Out now: "Sharknado - The Ultimate Collection" on Blu-Ray and DVD

Gigantic box with all four Sharknado parts on 5 Blu-Rays plus Bonus DVD including Making of! and the bonus movies “2 Headed Shark Attack” and “3 Headed Shark Attack” (with Danny Trejo from “From Dusk Till Dawn” & “Machete”)!

Deluxe metal edition with a great imprint, detachable FSK sticker and exclusive postcards with the motifs of the individual parts! A must for every film fan and collector!

Press releases:
“Sharknado is great trash.” (Filmcriticsunited.com)
“The Worst Movie Ever” (Bild.de)
“Lord, let sharks rains!” (Focus.de)
“Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens – The Return of the Trash Saga!” (Blairwitch)
“The Asylum and Syfy Channel expansion of the Trash universe shines with an illustrious cast.” (Moviepilot)
“Absurd-epic!” (Filmstarts)

Sharknado – Enough said (2013)
A giant hurricane that has hit a shark hot off the California coast and drawn back into the air, moves toward Los Angeles. Fin, the owner of a surfer bar on the beach of Long Beach, has all horrified with how the storm and an almost incessant rain gigantic white sharks destroyed his life dream. Together with his best friend Baz, his girlfriend and the old drunk George he sets out, armed with chainsaws and shotguns to protect his ex-wife April and his two children from these flying eating machines. But this is an almost hopeless task, since the storm has forced even the seawater more and more in the city and the group now also has before the sharks that swim through the flooded streets protect.
Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, starring: John Heard, Tara Reid, Jaason Simmons, Ian Ziering

Sharknado 2 – The Second One (2014)sharknado box
The second holy shark! They’re back! A year after the events of the world’s first “Sharknados” sitting Fin Shepard, the hero of L.A., along with his wife April on the plane to New York. Through a written April self-help book with the beautiful title “How to survive a Sharknado”, it has brought to prominence the pair. But instead of a relaxing trip in Fins hometown, where his sister Ellen and her husband Martin live with their children, right from the beginning all wrong: the plane is attacked by sharks, the same time to bite the hand of the poor of April. And New York is about to descend into chaos: Three Sharknados lawn on Manhattan and bring tons of killer sharks with it! Now once again it is up to Fin, to save the day and preserve New York before the disaster.
Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, starring: Ian Ziering, Perez Hilton, Vivica, Tara Reid

Sharknado 3 – Oh Hell No! (2015)
As again a merger of several tornadoes threatened the entire US East Coast and also a vast number fresswütiger sharks is transported on land, our chain saws is swinging hero Fin (Ian Ziering) again in the storm of beißwütigen beasts! At the same time his children are on their way to spring break in Florida. A festival that for the approaching shark Storm like a sumptuously laden hard drive comes! Support receives Fin this time, among other things by his father Gilbert (David Hasselhoff), who in an amusement park just his life partner (Oliver lime kiln), lost to…
Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, starring: Ian Ziering, David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Peter Rütten, Cassie Scerbo, Oliver Kalkofe

Sharknado 4 – The 4th Awakens (2016)
Five years after the events of “Sharknado 3″ it seems that the human race from other shark tornadoes in safety. Aston Reynolds (Tommy Davidson) and his company Astro-X working on a new energy system to stabilize the atmosphere, which is intended to prevent future Sharknados. But an experiment goes wrong and the sharks suddenly popping up in places where they really no one would have suspected; in the stronghold of all gamblers: Las Vegas. Fin (Ian Ziering), his wife April (Tara Reid), April’s father Wilford (Gary Busey) and Fins father Gil (David Hasselhoff) must again take the legs and the saw in his hand in order to save humanity …
Director: Anthony C. Ferrante, starring: David Hasselhoff, Tommy Davidson, Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Gary Busey, David Faustino, Cody Linley, Sarah Knappik