Out now: "Until Forever - Für immer bei dir" on DVD and VOD

Encouraging, honest and profoundly moving: “Forever with you” tells the true story of Michael Boyum, who was not shaken by his illness in his faith, but rather put his trust in God …

Michael Boyum is a life-threatening young man who always has a smile and is ready for aC-Until foreverny fun. His relationship with Michelle is built on a firm foundation of faith and filled with love and laughter. But when a rare form of leukemia is diagnosed in Michael, the question arises whether this foundation holds. When the treatments begin and Michael gets worse and worse, Michelle and his family help him. But the Illness feeds on all of them. Michelle neglects her duties at home and at school to be with Michael. And at some point the power of her love seems exhausted. Michael’s brother Matt suffers from the fact that little attention is paid to him and his family does not even come to his games. He falls into a deep depression, which almost cost him his life. Michael himself tries to remain strong and to draw his strength in God. He feeds on the love that is given to him and passes it on without restriction: to a little girl in the hospital, to an atheist who can not understand how Michael can still believe. Michael tries to cast a smile on everyone’s faces even in the most difficult times and looks to the future with full hope. For what is life compared to eternity? But he, too, struggles and demands answers from God. Why he? Why right now? But he always returns to the origin – Jesus. And he accepts the plan God has designed for his life. Slowly he is better and everyone believes that God has heard the many prayers. But the cancer comes And Michael’s condition is deteriorating rapidly. Once again, his love for Michelle is put to the test, because she wants to become his wife. He doubts, however, that he can make her happy in his condition. But God makes him understand that he is to live so long as he is not dead. Shortly after the wedding, he then succumbed to his illness.

Michael’s life was short, but his life influenced many of the people he met and will encounter this film. Forever with you is a promise that Michael gives to his great love Michelle and a promise which God gives Michael and each one of us.