Baba tells the story of an oriental musician. In a bar in Berlin he plays the flute and guides us to another world: the dunes of the Sahara. In a world with lack of water and food his mother gives birth to twins. Whom should a mother prefer when she knows that she can only… read more

As of April 2016, Netflix reported over 81 million subscribers worldwide, including more than 46 million in the US. Today we´re proud to announce, that from now on the following movies are available in more than 190 countries on the video-on-demand subscription service Netflix: Love Steaks , by Jakob Lass: Clemens starts a new job as a massage therapist in… read more

daredo music – a modern music experience daredo music, a division of the daredo media GmbH (a subsidiary company of daredo GmbH), controls more than 12.000 tracks and songs. In 2004, daredo music took over a lot of label brands and master rights from the former UCMG companies. Since then, daredo music changed the business… read more

Rome Session, mixed by Aki Bergen The Rome based Italian DJ and producer Aki Bergen, who started his career under the alias Neuroxyde had his debut on Plastic City in early 2010 with his MP3 release “Daftastic World” that was chosen by Terry Lee Brown Junior for his latest “Terry’s Café” compilation episode and was… read more

Plastic City. Play (mp3 album) Plastic City is reinventing itself by playfully dreaming up alternative realities – again and again, one after the other. Time for a resumee: The makers of the capital of quality techouse that is constantly changing, expanding, relocating and restructuring itself, are entering futuristic territories, recalling some of the finest moments… read more