Out Now: Midiminuit - Hôtel Costes presents...Round the Clock

Impression« Hôtel Costes presents… » is a collection of exclusive music recorded or mixed at Studio HC, the hotel studio, and composed by Adrien de Maublanc guests. This unique studio with exceptional gears craft the sound of MidiMinuit. The second opus, Round the clock, by Midiminuit, is a modern album where classical and jazz music meet modular synths. MidiMinuit is a collaborative project between pianist Julien Quentin, bass player Yonatan Levi and electronic musicians Cesar Merveille & Adrien de Maublanc. Four experts in their respective fields are harmoniously combining their music creating a new entity. Three days, twelve hours of music per day, from 12pm to 12am. This was the primary rule of the jam sessions, giving the band its name. This was the first time all four musicians came together. In those three days, there was no rehearsals. Every piece was improvised, recorded and it was moved on to the next track. Bringing those world-class musicians together had the potential to create something unique.

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