The Mix Mission is an integral part of the Christmas season at Radio sunshine live. Every year, the mix-marathon starts the holiday season with a firework of DJs from all over the world – the ultimate non-stop mix show at Germany’s electronic music radio Nr.1 sunshine live. Accompanying the Mix Mission, the compilation combines the best tracks handpicked on 2 CDs & Online, mixed by sunshine live DJ Chico Chiquita! He has curated contemporary club and festival sounds from Axwell & Shapov, Plastik Funk, Le Shuuk, Lucas & Steve, EDX, Jay Frog, and more, plus a brand new exclusive remix of Laserkraft 3D – Nein, Mann!

Out on 23.12. As a perfect Christmas present in stores and online!

*Germany, Austria, Switzerland only

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The daredo company with its affiliated companies daredo media and uptrax and its departments digedo, daredo distribution, deeep.net and CiNENET wishes you Happy Christmas holidays and a good start in 2017!

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We hope you get some time to rest and wish you all the best for the upcoming year!
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121240Time will tell. True words reflecting the artistic and mainly personal metamorphosis Klaudia Gawlas has gone through in recent years. The result is her second album Vision in which she approaches a place she calls home in a musical context. The energetic but at the same time deeper and more sophisticated sound of Vision is proof the she has taken a big step towards reaching the artistic level her true inner self has been striving for. As so often in life, a strong vision leads to a very pure form of motivation, which finally turns wishful thinking into action. Vision is a straight statement and commitment to the roots of techno. Something that matches pretty well what Klaudia Gawlas is known to stand for.

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The series “Emmas Welt” attracted much attention at the festivals and won various prizes and nominations such as The “Best Actress Award at the Dub Web Fest in Dublin 2016″, the “Best Actress Award at the Sicily Web Fest in Ustica 2016″ and the “Best German Web Series Award at the Webfest Berlin 2015″.

The story is about Emma, who is 25 years old. Her absurdly funny situations are formally chasing after her clumsy and lovable way. She has just finished her jurisprudence in support of her life partner, when she has to recognize that he is deceiving her. Now she stands in front of nothingness: Without a job, without money, without an apartment.

From 16.12.2016 on every day another episode – for example at the YouTube channel from Darling Berlin:
Darling Berlin @ YouTube, Emmas Welt – Episode One

“Rocky meets Bloodsport”: Cool and high-quality combat sports film from the makers of the Cultserien The action scenes were designed by Hollywood’s best fight choreographer Arnold Chon, who also stars for van Damme, Jet Li and Jackie Chan. An absolute non-stop action thunderstorm!

After the death of his father, Remo Street (Beau Casper Smart), a 23-year-old former wrestling star, has to provide his own mother and sister alone. When he is attacked by a Russian attack, he is jeopardized by the fact that he is going to “earn” a lot of money for the mob in illegal underground battles. If he does not agree, the life of his family is no longer worth a penny. Together with Oz (Shawhawnee Hall), the owner and coach of a fighting sports hall, Street prepares for the fight of his life. But the opponent will not fight with fair means and the Mafia can never be trusted … ”

121301Ahead of the release of his sophomore album, Sea Monster, Russian DJ and producer Kito Jempere is back with a new single from it. That single is Ampa and it comes with killer remixes from Black Spuma (Lauer and Mammarella) and Miskotom. Black Spuma remix is a hit for Gerd Janson right now…!

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The secret tip of the Hamburg Filmfestival 2015 finally on DVD! A great satirical comedy with the crème de la crème of German cinema: Robert Stadlober (Crazy, Krabat), Paula Kalenberg (Systemfehler, Die Wolke) as well as collapsing newbuilding singer Blixa Bargeld & Tocotronic singer Dirk von Lowtzow!

C AnhedoniaWe write the year 2020. Every day billions of people are victims of the digital, media, narcissistic, hedonistic, career-oriented and consumer-oriented stimulus overload and suggestion by the establishment. In an unexplained way, hundreds of millions of citizens of the first world are epidemic of “anhedonia”, the inability to feel joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Two exemplary victories of these unspeakable circumstances are the unequal but nevertheless inseparable aristocrat sonny Franz (Robert Stadlober) and Fritz Freudenthal (Wieland Schönfelder). They are completely cleansed and tormented by their miserable, lustless, and fun-free existence, until they become aware of the new, unique stimulus therapy of the world-famous and trendy psychotherapist Prof. Dr. Immanuel Young (Dirk von Lowtzow) and the solution See all their problems …

Press releases:
“Anachronistic and ironic, wild, beautiful, silly: Anhedonia. Narcissism as narcosis” is pleasantly strange art cinema. “(Taz)
“Probably already the most accomplished comedy of the year”
“… the occupation is prominent, the language is cynical, and the approach is highly philosophical. The best thing is to constantly giggle.” (Musikexpress)
“…. the two boys are jumping through a fin-de-sie.cle world, which is directed by the director and Patrick Siegfried Zimmer as a Teutonic Wes Anderson.” (The world)

C TrollandA supersweet and exciting adventure in the making of films like “The Smurfs”, “Tinkerbell” or “Arthur and the Minimoys”!

The Troll Fenn hates it when his troll comrades are bored with boredom. In this way, he is also regularly raised, so that he decides to continue. However, when a park keeper, who has been eternally under the trolls of the trolls, begins to capture the annoying creatures, it is up to Fenn to save his family and friends …

German speakers are f.e. Uta Kargel and Benno Lehmann from “Good Times, Bad Times” or Thomas Arnold from various “crime scene” sequences and “emergency call port edge”!

C Schizoid FSK18The big Klaus Kinski movie from the legendary studio Cannon Films (Hellbound, Missing in Action) finally and for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray and VOD! When nearly all the female members of his therapy group are cruelly murdered by an unknown killer, the leader of the group, the psychiatrist Dr. Peter Fales (Klaus Kinski), falls under suspicion. Luckily, however, the journalist Julie (Marianna Hill) is also treated with him because she believes she is on the trail of the real culprit. In the course of her investigations, she soon finds herself in a life-threatening situation, but she only realizes that she herself receives strange murders with the post office.

Press releases:
“A really trashy slasher with a brilliant Klaus Kinski!” (Hysteria-lives.co.uk)
“David Paulsen directs the directorially in an anxiously exciting psycho-thriller, which is dominated by Klaus Kinski in the leading role. (Deliria-italiano)
“The film really offers a few nasty moments, including a quasi-trailing psycho-show scene.” (Blu-ray.com)

Encouraging, honest and profoundly moving: “Forever with you” tells the true story of Michael Boyum, who was not shaken by his illness in his faith, but rather put his trust in God …

Michael Boyum is a life-threatening young man who always has a smile and is ready for aC-Until foreverny fun. His relationship with Michelle is built on a firm foundation of faith and filled with love and laughter. But when a rare form of leukemia is diagnosed in Michael, the question arises whether this foundation holds. When the treatments begin and Michael gets worse and worse, Michelle and his family help him. But the Illness feeds on all of them. Michelle neglects her duties at home and at school to be with Michael. And at some point the power of her love seems exhausted. Michael’s brother Matt suffers from the fact that little attention is paid to him and his family does not even come to his games. He falls into a deep depression, which almost cost him his life. Michael himself tries to remain strong and to draw his strength in God. He feeds on the love that is given to him and passes it on without restriction: to a little girl in the hospital, to an atheist who can not understand how Michael can still believe. Michael tries to cast a smile on everyone’s faces even in the most difficult times and looks to the future with full hope. For what is life compared to eternity? But he, too, struggles and demands answers from God. Why he? Why right now? But he always returns to the origin – Jesus. And he accepts the plan God has designed for his life. Slowly he is better and everyone believes that God has heard the many prayers. But the cancer comes And Michael’s condition is deteriorating rapidly. Once again, his love for Michelle is put to the test, because she wants to become his wife. He doubts, however, that he can make her happy in his condition. But God makes him understand that he is to live so long as he is not dead. Shortly after the wedding, he then succumbed to his illness.

Michael’s life was short, but his life influenced many of the people he met and will encounter this film. Forever with you is a promise that Michael gives to his great love Michelle and a promise which God gives Michael and each one of us.