Out now: "The Hatching - Die Natur beißt zurück" on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD

The British cinema success finally also with us! A great horror comedy with a mix of hits “Rogue – False Revier & Shaun of the Dead” plus a pinch “Lake Placid!” director Michael Andersen was among others. Already responsible at “American Werewolf” for camera control and effect control.

At the center is a British small town somewhere in the county Somerset, in which things happen, which should not be questioned. After the death of his father, Tim Webber (Andrew Lee Potts) returns home. There, however, one is not particularly pleased about it. This is no wonder, because as a child, Tim and two friends have gone to the nearby zoo to steal crocodiles. The burglary failed and one of the children was eaten by the mother animal. Now fifteen years after the incident, the place is again mentioned in daily newspapers and news: A mysterious murder series shakes the area. Women disappear without trace and mutilated corpses are found along the river banks and in the bog. Everything suggests that there is a crocodile in front of the city. But is really a crocodile responsible for the many dead or has the disappearance of the inhabitants other causes?

Press releases:
“The Hatching has done the british moorlands what the “White Hai” brought to the seaside resorts in the 70s.” (Hatchingthemovie.com)
“England’s first killer crocodile movie rocks” (creaturefeaturecorner.com)
“A Must-See for Animal Horror Movie Fans” (matthewscottbaker.com)