More and more people are disappearing in Germany. But behind the mysterious cases of missing persons are not wolf attacks, as suspected, but vampires, which have their origin in the Middle Ages. MONTRAK (Sönke Möhring), a former burgrave, is condemned to vampire existence by a ring transformed by Lucifer. When he is hunted by humans, he has no choice but to be killed so that the myth of the vampire is forgotten. But MONTRAK’s subjects (among them Adam Jaskolka) secretly create a new vampire master, who in the future should finally plunge the country into chaos with his army. Only a small group of people (including Dustin Semmelrogge and Ralph Stieber) gets in their way…

The film not only offers astonishing effects but also a large cast of German stars like Sönke Möhring, Michaela Schaffrath, Cosma-Shiva-Hagen, Julia Dietze, Antoine Monot, Jr., Charles Rettinghaus, Sabine Kaack and Martin Kesici.

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Cat.No.: UMS0090 (BD) / UMS0099 (DVD)
Release: 8th February 2019

Dutch Surrency (Edgar Buchanan) and his daughter Candace (Yvonne De Carlo) lease an old silver mine with their last money. When they actually find silver there, the owner R.R. Jarboe (Barry Fitzgerald) suddenly demands his mine back, and if they refuse, he brutally threatens them. The two have 12 days left until their lease expires… The mining engineer Larkin Moffatt (Edmond O’Brien) comes to their aid in dire need. But Moffatt himself is persecuted by a dark past.

The film, produced by Nat Holt Productions in collaboration with Paramount, was shot at Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park in the Los Angeles area, Sonora and Paramount Studios in Hollywood. The film’s screenplay was based on the novel High Vermilion by western writer Luke Short. Nat Hold secured the film rights for this comedic mixture of western and adventure film and named the film Silver City.

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Cat.No.: DWPC9924
Release: 22nd February 2019

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The mystical-ocult book, with which the toy maker Amos Blackwood (Lee Bane) managed to awaken lifeless dolls to demonic life, fell into the hands of the Nazis Joseph von Hammersbeck (David Imper). Even before he can hand it over to the army command, there is an argument with his wife Eva (Eloise Oliver), who then escapes with the book. But also Eva suffers from the book and it ends up in the hands of Amos again. He wants to take it away as quickly as possible and gets on a train in Rosenheim towards Nuremberg, always haunted by Nazi henchmen. But Hitler’s secret service is also on board the train and Amos sees only one way to save his skin and the book: He has to bring Robert and the other dolls he carries back to life…

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Cat.No.: DWP1410 (BluRay) / DWP1410 (DVD)
Release: 22nd February 2019

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England in the late 70s: Jessica and Josephine (Glory Annen and Sally Faulkner), a lesbian couple, live in an old farmhouse in the countryside. One evening a mysterious injured man (Barry Stokes) stands at her door and asks her for help. But soon the stranger seems quite strange to them. At this point, the women have no idea that he is the harbinger of an alien invasion and that the aliens have a strong appetite for human flesh…

These films enjoy absolute cult status in fan circles! A great new series with legendary SCI-FI, HORROR & FANTASY classics from the 70s & 80s in a cool VINTAGE look and sensational artwork! Completely re-scanned in HD and as a limited media book with DVD AND Blu-ray! German first release and an absolute MUST for all fans & collectors!

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Cat.No.: DWPC9925 (BluRay + DVD)
Release: 8th February 2019

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960 A.D.
Christianity is now spreading to the borders of the Viking villages in Scandinavia. Together with the gold and silver treasures that the Northmen captured on their raids in England, Christianity is now slowly entering the country.
During this time Tor (Robert Follin) hired himself out as a mercenary in a feud between two Viking clans. At first he thinks he should avenge the deaths of the family members of Princesses Freya and Gudrun, but soon he has to realize that these are also pursuing quite different goals filled with greed and murderous lust. Soon he fights on his own against both sides: Against those who still believe in the old gods around Odin and against those who want to follow the new Christianity. But whatever gods he himself follows, the bloodshed on his path of retribution can no longer be stopped…

“A brilliant and bloodthirsty adventure film.” (

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Cat.No.: DWP1480 (BluRay) / DWP1489 (DVD)
Release: 8th February 2019

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The brothers Ben (Nicolas Szent) and Daniel (Nicolás Artajo) absolutely want to produce films, but so far they have had little success. But the two don’t give up and put their last money and a sum borrowed from gangster boss Lederkalle (Thomas Schmuckert) into an erotic film for which they could win the US porn star Sasha Blue (Barbara Prakopenka). However, in the hotel room in which the porn actress is accommodated an exorcism once went wrong and a demon is just waiting to infect an ignorant victim. So a bloody incident occurs during the shooting and Ben and Daniel see no other way than to tie Sasha to the bed and ask a shady preacher (Dieter Landuris) for help, whom they found on the internet…

Get the German answer to horror comedies like “Shaun of the Dead”, “Zombieland” or “Ash vs. the Evild Dead” in the uncut cinema version! Secret tip in Cannes 2018 and nominated as Best Film at the Horrorant Film Festival ‘Fright Nights in May 2018
German Erotic queen Micaela Schäfer shows her best side again in a small role!

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Cat.No.: DWP1280 (BluRay) / DWP1289 (DVD)
Release: 9th November 2018

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It’s Christmas time…: Family, traditions and human flesh.
While his colleagues enjoy the Christmas party, Michael Briskett broods over the figures from the last general ledger report. He’s not invited to the Christmas party, but that’s not bad, he wouldn’t have gone anyway. Michael loves his work. But when his attractive colleague Cindy invites him to dinner with her family at Christmas, Michael is thrilled. But the invitation ends for him in hell on earth: Michael is supposed to land on the kitchen table as a roast himself and soon finds himself in the cellar with other people, who are also planned as ingredients for the big feast…

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Cat.No.: DWP1339 (DVD) / DWP1330 (BluRay)
Release: 26th October 201

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Stella Davis (Dorian Brown) is a widow who finances her life by trying to prepare five prisoners for life in freedom on her ranch. The unusual troop takes care of a herd of emaciated wild horses that have wandered on Stella’s land. But again and again Stella is confronted with hurdles she doesn’t understand herself: she fights against prejudices, greed and the coldhearted bureaucracy. And when the radical billionaire and self-proclaimed animal rights activist Meredith Parish (Sharon Stone) becomes aware of her and the wild horses and exerts all her influence that the wild horses will be reintroduced, Stella threatens to lose everything…

In this uncut US cinema version, Hollywood’s ‘Femme Fatale’ Sharon Stone shines in the role of a radical animal rights activist. Her part as “Meredith Parish” is based on the life of the real animal rights activist and billionaire wife Madeleine Pickens, who has been working for the welfare of wild horses in the USA for years and has only recently prevented 30,000 horses from being euthanized in order to free pastureland for cattle breeding

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Cat.No.: DWP0899 (DVD) / DWP0890 (BluRay)
Release: 26th October 201

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In 1993 the film was one of the ten most successful German cinema films. It reached its enormous audience mainly in school screenings, whereupon the dtv publishing house suggested director Brunner to make a book out of the material. This was written by Andreas Steinhöfel, who later became famous with his “Rico and Oskar” books.

Twelve-year-old Lena and her mother are assigned a new apartment by the social welfare office. From now on they will live in the run-down “Hotel Paradies”. The mother finds it appalling that they should live under the same roof as homeless, asylum-seeking, poor and illegalized people. But despite the adverse circumstances, which the hotel owes to the greedy, racist operator Mr. Schmuck, Lena immediately feels at home. She finds a great best friend, Ajoke, and explores her new home. When her mother’s expensive cutlery and jewelry is stolen, she is sure that Lena’s new friends are behind it. But Ajoke and Lena have long suspected who the villains really are in this “hotel”. Together with the other children, they track down an outrageous crime.

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Catalogue number: DWP1309
Release: 21.09.2018

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