133085Hell Yeah Recordings are pleased to announce they have been tempted into the reissue market. As such, the label starts a new off shoot, PERDIO (roughly meaning ‘lost’ in Portuguese) which will focus on putting out re-issues and new remixes of classic or forgotten gems. The fist one is a newly remastered instrumental version and new Francisco Dub of Giorgia Morandi’s ‘Children of the Sky’, a cover of the italo-classic “Figli delle Stelle” by Alan Sorrenti which just happened to be released 40 years ago. The brilliant , remastered, original is seven sizzling minutes of elastic Italo house with happy chords that reach for the skies. Naive melodies and keys add to the colourful effect and cannot help to sweep your heart and get your feet tapping, especially with the rugged bassline that probs it up and the big drums that help drive it along. The special Francisco Dub Edit then builds and builds leaving the main hook for the very end… when it arrives you will be sent into raptures of Italo joy.

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The band Boytronic was founded 1983 and no other band has so boast a varied history. Similar to Camouflage or their Idols „Depeche Mode“, Boytronic become quite the electronic synth pop prescribed also. With their first single “You” they landed immediately a worldwide hit, quickly established itself as 80s classics. Also the first album “The Working Model” with another single from the album, “Diamonds And Loving Arms” sold very well. Particularly noteworthy was the collaboration with the then very fashionable producer Bobby Orlando. The first single of the second album “Man In A Uniform”, the song “Hurts” was proposed. In the meantime, also “Late Night Satellite” was published, a great radio success was on the album but unfortunately not found space. There were arguments with the former record company that also attracted disputes within the band, and provided the naming rights remained with the producers. In 1988 the album “Love For Sale“ with singles like „Do not Let Me Down,” “Love for Sale” and “Tears” were released which found many enthusiasm in Euro disco area. In recent publications, however, it is not the original cast, but an artificially generated by the record company project with other musicians. Today, the original Boytronic members are reunited and planning a new album. This compilation with of all maxi-singles which were released between 1983-1989 gives a comprehensive overview of the work of this band that once shaped the sound of the 80s with.

Pokorny Music Solutions, a dynamically developing music company, is planning to release at the beginning of April (04.04.2014) an album compilation with some selected repertoire of Bad Boys Blue that was recorded between 1984 and 1990. It is another release in the thriving series “The Original Maxi-Singles Collection” with extended maxi-single versions, their B-sides and, occasionally, rare remixes that are still being sought for by fans. For Bad Boys Blue, their second single “You’re a Woman” turned out to be a breakthrough and instantly conquered the European charts. More smash hits followed on, such as: “Pretty Young Girl”, “Come Back and Stay”, “A World without You”, “Lady in Black”. The set by Bad Boys Blue included in this “Original Maxi-Singles Collection” edition is compiled from the aforementioned tracks as well as many other smash hits of that legendary project; and all of the recordings are of the best sound quality, thanks to the high-class remastering. Some of the tracks herein have been released on mp3 format for the first time in the band’s artistic history. The curious item of this compilation is “Midnight Hour” – a track that was kept unreleased in the archives of the “Coconut-Music” label for almost 25 years, just to have its ultimate premiere as late as in the present day! Inside the multi-page booklet added to this release, you will find colour reproductions of the original front covers of Bad Boys Blue’s classic maxi-singles and a photograph of the famous production line that gave birth not only to “Midnight Hour”, but also to the mythical and long-desired track “Kiss You All Over, Baby” in its extended 1987 version. Well then, have plenty of fun and many good vibes while giving a listen to this compilation by Bad Boys Blue: The Original Maxi-Single Collection!

DiscoFox80 – “The Original Maxi-Singles Collection” from the creators of the “80s Revolution Series”. Finely tuned, combines this unique compilation, a mix of claim, memories and experience. As a premiere, although only 11 disco cult songs were selected, but placed in the “long versions” on the Album. More than one hour party music that is simply unique with the magic of the nightclub itself. The Hits by Bad Boys Blue, Raff, London Boys, Silent Circle or Lian Ross deliver even today, the perfect and irresistible Disco Fox warranty.

All “Fancy” followers will now certainly be more than pleased to finally have an album which includes a healthy pack of wanted extended versions and remixes. A complete Maxi-Singles story published between 1984 and 1990 and their B-sides. With the hit single “Slice Me Nice” started “Fancy” 1984 commercial breakthrough. Subsequently other songs, such as “Chinese Eyes”, “Bolero” and “Flames Of Love”, which are also represented on this album. These all time tracks “Fancy” coined his own style of music and the fact that he appeared wearing makeup made him unique. On this album (releasedate: 27.09.2013) you can find a beautiful and valuable addition to your music collection. By the way: Fancy will also be an inhabitant of the new “Promi Big Brother” edition in Germany (Sat.1).More information about: Fancy @ “Promi Big Brother”

Streetheat Music is one of Germany’s leading and oldest Dance Companies with there exclusive labels Total Recall, Hyper Hype, BCM and Streetheat, specializing in dance music. There homepage www.streetheat.de offers brand new HipHop/R`n`B remixes (over 6.500 masters) to professional DJs as CD, DVD and Download. It is also the home of Americas leading remix services such as Ultimix Inc., Selectmix Inc., X-mix and Ghetto Jams, that month for month make remixes of the Top Hits from Billboard Top 100. Now, Streetheat is starting to release original Disco & Dance Classics together with selected Remixes for the first time digitally.