"Running Wild - Der Preis der Freiheit" with Sharon Stone on DVD and BluRay!

Stella Davis (Dorian Brown) is a widow who finances her life by trying to prepare five prisoners for life in freedom on her ranch. The unusual troop takes care of a herd of emaciated wild horses that have wandered on Stella’s land. But again and again Stella is confronted with hurdles she doesn’t understand herself: she fights against prejudices, greed and the coldhearted bureaucracy. And when the radical billionaire and self-proclaimed animal rights activist Meredith Parish (Sharon Stone) becomes aware of her and the wild horses and exerts all her influence that the wild horses will be reintroduced, Stella threatens to lose everything…

In this uncut US cinema version, Hollywood’s ‘Femme Fatale’ Sharon Stone shines in the role of a radical animal rights activist. Her part as “Meredith Parish” is based on the life of the real animal rights activist and billionaire wife Madeleine Pickens, who has been working for the welfare of wild horses in the USA for years and has only recently prevented 30,000 horses from being euthanized in order to free pastureland for cattle breeding

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Cat.No.: DWP0899 (DVD) / DWP0890 (BluRay)
Release: 26th October 201

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