tyrannical General Ruechang (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) founded the new state and is contesting rebels to defend. To consolidate his power, he wants Princess Halo (Valerie Chow) marry. When they fled from the violent tyrant, he sends the elite soldiers Warchild (Dolph Lundgren), to get her back. But soon come Warchild doubts about its rulers …

GDR athletes Eric Brogar (Dolph Lundgren) has been trained to peak performance since his childhood. However, during the Olympics, taking part in the Eric pentathlon, try Eric and a friend in the United States discontinued. Eric manages to escape, while his friend is killed. Eric proposes initially as a snack shack cooking through until his boss comes up behind the sports skills of its employees. He wants to bring Eric back in top form and beat out the skill capital. But Eric’s former GDR coach Mueller (David Soul) thus experiences the whereabouts of his protege. Since Mueller still wants revenge on Eric for escape, this must soon fear for his life.

The Shooter:
When in New York, the Cuban ambassador is murdered, suspicion falls immediately on the French terrorist Simone Rosset (Maruschka Detmers). US Marshall Michael Dane (Dolph Lundgren) is ordered to Prague, where should be a meeting between the Czech and the Cuban government. Another stop is expected and Dane to do Rousset arrest and transfer to the United States. But arrived in Prague, he discovers that his opponent is not so easy to make.

Templar of the Apocalypse:
New York, Christmas evening 1999. On the eve of the new millennium is an ancient skeleton with a strange keys found during construction work. The researcher Karen, who investigated this case, discovered a terrible secret. The key part of a dungeon in Jerusalem, in which more than 2000 years, the prince of darkness, the incarnation of absolute evil, waiting for its liberation. Satan followers steal this key to liberate their Lord. Armageddon, the end of the world, shortly before and is only one person knows how Satan and his servants to stop: the last knight of the Apocalypse!

Red Zone:
Fanatical terrorists bring a nuclear-missile silo of the US military in its violence. The entire guard is killed. The demand of the terror squads: The President of the United States should execute in front of television cameras themselves. Otherwise a nuclear strike against the United States is performed. Only man is capable of even more to prevent the impending catastrophe and put the terrorists the bloody craft.

The first big smasher song on 120dB in 2016 comes from the extremely talented youngster JustLuke from Cologne, Germany. At the Age of 16 he started his dj career and evolved a big passion to the scene of electronic dance music. Influenced by like Laidback Luke, Dannic or Headhunterz he started building mashups and taking part in different radio shows. After being observed by bigger Artists like Justin Prime, Merk & Kremont and Bobby Burns he realized that there is no chance to get to the top with only doing mashups or edits. So JustLuke started to teach himself the basics of digital music production. His unique sound is not specialized on one focused genre – so keep an eye on this young talent! The beautiful song „Settle My Heart“ features Singer/songwriter Nathan Brumley, a pop/indie rock vocalist, not only trained in classical piano and experienced drummer, but also works in EDM: he recently released the track „Homeland“ on Hardwells famous Revealed Recordings!

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