Poachers who break into a safari park at night to steal a few exotic animals for illegal animal experiments experience a nasty surprise: One of their stunning arrows is accidentally infected with a zombie virus due to a mix-up in the park’s laboratory, where an antidote is being researched. This had already led to massive, uncontrollable animal attacks at the Eden Wildlife Zoo in Los Angeles years earlier. The virus is now spreading rapidly among wildlife in the Safari Park. Soon the poachers fight side by side with the safari park staff against meerkats, snakes, porcupines, lions, crocodiles, rhinos and hippos… Will they be able to find the antidote before the US government razes the entire park to the ground with incendiary bombs…?

European DVD and worldwide Blu-ray premiere – Uncut US-Unrated version – The Asylum Mockbuster of the TOP 1 US series success ZOO over three seasons – With Ashley Alva from the Netflix blockbuster Bird Box, starring Sandra Bullock

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Cat.No.: DWP1640 (BD) / DWP1649 (DVD)
Release: 24th May 2019

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The two siblings Ryan (John Paul Rutton) and Emma (Ella Ballentine) wanted to visit their father in Africa and spend a wonderful weekend with him. But the small supply aircraft that she is supposed to bring to him is in serious turmoil and they must land in the middle of the Serengeti. Since the entire radio system is destroyed and the pilot is hardly conscious, the siblings and Huskie Chinook have to go on a dangerous journey through the wilderness. After they were able to free a young elephant bull from a desperate position, they also have an imposing protector at their side. However, you will only be able to defy all dangers and win the race against time, if they hold tightly together and face their fears …

The success story of Part 1 is back and an exciting adventure hit with fantastic animal recordings in the second round! A must for fans of the first part or films like “Wolfsblut” or “Der weiße Löwe”!


Press releases:
“It is a great pleasure to be able to experience all these animals in their natural habitat in a film.” (Kidsfirst.org)

“We are very happy to be able to lend this fantastic film to our family-friendly entertainment seal. For all who appreciate a good story, with many animals.” (Dove.org)

“An exciting adventure film, also for younger children.” (Themoviescene.co.uk)

“A lot of excitement, charity and a little humor make this movie the perfect weekend movie.” (Bazoof.com)

A society abound. An old musician with his flute. His music takes us into another world: The dunes of the Sahara. There is a lack of everything. On water and daily bread. Who should a mother give preference, when they know that they can get through only one of her twin babies? Life goes its own way…

This drama offers expressive actor and opulent images rather than dialogues! An ancient oriental musicians from Berlin tells about his music the story of his life. He is born as a twin in times of famine. His mother knows she can get through only one of the two children and has to decide. You are her milk the healthier of the two children and provides them with the greater chance of survival. But sometimes decides life differently than humans imagine the …