Out now: "Gott ist nicht tot 2" ("God's not dead 2") on VoD

Whether in the classroom or in the public: Faith in God seems to play a role in fewer and fewer people. This is also felt by the high school teacher, Grace Wesley, when she answers the question of a female student with a passage from the Bible, which has no bearing on the consequences for her future. The school inspectorate is switched on because Grace is not allowed to influence their pupils. The result is that this incident will create a precedent and remove the license to teach it. Grace soon finds himself again as a defendant in the courtroom, because the state wants to permanently ban religious questions from school teaching and public life. But Grace decides to fight not only for her job as a teacher, but also for her faith in God.

The successor of the movie blockbusters ‘God is not dead’ again provides powerful arguments for the fact that God is anything but dead, and that the faith in him must not be declared a personal property.