"Honigkuckuckskinder" now out on DVD

In 1993 the film was one of the ten most successful German cinema films. It reached its enormous audience mainly in school screenings, whereupon the dtv publishing house suggested director Brunner to make a book out of the material. This was written by Andreas Steinhöfel, who later became famous with his “Rico and Oskar” books.

Twelve-year-old Lena and her mother are assigned a new apartment by the social welfare office. From now on they will live in the run-down “Hotel Paradies”. The mother finds it appalling that they should live under the same roof as homeless, asylum-seeking, poor and illegalized people. But despite the adverse circumstances, which the hotel owes to the greedy, racist operator Mr. Schmuck, Lena immediately feels at home. She finds a great best friend, Ajoke, and explores her new home. When her mother’s expensive cutlery and jewelry is stolen, she is sure that Lena’s new friends are behind it. But Ajoke and Lena have long suspected who the villains really are in this “hotel”. Together with the other children, they track down an outrageous crime.

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Catalogue number: DWP1309
Release: 21.09.2018

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