On an oriental market, the young juggler and acrobat Aladdin (Adam Hollick) arouses the interest of the beautiful princess Shahzadi (Lucia Dimitra Xypteras), who will become sultaness after the death of her father. However, his ancestry and status make it impossible to get to know her better. In addition, the treacherous vizier Maghreb has also kept an eye on the princess and wants to conquer her heart and become Sultan with the help of a spell. To do this, however, he first needs a fabled magic lamp in which a djinni is trapped that can make all wishes come true.
The lamp is hidden in a cave, secured by deadly traps. The vizier believes that only with the help of Aladdin’s acrobatic skills he could come into possession of the lamp. Aladdin lets himself be deceived and, ignorant of the power of the lamp and the dangerous task, faces up to it. But will he be able to unleash and tame the spirit of the lamp himself…?

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Cat.No.: DWP1650 (BD) / DWP1659 (DVD)
Release: 14th June 2019

    ala_2     ala_1     ala_3

“An inspiring and courageous film that shows us that with our beliefs and convictions we can bring the light to an ever darkening world.” (Thechristianfilmreview.com)
Pastor Dave suffers a heavy blow of fate when not only his church burns out, but also his friend, a Pastor from Ghana, dies due to the effects of the fire. In addition, the university on whose grounds the church stands refused to rebuild it. Together with his brother, a lawyer with whom Dave has had no contact for a long time and who has renounced faith, he now tries to save his church.

The third and final part of the successful film series once again provides powerful arguments for the fact that faith in God is anything but dead – and one should always stand up for it. The main actors of some very successful Christian films are in the cast: John Corbett (All Saints), Shane Harper (God isn’t dead), Ted McGinley (What do you believe in?) and, of course, David A. R. White, who now plays the leading role here.

Cat.No.: DWP1620 (BD) / DWP1629 (DVD)
Release: 14th June 2019

    GINT_2     GINT_3     GINT_1

Poachers who break into a safari park at night to steal a few exotic animals for illegal animal experiments experience a nasty surprise: One of their stunning arrows is accidentally infected with a zombie virus due to a mix-up in the park’s laboratory, where an antidote is being researched. This had already led to massive, uncontrollable animal attacks at the Eden Wildlife Zoo in Los Angeles years earlier. The virus is now spreading rapidly among wildlife in the Safari Park. Soon the poachers fight side by side with the safari park staff against meerkats, snakes, porcupines, lions, crocodiles, rhinos and hippos… Will they be able to find the antidote before the US government razes the entire park to the ground with incendiary bombs…?

European DVD and worldwide Blu-ray premiere – Uncut US-Unrated version – The Asylum Mockbuster of the TOP 1 US series success ZOO over three seasons – With Ashley Alva from the Netflix blockbuster Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock

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Cat.No.: DWP1640 (BD) / DWP1649 (DVD)
Release: 24th May 2019

    zoombies2_news1     zoombies2_news2     zoombies2_news3

When six-year-old Sophie is tragically orphaned, guardianship is assigned to her estranged aunt Annabelle. The two move into a large, eerie, Victorian house where Sophie unearths a locked wooden box with a strange symbol drawn on it. Desperate to connect with her niece, Annabelle pries the lock open, revealing a beautiful music box. Each time the music box is wound and replayed, its surprisingly chilling melody plays slightly longer, captivating Sophie even more. When the music box begins affecting Sophie’s behavior and health, Annabelle seeks the aid of a child psychologist and clairvoyant who soon discovers that the music box is possessed by an evil spirit who seeks to haunt Sophie and destroy Annabelle. As the haunting intensifies, time begins to run out and Annabelle finds herself racing against the music box’s melody to defeat the spirit before the last note plays…

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Cat.No.: DWP1590 (BD) / DWP1599 (DVD)
Release: 24th May 2019

    Sophia_Bild3     Sophia_Bild1     Sophia_Bild2

1856 in the Wild West: A demon takes on human form and impregnates a young woman who in turn gives birth to a daughter, behind whose pitch-black eyes pure evil waits to cast off the shackles of hell. Since then, crop failures, death and ruin have determined life deep in the West. 160 years later: A group of ghost hunters, who usually entertain their fans with self-produced videos, want to examine the phenomenon and the truth content of the old tradition. But it soon becomes clear that the stories weren’t just fairy tales for adults and that a female member of their own team is a descendant of the demon himself. Together they now try to unmask the demon and tame evil. But the gate to hell is already open…

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Cat.No.: DWP1600 (BD) / DWP1609 (DVD)
Release: 26th April 2019

    HellGirl_1     HellGirl_2     HellGirl_3

Six best friends are having their graduation party at college. But the group’s stoner orders something psychedelic from her dealer. The dealer is ready to join in the fun. Full of drugs and completely disoriented, the special night quickly turns into a dark, foggy nightmare full of blood and violence. Five years later: The young women plan a weekend in a remote forest hut. They hope to rekindle the close friendship that once existed between them. But shortly thereafter, they are plagued by murderous visions of a masked killer and one after the other is brutally murdered…

“Dead in the Woods” aka “The 6th Friend” has been awarded at numerous horror film festivals (e.g. Freak Show Horror Film Festival, RIP Horror Film Festival, IFS-Film Festival) as Best Film, for Best Director or for Best Cast, and was nominated for Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Actors, Best Visual Effects and Best Film Music at the Madrid International Film Festival (2017). And it’s pure women’s power: a horror film with only female leading actors under female direction, featuring the Hollywood stars Jamie Bernadette (Midnight Texas; NCIS – New Orleans); Dominique Swain (Face Off, New best Friend); Jessica Morris (Ladies of the Lake, Role Models, One Life to Live).

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Cat.No.: DWP1610 (BD) / DWP1619 (DVD)
Release: 12th April 2019

Dead_in_the_Woods_1     Dead_in_the_Woods_2     Dead_in_the_Woods_3

On a holiday trip to Miami, where she wants to visit her boyhood friend Will and his girlfriend Lindsay, young Sara (Itziar Martinez) wants to find fun and relaxation. In order to cheer up Sara, who has become very shy since the death of her parents, Will (Sean Ormond) decides to organize a barbecue party with the friendly inhabitants of the complex. At the party she meets Zack, a professional model, Kate, a nurse and Alex. Alex behaves very strangely and urgently warns Sara not to go near the pool. He advises her to leave the building as soon as possible. At first, Sara doesn’t attach any importance to the words, but without knowing how she got there, she finds herself at the bottom of the pool in the middle of the night and is pushed under water by an unknown force. It is only through luck that she manages not to drown. Any attempt to leave the building seems hopeless and it quickly becomes clear that she must absolutely avoid coming into contact with water…

This is the worldwide BD premiere of the uncut version of this highly acclaimed Horror Mystery Thriller, which was awarded with the LAIFF May Award 2018 at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, for the best directing debut.

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Cat.No.: DWP1560 (BD) / DWP1569 (DVD)
Release: 8th March 2019

    Nereus_3     Nereus_2     Nereus_1

More and more people are disappearing in Germany. But behind the mysterious cases of missing persons are not wolf attacks, as suspected, but vampires, which have their origin in the Middle Ages. MONTRAK (Sönke Möhring), a former burgrave, is condemned to vampire existence by a ring transformed by Lucifer. When he is hunted by humans, he has no choice but to be killed so that the myth of the vampire is forgotten. But MONTRAK’s subjects (among them Adam Jaskolka) secretly create a new vampire master, who in the future should finally plunge the country into chaos with his army. Only a small group of people (including Dustin Semmelrogge and Ralph Stieber) gets in their way…

The film not only offers astonishing effects but also a large cast of German stars like Sönke Möhring, Michaela Schaffrath, Cosma-Shiva-Hagen, Julia Dietze, Antoine Monot, Jr., Charles Rettinghaus, Sabine Kaack and Martin Kesici.

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Cat.No.: UMS0090 (BD) / UMS0099 (DVD)
Release: 8th February 2019

Dutch Surrency (Edgar Buchanan) and his daughter Candace (Yvonne De Carlo) lease an old silver mine with their last money. When they actually find silver there, the owner R.R. Jarboe (Barry Fitzgerald) suddenly demands his mine back, and if they refuse, he brutally threatens them. The two have 12 days left until their lease expires… The mining engineer Larkin Moffatt (Edmond O’Brien) comes to their aid in dire need. But Moffatt himself is persecuted by a dark past.

The film, produced by Nat Holt Productions in collaboration with Paramount, was shot at Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park in the Los Angeles area, Sonora and Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The film’s screenplay was based on the novel High Vermilion by western writer Luke Short. Nat Hold secured the film rights for this comedic mixture of western and adventure film and named the film Silver City.

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Cat.No.: DWPC9924
Release: 22nd February 2019

    Silb_Bild3     Silb_Bild2     Silb_Bild1

The mystical-ocult book, with which the toy maker Amos Blackwood (Lee Bane) managed to awaken lifeless dolls to demonic life, fell into the hands of the Nazis Joseph von Hammersbeck (David Imper). Even before he can hand it over to the army command, there is an argument with his wife Eva (Eloise Oliver), who then escapes with the book. But also Eva suffers from the book and it ends up in the hands of Amos again. He wants to take it away as quickly as possible and gets on a train in Rosenheim towards Nuremberg, always haunted by Nazi henchmen. But Hitler’s secret service is also on board the train and Amos sees only one way to save his skin and the book: He has to bring Robert and the other dolls he carries back to life…

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Cat.No.: DWP1410 (BluRay) / DWP1410 (DVD)
Release: 22nd February 2019

    Robert4_Bild1     Robert4_Bild2     Robert4_Bild3