The Slamdance Film Festival has unveiled its 23rd annual narrative and documentary feature film competition lineup, and “Beat Beat Heart” by director and screenwriter Luise Brinkmann will celebrate its international premiere at the ‘little brother’ of Sundance. We congratulate and are very honored to be a part of the team!

Some words on the film: Daydreaming her way out of a broken heart, Kerstin’s denial as well as her days are shaken up with the arrival of her mother, dealing with her own relationship’s demise. With the great cast of Lana Cooper (“Love Steaks”), Saskia Vester, Till Wonka and others, the movie represents the graduation work of Luise Brinkmann, DOP Mathis Hanspach, editor Maren Unterburger and producer Olivia Charamsa at the ifs (international film school Cologne) and, at the same time, is the first fictional feature film that has been made entirely at the ifs as a graduation film.

The Slamdance Festival, launched in 1995 as an alternative to Sundance, takes place at the Treasure Mountain Inn in Park City, Utah, from Jan. 20 to Jan. 26, and will screen 19 movies: 12 world premieres, three North American debuts, and one U.S. launch.

More information on “Beat Beat Heart”:

What a great success for “We Are the Tide (German: Wir sind die Flut”) by Sebastian Hilger, which will be released on on Darling Berlin (DVD and VOD) on February, 24th, 2017! The movie has won the prestigious Audience Award at the Torino Film Festival, which is one of the most important film festivals for young directors worldwide.

Furthermore, the Jury of ‘Torino Sette’ has awarded “We Are the Tide / Wir sind die Flut” with the Achille Valdata Award for Best Film of Torino 34, “…for having used the power of images and a balance of genres to transmit a positive message to the new generations.

b.wir sind die flut

We congratulate Sebastian Hilger and his team on this success and are very happy to help this great movie to reach its audience.

Some words on the movie: In Windholm, two young scientists are confronted with the remains of a village community that has never been able to overcome the trauma that happened one morning 15 years ago: the ocean disappeared – and so did all the children from the village. But have the kids really drowned that day? Their bodies were never found.

More information here: Wir sind die Flut

SL90er_vol3_1024The 90 are unstoppable – whether it comes to clothes, movies or music, the 90s are back! After the enormous success of the previous 90s Compilations by sunshine live, here comes Vol. 3, a worthy successor! Again brimming with all those who reached all the way up the charts at this time. Of course the „sunshine live 90er – Live on Stageevent artists will also be on the compilation: 2 Unlimited, E-Rotic, Twenty 4 Seven, Charly Lownoise, Marusha, Masterboy, Interactive as well as hits from none less than Scooter, DJ Bobo, Dr. Alban, Gigi D’Agostino, ATB, AWeX, Sash! and many more!

Sunshine Live, Die 90er – Vol. 3 - We Can not stop raving available in online stores from 25.11.2016 – including a  Bonus DJ mix!

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Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s last unfinished story! An absolute must for fans of the Horrormeister, who has created legendary classics like “Living”, “Bull the dead” or “The Daming” with Vincent Price! Plus a pinch of “The Fog” …

An angry storm has killed the young man J.P. (Matt O’Neil) shipwreck on a deserted beach of a peninsula. When he awakens without orientation and without real memory of the previous night on the beach, he sees above the cliffs a lighthouse, which sits there like a lonely guard. For a short time, he also sees the figure of a young woman on the beach before the old and peculiar lighthouse keeper Walsh (Vernon Wells) assures him that they are both the only people on this part of the peninsula. The only way back to civilization is a ferry that lays down on the beach every two weeks. The footpath through the mountainous hinterland is impassable at this time of the year. J.P. Tries to adapt to the situation, but he hears strange voices and visions, in which he sees a young blonde woman. In addition, nightmares plague him with a creepy, faceless phantom shape that stretches its claws after him. The lighthouse seems to guard a very dark secret, which is not to be discovered …

Press releases:
“A very atmospheric Gothic horror story, as you could only think of the master of literary horror.” (

“Really good, creepy horror fun!” (

This will be a hot autumn: The sunshine live compilation series enters the next round – the brand new sunshine live vol. 59 can now be pre-ordered!
As usual, the compilation is released in a stylish digipac containing 3 CDs, or online in a digital bundle with two exclusive DJ mixes, packed with the coolest tracks from the clubs and the sunshine live channel! The best of EDM, Dance, House & Trance plus many exclusive tracks that are on no other CD or Compilation – right out of the sunshine live music editors into your player!
Incl. Tracks from Robin Schulz, Armin van Buuren, Major Lazer & Showtek, Hardwell & W&W, Alan Walker, Stereoact, Martin Solveig and many more!

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Grandiose jungle adventure for the first time on DVD: TOP occupied with the film stars Anita Ekberg (“Das süße Leben”, “War and Peace”), Bo Svenson ( “Kill Bill 2″, “Inglourious Basterds”) and Donald Pleasence from Halloween!

Two adventurers are on the trail of a legendary gold treasure. The goal is South America. There an archaeologist suspects the treasure in a forgotten Inkatempel. But the way to go there is a single struggle for survival: not only do poison snakes, tarantulas and hostile natives linger on the adventurers, but a murderer who is not alarming at all is also on their heels. As if all this were not enough, they would then get into the way of warlike (beautiful) Amazons …

“Fun amusing fun – brainwashing and enjoying!” (iMDb)

Take some “Deep Blue Sea”, add a pinch of “The White Shark” and the whole paired with something “Sharknado”, “Waterworld” & “Planet of the Monkeys” and come out: “Planet of the Sharks“! But this is no fun, but bloodthirsty seriousness! Because when the sea level rises, there is only one species that can dominate the world … In a not too distant future: Climate change and the ever-increasing average temperature has caused the entire ice of the planet to melt. 98% of the land masses are now covered with water, and humanity fights on the world’s oceans for bare survival and the last drinking water reserves. But not only the pirates make life difficult for the last survivors in the two floating cities “Junk City” and “Sanctuary”, but above all the steadily increasing shark population. Led by a giant Alpha Shark, numerous swarms have joined together to jointly hunt for fresh meat in the form of the last humans …


On the coastline of Windholm one morning 15 years ago the ocean just disappeared. Since then the emptiness has been raising questions and anxiety. The cause of the phenomenon remains unclear. With a new theory at hand the physicist Micha (28) is one of many young scientists who is trying to get his hands on to one of his university’s rare scholarships to explore the phenomena. After the many years of work he has put into the project he must once again see how a bold idea ends at the doors of the antiquated establishment – he receives a rejection.

At the same time Jana (31), daughter of the institute’s boss and Micha’s former colleague on the project, resurfaces at the university. This doesn’t make the situation any easier for Micha. A year ago she left him and the project and ran off to Portugal. Jana has now returned to put a definite end to her scientific career – but there is something else: Jana has to clarify something with Micha. When Micha decides to take the trip to Windholm to prove his hypothesis despite the rejection and without official permission she joins him.


In Windholm the young scientists are confronted with the remains of a village community that has never been able to overcome their trauma. On the day the ocean disappeared – so did all the children from the village. But have the kids really drowned that day? Their bodies were never found. Micha clings to rational thinking and only the scientific phenomenon is of his concern. But as his measurements take longer than planned the village pulls him deeper and deeper into its spell. Micha meets Hanna (19) the only remaining child. She tries to rebuild the neglected public pool, guides tourists through the village and is convinced that the kids are still out there somewhere. Jana strikes the thought that it is no coincidence that Micha and her have been lead to this place.

Abandoned houses and playgrounds, a small footprint on the empty ground of the ocean, the room of a boy who dreamt of becoming an astronaut – this is where Micha and Jana have to come to terms with their own past and a loss.

Directed by Sebastian Hilger, written by Nadine Gottmann, starring Max Mauff (“Victoria”), Lana Cooper (“Love Steaks”, “Beat Beat Heart”) and Swantje Kohlhof.

119485Sukhumvit Records‘ digital debut release comes from Mannheim’s and London’s shining stars Archie Hamilton and Fabe. First Archie Hamilton has firmly established himself as one of the city’s most sought-after artists; this year having been a very strong one, with release after release consistently hitting #1 spots.
Second Mannheim’s Fabe, one part of Bunte Bummler (Hot Creations, Cécille Records), with releases on Fuse and his own imprint Salty Nuts, delivered the stunning tracks for the first digital release of Sukhumvit. The Romanian underground artist Melodie puts all his effort in his remix for Fabe.
Skytrain to Nana is the result of the first successful vinyl releases on Sukuhmvit which were sold out after two weeks and have been supported by Ricardo Villalobos, Rhadoo, Raresh, Marco Carola, Apollonia, Shonky, Bella Sarris , Dyed Soundorom, Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Federico Molinari, Giuliano Lomonte, Praslea.

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Breaking news:  YouTube finally subscribes a licensing deal with GEMA to host music videos in Germany. 

We’re excited to let you know that the German music rights collection society GEMA and YouTube have come to an agreement, which will be effective as of November 1, 2016. This agreement benefits the entire YouTube community as well as songwriters, composers and music publishers represented by GEMA.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-02 um 12.02.50Most importantly, it will also benefit you and your artists. Music content that was previously blocked in the absence of an agreement with GEMA can now be viewed by the German, Austrian and Swiss YouTube audience. Additionally, this will bring more revenue opportunities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for your music content.

Please check if you have already delivered the correct ownership information for Germany, Austria and Switzerland on your Music Video and Sound Recording assets. If not, please make sure that you update your assets as soon as possible or get in contact with our Youtube Music Manager Jadranka Celik