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daredo – the future of media exploitation

daredo implements new and innovative intermedia strategies for the contemporary exploitation of media content such as music, film, audiobooks, eBooks and apps. Our highly experienced media company is taking care for numerous independent artists, authors, producers, labels and rights-holders. We take care for numerous music artists and represent and market their recordings rights. At the same time, we also support producers, directors and actors to exploit their films.

Exploitation of different media content:

The complete marketing of movies includes TV broadcasting, physical distribution of DVDs and Blu-Rays, download and streaming exploitation and, of course cinema distribution, as full-length motion pictures are mainly produced for the movie theatres. And because of the daredo staff being cinema lovers, we want to pay tribute to this fact if it makes sense in relation to the specific movie. Starting with the release concept for a movie which includes detailed marketing plans, via budgeting and coordinating all promotion activities, up to checking all possibilities of distribution funding and organizing the delivery to cinemas, the whole process of releasing a film lies in one hand, and thus guarantees perfectly coordinated timing and the best possible marketing within the many exploitation possibilities that the movie business offers. The main difference between this concept of “intermedial marketing” and the currently applied approaches to commercial exploitation of media is not only the closer linkage between the different marketing possibilities including additional optional content such as soundtracks, making of documentaries, eBooks and/or apps – it rather starts at the very beginning with a special approach to the movie itself, and it ends after a development process with individual strategies, which have no restrictions by predetermined priorities in marketing whatsoever.

In addition, daredo provides – besides various other technical services – a tool for the worldwide digital distribution of media content: its cutting-edge digital service provider system (DSP). For instance, every rights holder who distributes via daredo’s technical system gets access to the so-called Content Management Console (CMC), where he can easily and transparently view and manage all of his data. Even daily sales and streaming figures are visible, as long as they are provided by the respective portals. However, daredo has not only digital competence, but is also a physical distributor of movies on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as of music on CDs and vinyl, may it be autonomously or via its international partner network. Our goal is to provide media content via all channels possible to give consumers the chance to buy or consume what they want anytime and everywhere.

Exploitation of media content – anytime and everywhere:

One of our unique selling propositions is the variety of daredo’s staff. The team constitutes of creative minds and marketing and distribution experts as well as of IT pros that have long-time practice and great knowledge in setting up interfaces and databases as well as in working out solutions for a great deal of assignments. In order to achieve the determined results, daredo provides individual and equitable access to all departments and disciplines. That makes sure that the artist’s creative work is not dominated by technology, but only that the most recent and state-of-the-art technology can be used at any time, in order to allow our customers to apply exactly the marketing tools they need.

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