Mobile Applications

Apps for iPhone, Android Phones and other mobile devices

W also offer Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and can provide you with all information needed to keep your app up-to-date. Because of the interface between the and your app, all new releases and products from labels and artists will be shown with the artwork and product information on the release date. Naturally a user can also listen to tracks and song snippets, podcasts, or visiting your Facebook or Twitter page without leaving the application. Also, if you want to add your own radio channel, we can offer you our streaming service.

We also can program your app, even if you’re not a label, an artist, a music company, or a radio station. Our customer consultants and software teams will find out the optimal solution for your app. Furthermore, we take care of the distribution to the app stores.

The iPhone App concept of the label 120dB:

Apps for Android and other mobile operating systems will follow soon…

For more information about Apps, please get in contact with us.