Out now: "Elvis lebt" (English: Elvis is alive) on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD

What the world has always guessed: Elvis Presley is still alive! After Don Coscarelli’s “Bubba Ho-Tep” with Bruce Campbell, another cinematic highlight of the “King of Rock’N’Roll”! Great: Jonathan Nation in the role of his life!

Elvis (Jonathan Nation) stands at the cutting-edge of his life, heavily drug-dependent and with a dying voice. Everything seems to have conspired against him. When his brother dies, he loses his last faith in God. But it all comes even worse: the FBI succeeds, by a tip of him, a drug synonymous to fly. Now Elvis himself is on the gangsters’ shooting list and must take a new identity to protect himself and his family. The world is told that Elvis would have died of heart failure …

Press releases:
“Elvis is alive! Illuminates the life of this unique music idol ironically on a whole new level! “(Deadline.com)
“The movie offers hard-core Elvis fans some real treats!” (Nytimes.com)

Trailer English:

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