PrintIt’s fair to say over the past three years Ben Grunnell has risen to be one of the most in-demand producers on the underground electric scene. During the summer of 2013, Ben’s ‘Abuja’ track gained the support of Marco Carola, who since then has championed many of Ben’s creations. Soon after ‘Abuja’ ‘Aria’ followed, which became one of Ben’s most successful tracks to date. Since then Ben has released on industry-leading labels such as Stereo Productions, Avotre & Knee Deep In Sound. Ben’s 2015 hit ‘Push It’ on Familia, peaked at #19 on the Beatport Top 100 and was heard all over The White Isle. ‘Inside These Walls EP’ is surely set to follow suit and echo the success of Ben’s last release on the imprint. ‘Inside These Walls’ and ‘Witness’ both encapsulate Ben’s infectious percussion and crisp signature sound, culminating in an incredibly strong two track release. Aside from releasing on the label Ben’s DJ residency at Familia has made him a firm fixture at Egg London as well as international events.

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Are you ready for the theatre of fear? Dare into it? So far, nobody could the circus of death escape … Experience a unique brew of murder and chaos, as you can only see it in the Cirque of the Moreau family. With its frightening show they travel across the UK and shock their unsuspecting audience, not all of whom are alive again see the light. Only those who are prepared to set aside all reservations and inhibitions and let the spirit of this insane experience open, has a chance to survive the idea …

The “Filmfest München” (English: “Filmfest Munich”) was established in 1983 and is a principal summer film festival with over 80,000 admissions every year. Over 2,000 film industry professionals from around the world and over 500 members of the press are accredited annually. “Filmfest München” screens over 200 feature films, documentaries and TV movies each year.

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Near the Mexican border, the late 19th century, the young Dart (Giancarlo Prete) goes to the Texas Rangers. Together with his colleagues McAthos, Portland (George Eastman) and Aramirez (Leo Anchóriz) he protects the American-Mexican border. Explore the three that the businessman LeDuc (Eduardo Fajardo) has come through negotiations with Mexican President Ortega illegally mining rights. The Ranger now do everything possible to thwart the dark machinations Leduc. But for this they have to resist not only a force karate fighting Asians, but also encounter a powerful German circus troupe and straining their luck at cards …

118334Lauren Ritter spent two bitterly cold winters in New York inside her studio creating musical warmth. Form constant was her first step forward in to the electronic music world. Working fastidiously you can trace a subtle musical evolution in each of the four tracks (up to her most recent, Swoon). With all the subtleties of a Laurence release Lauren adds her own unique touch to each composition resulting in a maturity beyond her years. All Day I Dream welcomes her onboard with open arms. Both as producer and DJ. We will be fully supporting her musical journey as it continues to unfold.

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New York, in the 1940s: A tragic car accident changes the lives of twelve years Lou and her younger brother Oz abruptly. Her father died while the mother is nursing care and is no longer accessible. Lous grandmother takes care of the children, however, this represents a radical change. The woman lives in the mountains of Virginia on a farm without electricity and running water. For Lou and her brother’s life without wealth is difficult at first, but gradually they get used to it. As natural gas is found under the land, threatens the ideal world shatter. The perfidious operator of a mining company trying namely at any price, to sell the family. Koste it what it may …

“Das Versprechen” based on the bestseller “Wish You Well” American bestselling author David Baldacci, who himself wrote the screenplay for the feature film version. going Visually stunning and heart of the film depicts realistically the sad and touching story of a twelve year old, suffered many low blows, but getting up again.

Little Big Horn 1876. General George Armstrong Custer (Robert Shaw) takes the 7th Cavalry Regiment, bringing the, the idleness dilapidated soldiers back into shape. When Custer on command from Washington attacks an Indian village and women and children are killed, the situation escalates: The Cheyenne raided turn a move to the other and attack the railroaders and miners a gold mine to. Although Custer has recognized the meantime, the always pursued President Grant in his decisions only the interests of the railway company, he performs in the retaliatory strike against the Cheyenne the entire 7th Army in the death …


DJ Nartak’s eighth Nightflight compilation is a symphony for very special moments. Bursting with finest electro-acoustic soundscapes, lovingly selected and framed in 2 mixes with much attention to detail. Based on latest Downtempo and Ambient gems, it’s astonishing to witness the weightless intersection with elements of Modern Classical, Jazz, Alternative, World Music and Folk, all merging into the Nightflight Sound. A subtle, soulful flow enfolds in an inspiring way, full of hope and understated beauty. Enchanting delicate sounds lead into the depth of the night, once in a while freshened up with some cool loungy grooves, underlining DJ Nartak’s gentle art of balance. Being on air at Klassik Radio for more than 11 years, DJ Nartak is a well respected musical pioneer, dedicated to quality productions. For all those, who seek relaxation with style and spirit, step on board for another deep-blue Nightflight voyage.

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Baba tells the story of an oriental musician. In a bar in Berlin he plays the flute and guides us to another world: the dunes of the Sahara. In a world with lack of water and food his mother gives birth to twins. Whom should a mother prefer when she knows that she can only feed one of her two sons?

This drama offers expressive actor and opulent images rather than dialogues! An ancient oriental musicians from Berlin tells about his music the story of his life. He is born as a twin in times of famine. His mother knows she can get through only one of the two children and has to decide. You are her milk the healthier of the two children and provides them with the greater chance of survival. But sometimes decides life differently than humans imagine the …