Uninc & Kolomensky - Svadba EP (out on Hell Yeah)

HYR_UNINC_KOLO_SVABDA_003Next up on Hell Yeah is another fine transmission from Russia in the form of a Uninc & Kolomensky EP. There must be something in the water over there right now because the country is producing plenty of red hot sounds and this new four tracker is no different. Up first is Bastard, a loose but body popping tune with 80s electro claps, prickly bass and all sorts of sirens, vocal samples and lasers adding detail to the prowling groove. Doormos is more smooth and balearic, with drifting trumpets bringing a beach vibe to the classic vocal samples while Into the Thing is a fantastic brew of synths, claps, 909 drums, boogie chords and general wonkiness that will liven up any set. Lastly, Svadba is a full on and busy party tune with stomping drums, wild xylophones and tribal chanting getting you up on your toes with your hands in the air. These are four tracks that are packed to the brim with crazy sounds, effects, samples and colour, and they are a lot of fun.

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