From January 23 Spiegel.TV shows eight young feature films: In “Open Fiction” run the best German Impro films – the first online festival for the currently most exciting trend in German cinemas.

In the trailer tells director and actor Tom Lass about his working methods and his favorite films. Together with his brother Jacob, he is responsible for three of the most important works of the so-called “German mumblecore”. We provide all eight festival entries before: “Kaptn Oskar”, “Love Steaks”, “Dicke Mädchen”, “Papa Gold”, “Klappe Cowboy!”, “Am Ende der Strasse”, “Stiller Frühling” and “Die Liebe und Viktor”. The “Open Fiction” festival realized SPIEGEL.TV together with its partners alleskino, “achtung berlin” and “Darling Berlin”.

The movie “Am Ende der Strasse” (English title: “Where the street ends”) by Nils Strüven is a portrait of the Berlin taxi driver Theo (Peter Trabner) who believes ultimately it past down his dreams between the everyday routine of short-range, small talk and wait. Told through five episodes of sometimes bizarre, tragic or funny passengers a night shift, he eventually rediscovered a piece of forgotten magic and Felt moves suddenly to new roads.

The full length movie can be seen here: Am Ende der Strasse