Digital Service Provider

Professional digital solutions with is a leading independent provider of digital media services in Europe. Well-known customers use our technical infrastructure for digital logistics with volume beyond 600.000 audio tracks. Developed completely in-house, the web-based DSP technology is constantly enhanced with new features and functionalities with a clear focus on usability and efficiency.

Digital Service Provider (DSP)

For Digital Logistics, is your partner as a Digital Service Provider (DSP). With our highly automated and sophisticated technology, we handle all needed logistical aspects and provide you with the complete backend and system for digital media distribution. Of course the DSP is able to handle multiple clients and their respective sub-clients, so with the help of our technology you can act as a content aggregator. The system has been integrated with over 150 platforms translating into more than 350 digital stores. As our partner, you focus on the business side (eg. signing contracts with digital stores) while the DSP system takes care of all aspects of Digital Logistics and Royalty Management.

Our technical model:

Overview of the DSP profile
For Label or Content Aggregator, the DSP system offers exactly the required tools for professional digital media distribution:

Content Import
ingestion of existing content via standard interfaces or our own “deeep producer system”. In case of bulk imports the creation of a specific interface is possible.

Encoding + Preparation
the DSP system handles encoding of audio and video media into all relevant target formats, e.g. AAC, MP3, WMA or FLAC in required quality levels. Metadata will be prepared professionally and connected to audio- / video master files, followed by final testing and publishing for sales purposes.

all contents will be hosted at the Digital Warehouse. Masters as well as encodet files are stored on redundant server systems. Daily backups are performed as well as routine quality control.

your deliveries are easily „selected and clicked“ in the DSP web interface, where you can find your digital inventory of available products. After adding date and priority information, your digital packages will be automatically “picked, packed and shipped” to their respective destinations from our data center. DSP currently “knows” around 150 digital platforms and their specifications, this being enhanced on an ongoing level. The system also monitors and logs which content has been delivered to their destinations.

Reporting / Statements DSP uniquely contains a complete suite of reporting / royalty statement tools. All of your incoming sales reports from digital stores can be imported, “number crunched” and sales figures applied to the variety of your sub-clients.

Multi-Client System DSP enables you completely in the digital world. Use your own contracts with Digital Stores, create Labels, Artists and Sub-Clients – even your own design (“skin”) is possible within our one-stop solution.

with DSP you are truly independent. You can combine our technical services with existing Digital Distribution deals, for instance with our division digedo (

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