Content Management Console (CMC)

Manage and analyze your content everytime and everywhere!

The Content Management Console (CMC) is a content management solution with back-end for all our customers, and direct access to essential tools needed for daily work: sophisticated statistics, sales overview, download and streaming development, quick access to statements (PDF or Excel File), and a comfortable user interface. The CMC also includes a cloud service for all your content including secure one-click creation of download links to provide datas or files. The main benefit of the CMC is the transparency of sales figures and statistics.

On the “Dashboard” page, you will find a general overview of your data, as well as different customize sales charts and current chart positions at portals. Under “Content”, you can easily browse in your catalogue and find detailed information about your releases. You can also send or download each track, or the whole release, with one click. You can see detailed sales analytics, charts and daily sales (trends) in “Analytics,” which provides daily numbers from the stores.

One of the most important and powerful features of the CMC is the “CMC Producer”: a content delivery and management tool that allows many new and useful features such as bulk import, creating compilations per drag & drop, pre-selection of the channels and stores, enhanced price codes, additional textfields, and many more features that facilitate your daily work. Additional extensions specifically for classical music and movies will follow soon. Under “Statements”, you can review and download your monthly statements in PDF or Excel format and to get a detailed graphic overview of your sales and streams. Last in the navigation is the “CMC Admin” section, where you can administrate sub-accounts for your (sub)labels and manage label logos.

Some screenshots from the CMC:

CMC 0a




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