After talking and talking for ages about doing a label together they putted their heads on it …and finally its there the love child of Ramon Tapia and Hermanez: “Aella Music”. RamonTapia and Hermanez are already big players in the scene and had the feeling that a lot of friends made amazing music but didn’t got the chance to release their music thats why The label Aella Music is mostly focussed on releasing music from their close friends and of course just good music as what they think is good with a wide variety of styles … And what a record they signed for their first release !!!!
Dave Brody— Never Go …Dave is a producer that has mostly been under the radar but a well respected producer in Antwerpen the city he lives, but now with this release the Aella team wanted to give him the respect he deserves … and more and more is yet to come so beware. Aella Music is common to your speakers!