???????????????????????????????The next release from Berlin’s Kassette Records is ready to rock! This time it’s produced by Laika & Strelka from Hamburg. The musical duo Laika & Strelka come along with Rufus and two powerful new tracks. The arrangement of these two tracks is house in its stately form and ornate with a unique voice. Hands Up: Is playing with tension to bring the “smile in your face”. A good pinch of house sound. The exceptional voice is perfectly tuned to the melody of the track and the balancing act between soul and deepness. Just Us: This house sound ist not for home listening. Gently but extremely expressive and a poignant bassline – this song is perfect for the small floors of the upcoming open air session. The lightness of the song exudes a dizzying energy.

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The latest project of German independent shooting star Philipp Eichholtz, “Luca tanzt leise” (English: “Luca’s Silent Dance”) is one of the feature films taking part in this year’s competition for the ‘new berlin film award’. The movie is “a little love-letter to all those whose biggest struggle is to get up in the morning every day. For those who need all their energy to manage the small things in life”, says Philipp. Here is a short synopsis: After a dark period in her life, Luca (Martina Schöne-Radunski) decides to finally finish her A-levels. Her little dog Mata brings her joy and mental support during that difficult time. In order to pass her math exam, she sets up a deal with Kurt: they will help each other.

We wish Philipp the best of luck for the competition and look forward to taking this gem of German independent cinema to the movie theaters.

1955. The Irish Christina Noble must look reality of life early in the eye. Her mother dies when she is still a child. Your alcoholic father is unable to keep the family together. As a teenager she is raped, a child is taken away from her. She marries a husband of exploiting and beaten. It seems that the life of Christina to offer anything good.

But instead of break to its past, the adult Christina feels the experience rather than an incentive to change the world for the better. Their faith is unshakable, and the hope that also fulfill their dreams is great. 14 years after the Vietnam War, it therefore travels to the former Saigon, to appeal for the weak and poor of society – children. A decision that affects not only their own lives fundamentally, but to date has changed the lives of 700,000 children and families.

After real events!

Also interesting: Liam Cunningham plays in ‘Game of Thrones’ the Onion Knight, and Brendan Coyle in ‘Downton Abbey’, Bates, the servant. And actress Deirdre O’Kane is actually total known as stand-up comedian in Ireland.

After the Israeli secret service in Luxembourg killed the Arab top terrorist Amar (Vincent Regan), only agent Tony Eckhardt (Christopher Lambert) believes that you have killed the wrong person. Eckhardt proved right. Amar has undergone cosmetic surgery and is now launching, under a new identity, the dozen work colleagues Eckhardt order. Eckhardt is not much time to stop the terrorists, because he is on his hit list ..

Gripping spy thriller by James Bond star director John Glen with Christopher Lambert and Bond girl Maryam D’Abo.

Pastor Matthew (Ted McGinley) are opened through an old street preacher, he meets one night while driving his eyes. Matthew remembers that true faith always requires action that one’s conviction therefore must not only thought and said, but must be lived. At its following, accompanied by God journey of Pastor helps twelve people who are all in very different situations and have different goals, but each feel a void in their lives. So, for example, believes the Dr. Farell (Sean Astin) do not believe in miracles and feels in his his work is not recognized. Samantha (Mira Sorvino) is trying to be a good mother, but currently lives in the street and a nurse (Valerie Domínguez) gets into argument with her friend, the policeman Bobby (Liam Matthews) …

The Film festival achtung berlin – new berlin film award presents an entire week full of fresh new movies from the capital: from April 13 to April 20, 2016 over 80 full-length, medium-length, short films and documentaries can be watched on the big screens. All films have been produced and shot in Berlin-Brandenburg.

The Competition Made in Berlin-Brandenburg is the heart of the festival and showcases the most exciting films of this season – including award-winning feature films, political documentaries and (cutting-edge) short films. All films will be presented as first releases, German or Berlin premieres with attendance of the film crew and cast. The brand new section Berlin Coproductions gives international film productions in partnership with Berlin-Brandenburg a new platform to present their work. The film sections Highlights and Documents offer a broad place for new creative talents and strong topics – from ‘Kiezdoku’ (documentaries from the ‘hoods’ of Berlin) to Genre-Thrillers. The section Retrospective “Berlin in Fashion” invites movie fans to follow the history of Berlin’s Fashion in the 20th Century at the ‚Bundesplatz’ Cinema in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

Exciting workshops, panel discussions and film parties provide a platform and networking space for the young creative Berlin film scene to exchange their ideas.

The Berlin based label Darling Berlin (daredo media) is a sponsoring partner as well as the price donor for the best actress and actor this year. Furthermore, the digital motion pictures aggregator daredo distribution, based in Frankfurt and Mannheim, is responsible for the achtung berlin YouTube channel.

After releasing three successful and well received solo e.p.’s over the summer and autumn of 2015, “Face To Face” label boss Tim Xavier rings in 2016 with a new “late 90’s Chicago jack” styled body of tracks appropriately titled “1999”.

Already played and fullly supported by: Truncate, Eric Cloutier, Cari Lekebusch, Rødhåd, Jeroen Search, Nicole Moudaber, Dj Deep, Dustin Zahn, Dj Sodeyama, The Advent, Ben Sims, Dj Hyperactive, SLAM, Magit Cacoon, Dustin Zahn, Technasia, Agaric, Lando, Len Faki, Raíz, Adrian Lopez, Luigi Madonna, Carlo Lio, Alland Byallo, Agaric, Brett Johnson, Luke Slater, Jamaica Suk, Pär Grindvik, Nihad Tule, Samuel L Session, Kiss FM, Butane, Alexi Delano and many more!

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Three high school misfits who at her school does not have it easy and are repeatedly harassed evil of their classmates, decide to get back at their tormentors and to break the prom all in the air. The Explosive needed they try to build using building instructions from the Internet itself. Looking for other weapons they come across a secluded junkyard to a secret weapons caches, not knowing that this is part of a serial killer who prefers Teenager tortures to death there. But the killer did not count on the creativity of the friends in the struggle for survival …

Donald Lawson (Chad Mathews) is the Antichrist. He is the son of Satan, who was born in this world to destroy them. But Donald must stop those who might his satanic game halt: the Nazarenes. Donald must kill him before he was born, but he does not see that that of all his wife Kate (Makinna Ridgway) to bring the Messiah into the world. When Kate is clear who her husband really is, it is facing a decision to become the bride of Satan or to fight for their own child …

500 years ago, a woman was innocent accused of murdering her son and hanged as a witch. Shortly before her death she curses the tree and the whole environment. Over the centuries, dying nine children in the adjacent forests under mysterious circumstances. Their bodies were all buried in the cellar of a house in the forest and it is said that the spirits of the dead still roam the forests. Presence: Amber Thorson (Sarah Rose Denton) wants – after her husband had a car accident and still in a coma – Start with her family a new start in the country. She moved with her teenaged daughter Emma and her adolescent son Jake in the old house that stands in the middle in the woods, unaware of the horrible history and the children’s bodies in the basement …