The world’s largest and most successful Trash adventure is finally back. Here, the battle-hardened trio David Hasselhoff, Ian Ziering and Tara Reid replaced by many new guest stars support. Among others are this time round: Sarah Knappik, which reached a high level of recognition as Germany’s Next Top Model and jungle camp participant and made in the media a lot of attention, sitcom star David Faustino from the cult series “Married with Children”, US actor Gary Busey from “Lethal Weapon”, Cody Linley from “Hannah Montana” or wrestling star Seth Rollins. For plenty of variety, action and fun is guaranteed so worried again.

Five years after the events of “Sharknado 3″ it seems that the human race from other shark tornadoes in safety. Aston Reynolds (Tommy Davidson) and his company Astro-X working on a new energy system to stabilize the atmosphere, which is intended to prevent future Sharknados. But an experiment goes wrong and the sharks suddenly popping up in places where they really no one would have suspected; in the stronghold of all gamblers: Las Vegas. Fin (Ian Ziering), his wife April (Tara Reid), April’s father Wilford (Gary Busey) and Fins father Gil (David Hasselhoff) must again take the legs and the saw in his hand in order to save humanity …

Releasedate: 31th of August 2016.

ION008_DJMoestwanted_Timebomb_EP_4000_75pDJ Moestwanted, he mastermind behind the “Hypercat” event series and other crazy dancefloor escalations at “BigCityBeats” or “Neonsplash”, drops two pumping tunes with his upcoming artist EP on IONIC this summer! “Timebomb” and “The Jumpoff” are pretty likely to be heard at Europe’s festival stages this year!

IONIC RECORDS is the new movement in the family of 120dB Records, the label which developed and built up artists like Le Shuuk, Laserkraft 3D, or Premeson. 

Driven by the dynamics of the emerging electronic dance music scene, IONIC will provide a platform for both talented newcomers and extraordinary tunes with the same quality as all 120dB family releases. 

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vazikcoverVictor Ezcurdia is one of the best known and respected DJ ́s in the electronic music scene in Mexico and is now consolidating a very important name worldwide. With more than 100 shows outside of his country, Vazik has broken frontiers with his music and sets. From Berlin to Sao Paulo, from Ibiza to San Francisco, his name has reached countless clubs and festivals. Khainz is a techno and tech-house producer who has been DJ’ing for nearly 20 years now and producing since 1999. Hailing from beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland, his cutting edge production skills have seen him produce exciting and innovative releases in the past on such established imprints as Heinz Music, Sprout, Formatik and Great Stuff, amongst many more. On Tonboutique Records the two artists come along with some groovy and bassy stuff. Some dancefloor and festival filler with a uplifting summer mood.

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What is even more ultimate than the best or craziest Trashfilm? The lead singer of the most successful boy bands of the 90’s like Nick Carter, Howie Dorough and Joey Fatone united in a film in the fight against zombies.

In a post-apocalyptic world, have taken power in the undead, is a group of fearless gunslinger liberate a small town from a zombie plague. Jack (Nick Carter) has set itself the task of the Gunslinger and a modern samurai in an unbeatable team, to unite “Dead 7″. Only if they all stick together, they are the bloodthirsty walking dead one can carry into the next world for all. But with its plans they had not insane voodoo priestess Apocalypta (Debra Wilson) on the bill. This has found a way to control the walking dead, and is planning to overrun the rest of the world with their army and enslave …

From the creators of Sharknado series and the zombie hit series Z Nation. A must for all horror and trash fans. Could not be better. As a special surprise the title song “In The End” was recorded together.

171 BC: Ben Hur (Adrian Bouchet) was enslaved and fighting as a gladiator in the arenas of Rome for survival. One day, he manages to escape with the chariots guards. His goal is the freedom behind the Hadrian’s Wall. But ausgelobte him bounty can not only make the Roman legions hunting him, even bounty hunters and mercenaries are hot on his heels. If he should manage to reach the freedom beyond the walls, it could be a national hero and lead all the free people in the fight against the Roman oppressors …

119064A techno-child of the 90s, for several years, finds its way through the electronic
world. Kai Pattenberg enthusiastically, for several years at various events as well
as radio stations, his audience. Dark techno to tech house, so between
good and evil is his world in DJing. Since 2009, Kai sends his radio show “electric therapy/ultraschall” to changing radio stations and is currently in order to receive In addition to his growing bookings in clubs such as Level 6 (Darmstadt), London (Ludwigshafen), Dance House West (FFM), Vinylbar (FFM), Sky Club Berlin, Meteor (Lengfurt), M-Bia (Berlin), Raumstation (St Gallen), Gothec &Culteum (Karlsruhe), Mikroport (Krefeld), MS Connecion (Mannheim).
was rewarded his hard work in the field of music production. Kai Pattenberg, is now an
annex to various record labels how Black Circus, Re Washed, Hardwandler Records, Klangrecords, Dope Records Dark Smile Records .
Kai’s next release on Hardwandler Records with Remixes of Fuli, Sascha Lobeck, Philip Riemer, exploSpirit and Chris Masc.

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Vinyl sold-out! Hell Yeah come up with some essential—and fully, officially licensed—new cuts from Balearic Gabba Sound System edit master Enzo Elia; includes, unreleased on vinyl, a “anytime it’s partytime” BGSS version of Afrika Bambaataa “just Get up and Dance). Sureplayer! He touches up some historic Italo house with his usual masterful touch and will have you yearning for boat party season before the tracks have even finished playing. If you loved the Italian’s take on Soft House Company ‘What You Need,’ you should go crazy for this new offering. Up first is italo-piano-house classic Morenas’s Hazme Sonar,’ which is eight minutes of diva vocal athletics, big synths and pumping retro drums that will make you punch the air. Fun and fulsome, it is a sure fire classic house winner this summer. Jazzy Doll’s ‘Ladybird’ is next and in Enzo’s hands becomes a rubbery, ducking and diving house cut with big hand claps, bubbling bass and loose limbed percussion that is ripe for raves on the sea

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Nancy (Jamie Bernadette), Daniela, Gem, Stephanie and Annie, five old high school girlfriends, decide after many years, once again on a weekend together to do something. And what place could this be more appropriate to talk about old times, as a lonely, secluded mountain cabin? But soon, the apparently only half-heartedly planned trip into the wilderness to pure survival, because the five from coming from the path and get lost in the depths of the forests. Then when the first of them comes on very mysteriously to death, the panic is growing. The forest itself it does not seem to want to skip its fangs now …

DBD100-Cafe-Pargue-2016-art-web2incl. Remixes from Patrick Hofmann, Lukas Greenberg, PROMI5E
The second release ever on 120dB Records “Café Prague” was none less than a success story.

Producer & DJ Groovejuice (who is part of Laserkraft 3D and a.k.a. OhMyBoy) astounded us with his hypnotic Electro-Swing track, built from sampled Jazz Piano and Krupa-styled snare drums, simply blew up our minds. The track’s promotional video got over 3.5 Million views on YouTube and is one of the best selling tracks of the label ever!

After 6 years, the time is right for some new interpretations: Patrick Hofmann (Tiger Records, RUN DBN, Seveneves) transfers the classic into contemporary Garage House, ready for all clubs and dance floors. Newcomer talent PROMI5E adds a nasty Future House-Bassline and creates a true monster of a remix! Last but not least, Lukas Greenberg (RIP) of Plastic City guarantees absolute quality in Deep- and Tech House, and delivers a groovy “Samba Edit” for underground DJs and friends of the cooler sounds.
Start the dance again – Café Prague is back!

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At an American university dangerous animal experiments on baboons are carried out under the direction of Professor Sorensen. The scientists and students will be put to a severe test. The sprayed, new means to actually curb aggression, but results in the baboon Shakma the exact opposite! He is put to extremely aggressive and at the last second! The danger seems spellbound and therefore the student group meets at night in the dark laboratories to replay a known computer game. Unsuspecting, the killer baboon Shakma back to life and also makes in the dark to hunt in order to take revenge on the students …

For the first time digitally remastered and in the Original Widescreen Theatrical Version: The famous cult film with a mixture of “Link, the Butler” and “Planet of the Apes” is one of the best films in the genre “animal horror”!

“Increasingly oppressive expectant horror thriller about a runaway baboon takes revenge on his tormentors for animal experiments.” (

“Exciting movie about a baboon, which is transformed by drugs for killer apes.” (The Sci-Fi Movie Review)