130725The Berlin-based duo NAOMI is back with its sixth album Swim. The creative pause has generated space for fresh ideas and the record sounds calmer, more reduced and more optimistic while maintaining a melancholy note. Electro, alternative pop – Nico Tobias and Bernd Lechler don’t care much for genre definitions. Their focus is on great melodies, from the casual and mysterious opener Almost Talking via the almost sacral Melt The Key, the vocoder road movie Life Or Death or the nicely cheerful Get Up, Get Out Into The Rain to the final synthesizer riffs of the title track. You can excellently let yourself sink into these eleven songs, or, as required, laugh, cry, dance and spill beer, or just waste the day.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote about Naomi’s last album The Big Shapes (2010) that the band, “in a fair world, would have to scramble with Lady Gaga for the top positions in the summer charts”; and also Rolling Stone and FAZ are already convinced. With its elegant and mature sound, Swim is a true enrichment for Germany’s pop landscape.

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The Japanese artist DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul is a musician since the 80’s. Living in Osaka (Japan), he was originally influenced from R&B, Soul and Funk. He also formed a successful funk-band in which he played the guitar. In the beginning of 2001 he released his first single “Comic Pink” on Mole Listening Pearls. In 2004, his first album “One Scenary In My Lifetime” was released under the pseudonym “Dugsoul” in Japan. He said about his own: “I had to do an important decision. Should the party of the life continue? I conclude that life is a dance”. Since today he is a well respected DJ in Japan. His style do DJing is passionate, deep and groovy. All 14 songs on the new album by DJ Nob Tee on Mole Listening Pearls “Dear My Soul” are trying to visualize the sound of the soul. The soundtrack for a movie. The scenes of a journey into everyday life, which is composed of memories together. “Sometime” is one of these scenes.

Taken from the album: DJ Nob Tee aka Dugsoul – Dear My Soul

Blind! A word, a song and Lozee’s statement on environmental protection. Least 800,000 liters of oil per day flowed into the Gulf of Mexico. Another disaster – the next environmental disaster is just a matter of time. “This is the year of the policy.” Lozee’s first single “Blind”, taken from the debut album “Tell It to the Sea”, starts with this question. He also asks in, why the leaders of this world operate far from being a more consistent environment and whether the fuel-driven cars are still up-to-date? Hella Wenders, niece of the largest German filmmaker Wim Wenders, and Luca Lucchesi have teamed up in Nice with Lozee and filmed the video for “Blind” over three days. “As more often we have heard “Blind” as more inspired us the song and accompanied everyday life,” explained Hella Wenders their motivation for video. “The song is more relevant than ever, and stands for itself. For us it was a delightful challenge images to this strong musical appeal to find”. This is also the background why get such a powerful, visual packaging.

Taken from the single: LoZee – Blind

Behind the dancing bears are two guys who bring every audience to dance with their concept ! Die Tanzbären (The Dancing Bears) is for the new generation of people who like to party. Own shirts with a cool logo and slogans such as: Let the bears run free, cheers for the bear, Tanzbäralarm! or if the Playbear! At every event, every performance and every interview they are accompanied by pink and Bluebear in bear outfits. The dancing bears have an incredible brand recognition so as soon as the bear or the logo appears. The music is unique and fits perfectly with the concept. Rap mixed with R & B vocals and fresh house beats, plus a special dance that can imitate the everyone does the bears to the attraction of 2011. Tanzbäralarm will be the first single release on the label Stereo Fever.

For more information about the artist, please visit: Die Tanzbären Homepage


Cool Million have become a solid rock in today’s tumultuous barren musical desert. The sands shift very regularly. Everything is in flux. Yet Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle, who comprise Cool Million, stand unnerved and unwavering. The reason, dear reader, is very simple. These guys KNOW about music. They are not following trends, jumping on bandwagons or even trying to create a trend. Both well known and respected in the radio and song writing fields, these gentleman are simply creating real music with real feeling and doing so with all the knowledge, love and respect for what we can affectionately call the groove! Bursting onto the scene in 2007 with “Naughty Girl” that was featured on the popular “Soul Togetherness” series and then followed by the essential “Going Out Tonight” album soul fans and music connoisseurs all around the world have eagerly awaited new product, and various songs remixed by the legendary Tom Moulton on have whet our appetite ever since. The new album, the aptly titled “Back For More”, is here and boy are you going to love it! The track “Making Love” (feat. Jeniqua), taken from this new album, just entered the pool position at the Lounge / Chill Out Charts @ Traxsource.Traxsouce Lounge / Chill Out Charts:# 01: Cool Million feat. Jeniqua – Making Love (Robss Urbanized Mix) (Sedsoul)# 15: Cool Million feat. Jeniqua – Making Love (Sed II Soul Mix) (Sedsoul)# 59: Cool Million feat. Jeniqua – Making Love (Album Mix) (Sedsoul)

go_disko*, founded by Ansgar Hetkamp, initially based on a specialised database solution for organizers and labels out of Berlin go_disko* grew to a high reputed provider of business solutions for the independent music branch and film technicians with over 200 customers worldwide. Whether you work in label, production house or promotion agency – you perhaps started out of a passion for music, you are sometimes overwhelmed with ever increasing workload. go_disko* simplifies your workload by a few clicks while you can devote your time to your passion: the music. Featuring a user-friendly interface, go_disko* Music allows you to administrate and discount for instant projects, business resource planning and finance, beside contacts and daily correspondence with ease. Team working and a save use of information to the users and teams are permitted. Thus you can customize the administration of the data individually. Since Spring 2011, you can import your sales statements from deeep.net directly into your go_disko* database by using the new Deeep Compressor button.
We´re proud to announce, that Bambuddha Grove (Ibiza) and daredo music are joining forces. From now on, daredo music is responsible for all future releases on the famous brand from the magic lsland. Once upon a time, music from a far away land reached the snowcapped Himalayan mountains of Tibet. Three Buddhas, one representing Freedom, one Respect, and one Tolerance, set out to seek the source of these vibrations. Their long quest took them on a journey where whispers in the wind suggested these sounds resonated from a land filled with magic, mystery and music. After three years they arrived at the island of Ibiza and quickly came ashore, confident they were nearing the climax of their journey. In the center of the island, shrouded in valley mist and nestling in a bamboo forest they set their eyes on Bambuddha Grove, the temple to the Black Sheep Tribe, the Music, the Vibrations, the Source… As you stroll beneath a luscious canopy of bamboo, past watchful carved stone statues, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve just landed in Ubud, Goa or Ko Pha Ngan, not outback of a mediterranean isle. Make your way around the grand estate that is Bambuddha Grove®, and you’ll discover flushes of Ibiza luxe – the übercool crowd sipping on Bamboozles, Karmapirinhas or Shivalingas – amidst ancient erotic artefacts and sultry, sumptuous furnishings. Owner John Moon has lovingly created a temple to host private events, monumental parties and everything in between. More information about the location and the restaurant: Bambuddha Grove (Ibiza)