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daredo music – a modern music experience

daredo music, a division of the daredo media GmbH (a subsidiary company of daredo GmbH), controls more than 12.000 tracks and songs. In 2004, daredo music took over a lot of label brands and master rights from the former UCMG companies. Since then, daredo music changed the business model from a usual physical record company to a modern music company. Today, daredo music is not addicted on physical sales anymore. CDs and vinyl are still part of the business, but only manufactured for fans and music lovers. Furthermore, special marketing is more important than ever before.

daredo music represents repertoire and productions from more than 1.000 artists, bands, singers and producers like for example: Alphawezen, Commander Tom, Hardfloor, Naomi, Yonderboi, Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter, Zoo Brazil, Gui Boratto, Kool & The Gang, Zagar, moodorama, Wax Tailor, Alex Flatner, Alexi Delano, Martin Stosch, Joey Beltram, Aki Bergen, Digital Alkemist, Khoiba, Nostrum, Wax Tailor, Kurtis Blow, Robert Babicz, Oxia, Jesper Dahlbäck, Joel Mull, Gorge, DJ Yellow, Nick Curly, Weather Girls, Tina Charles, Plus49, Discobrothers, Cari Lekebusch, Der Dritte Raum, Leandro Gamez, Michel De Hey, Benjie, Lemongrass, Limah, Bananarama, Irene Cara, MB 1000, Audio Lotion, Lukas Greenberg, Timo Maas, Liquid Child, DJ Nob Tee, Dublex Inc., Sébastien Léger, Anderson Noise, Yousef, Boris Brejcha, Ohm-G, RuPaul, Andry Nalin, Königwerq, Paris Red, Robert Manos, Spicelab, Gayle San, Tigerskin, Nils Hess, Scan X, David Alvarado, Mihalis Safras, Robert Natus, Dadamnphreaknoizphunk, The Burhorn, Umek, Chris Liebing, Rozzo, Tojami Sessions, Room 2012, Steffi List, LoZee, Minus 8, Miro Pajic, Geb.el, Rüdiger Nass, Ohm Square, Nicole Moudaber, The Lushlife Project, AWeX, J. Axel, Bassface Sascha, John Dahlbäck, Forteba, Deepgroove & Jamie Anderson, Greg Parker, Dan Corco, Babak Shayan, Steve Lawler, Sven Väth, Felix Kröcher, The Advent, Yokota, Billy Dalessandro, Alein Factory, Beneluxus, Cores, Valentino Kanzyani, The Casino Roayal, Daniel Bortz, Jean F. Cochois, nor elle, Märtini Brös, Tom Wax, G-Pal, Lopazz, Cybordelics, Marshall Jefferson, Hermanez, Nikola Gala and Plastik Funk.

The company is running several labels for different genres and styles. Besides variable marketing and promotion strategies for the different labels, each label works on its own under the administration umbrella of daredo music. Several A&Rs and Product Managers are responsible for the bands and artists with their releases on the fitting labels, depending on the style of the music. Whether vinyl, CD or digital download – daredo music offers a variety of carefully selected artists and publications in all current media formats. The daredo music team stays updated through constant dialogue with music fans and the artists themselves. Their feedback is of crucial importance to our team and the base of the business.

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