The Zombie Animals strike back - "Zoombies 2" is out now!

Poachers who break into a safari park at night to steal a few exotic animals for illegal animal experiments experience a nasty surprise: One of their stunning arrows is accidentally infected with a zombie virus due to a mix-up in the park’s laboratory, where an antidote is being researched. This had already led to massive, uncontrollable animal attacks at the Eden Wildlife Zoo in Los Angeles years earlier. The virus is now spreading rapidly among wildlife in the Safari Park. Soon the poachers fight side by side with the safari park staff against meerkats, snakes, porcupines, lions, crocodiles, rhinos and hippos… Will they be able to find the antidote before the US government razes the entire park to the ground with incendiary bombs…?

European DVD and worldwide Blu-ray premiere – Uncut US-Unrated version – The Asylum Mockbuster of the TOP 1 US series success ZOO over three seasons – With Ashley Alva from the Netflix blockbuster Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock

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Cat.No.: DWP1640 (BD) / DWP1649 (DVD)
Release: 24th May 2019

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