As Teresa and her five girlfriends share their suburban living room in New Jersey to a weekend of sun and sin on the coast, they do not expect that they will run the death directly in the arms. After they got off dished from the beach, in an isolated house in the Barrens of New Jersey of strange neighbors, even stranger, creepy stories from the legendary Jersey Devil, they set off on the beach. There they encounter five muscle-bound offenders who shine with irreverence and swagger. The party begins and it is with the nightfall whatsoever rampant. None of them suspects that they are now in the hunting ground of a killer who likes to swing his cleaver again …

Sticker_RUND_AMA-EventThe second edition of AMA Recordings‘ “Best Of” Series presented by Ray Okpara, including an exclusive mix by Rick Sanders, incl. Tracks & Remixes by Brodanse, Johnny D., Onno, Federico Molinari, Paolo Martini & Paul C, Marko Nastic and many more

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Bokky (Bill Paxton) is the right hand of “Boss” Jack (Luke Askew), the leader of a clan of “travellers” who live in a trailer park near Louisville, Kentucky has always been. The profession of Gypsys has always been fraud. Turn unsuspecting rural residents black color as asphalt sealing, windy roof repairs and most corroded caravan. One day the young Irishman Pat O’Hara encounters (Mark Wahlberg) to them, to bury his outcast of the community Father. This had broken the unwritten law to marry an outsider. But because of its past, the traveler would not hear from Pat and his late father. He is not one of them. To regain the trust of the group, he joins Bokky on a tour across the country to where they want to make it to the gypsy way of money …

116329Seveneves Records presents the brandnew MIAMI WMC 2016 Seveneves Compilation. This Sampler contains 17 excellent tracks and a DJ mix. You can expect the best Techhouse, Deephouse and Future House sounds with some unreleased tracks by Plastik Funk & My Digital Enemy, Dario Rodriguez feat. Mr. V, Tim Gerlach, Miss Kiyami, Antonio Alterino, Gregorio Torres, Lichtmacher, Alexis Baute, USB Players feat. Philip Braun, Bora Borsiczky, Tim Serra feat.Bovilan, Giuseppe De Renzo, Domun, Marcus Jahn. In addition, it contains a DJ mix compiled and mixed by Hofmann & Weigold.

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With 2-times Grammy-winner Joel Smallbone Jake Reeson is a talented musician, the waves a great future as a country singer – would give his arrogance not coming back in the way. One day escalated a dispute with his manager, he ruined his career. Since Jakes attracts great love Becca back to the city. But her newfound faith alienates him and complicates their relationship. When he also discovers that his dead Felt father is alive and his mother lied to him for years, Jake breaks world together permanently. How will he get his broken life together? How should he find the strength to forgive his parents? And how can he win Becca for themselves? A moving film about truth, forgiveness and second chances! (Not only) for fans of country music!

Kein Zickenfox (Everything but Oom-Pa-Pa) is about the world’s biggest women’s wind orchestra and how sixty-six “ordinary” women together manage to bring something really great on stage! Once a week, sixty-six women in their early 20s to mid-70s with their twenty-one different instruments and the widest possible range of female life plans and stories come together in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

For more info, please visit: Kein Zickenfox @ Darling Berlin

The Gunslinger and Arts Sagittarius Richard Martin is just by rail road when this is attacked by his former accomplice Billy Kane and his gang. When trying to put an end to the attack, Martin, however, punctured both hands, so that he can never keep a Boomstick again. Driven by the desire to take revenge on his tormentor, Martin moves from town to town, looking for a, which he can teach shooting …

Starring Enrico Maria Salerno, Chris Huerta and Terry Jenkins.

weathertunesNoticed a seductive, beguiling fragrance in the air? That’s Weathertunes’s new album release. A “parfum” which conquers your senses, and spreads an instant well-being feeling for sure. Tempting lounge grooves, spiced with heartwarming positivity, flood the room with sunlight. The Lemongrassmusic brothers Roland and Daniel Voss wrote and performed everything on the album. No guest appearances this time, which impressively underlines the qualities of the project. Their passion for the French lifestyle and culture had a formative influence on the album’s spirit. With sweet melancholy, songs like “Dimanche Matin” or “Anis Nous Explique” tell about the irresistible scent of the Cote d`Azur. The selected technical and compositional pathway is set with class and in regard to the songs mood, turning “Parfum” into a lovely companion along life’s way. A feel-good album in its best sense. While listening, even the sun seems to shine a little brighter.

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Various Artists – Best of Harthouse Digital Vol.3 (Harthouse) – out now!

harthousedigital 3coverIncl. Tracks and Remixes by Boris Brejcha, Zoo Brazil, John Dahlback, John Selway, Der Dritte Raum, Tigerskin, Alessio Mereu, Özgür Can, Scan X, Dachshund, Spicelab, Alexi Delano, Braincell and many more …

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