Good music will never die! Rewashed is a deep view into the catalogue of Mole Listening Pearls. Selecting the finest Tracks, Sounds an Artist from the newsdesk and archives . Featuring hidden treasures from bestselling artists like Alphawezen, Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle or Märtini Brös. Also there will be find new milestones of modern lounge music from Schoeneich & Groon or Zagar. Time for Rewashed!

Gute Musik wird niemals schlecht. Rewashed ist ein tiefer Blick in den Katalog des Labels Mole Listening Pearls mit den besten Tracks vom Newsdesk und den Archiven. Das Album präsentiert versteckte Schätze der Szene Stars Alphawezen, Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle oder Märtini Brös. Auf dem Album befinden sich aber auch zukünftige Meilensteine der Lounge Music von Schöneiech & Groon oder Zagar. Zeit für ein Rewashed! Out now!

Crack the Smack Vol. 2

Good music will never die! Rewashed is a deep view into the catalogue of Mole Listening Pearls. Selecting the finest Tracks, Sounds an Artist from the newsdesk and archives . Featuring hidden treasures from bestselling artists like Alphawezen, Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle or Märtini Brös. Also there will be find new milestones of modern lounge music from Schoeneich & Groon or Zagar. Time for Rewashed!

Modern Pop Lounge (compilation)

The guiding principle behind „Moderner Pop Lounge“ is, apart from being a sound statement, an album with songs, not sounds. Well-established bands and artists such as Naomi, Ohm Square, Lemongrass, nor elle, Alphawezen and Yonderboi are presented with songs together with amazing discoveries such as The Burhorn, Johannes Huppertz, The Casino Royal and Tony Match. The album is rounded off by highlights such as Audio Lotion, Geb.el, Moodorama, Zagar or the Swedish producer J. Axel. The songs on this album don’t babble along but move heart and soul: highly distinguishable and clearly recognisable electronic music. A beautiful album and promising prospects for all lovers of good electronic music.

Available format: mp3.

Audio Lotion talks about the new album “Bad Timing” For more than ten years, Audio Lotion have been inspiring the press to storms of superlatives: „The perfect lounge sound“, „Music that belongs to the daily needs like eating and drinking“, „Absolutely necessary for heart and ears“, „Refreshing“, „Pleasant“, „Relaxing“, „Sensual“, and „Sexy“. And as the icing on the cake, Audio Lotion’s music found its way into the queen of lifestyle TV series: Sex and the City. However, their fifth album “Bad Timing” deserved even more superlatives: the duo from Zurich puts into motion a one-hour power plant of feelings. A musical thriller that sends a neuronal firework from the brain stem into the cortex and produces fantastic images and stories. “Bad Timing“ is eustress with its most positive (scientifically proven) effects on body and soul. The album motivates and stimulates.

Interview: Audio Lotion talks about “Bad Timing”.

Mole Listening Pearls – The Collection Vol. 1 (1996 – 2000)

1996 wasn´t an outstanding year in its historical dimensions. Comet Hyakutake was discovered, and the Nintendo 64 came on the market. The 20th Century splashed slowly and gently towards the Millennium. But it was a year for a new music trend: The final neon glow and the green laser effects in dry ice fog in the 80ies were warped. The electronic music drew from the techno temples into cozy living rooms, quiet bars and comfortable lounges. A new generation has grown up and got the label Mole Listening Pearls, a new sense of life tailored to the body. In the beginning it was just an experiment: An open production with an uncertain outcome. The “Mole sound” soaked in his great sensitivity and sensuality. For the first time Mole Listening Pearls brings together a retrospective in three parts, first, the beginning of 1996 – 2000, the development of the Sound by 2001 – 2005, and ultimately the development from 2006 until today. A series from the excellent range of benefits to artists, having placed the label in the last 14 years to light: Audio Lotion, Lemongrass, Alphawezen, Naomi, nor elle, Lahr, Yonderboi, Khoiba and many more.

Available format: mp3.


Audio Lotion – Speedboats & Submarines (single) – Mole Listening Pearls

Audio Lotion stands for delight. Each one of their four album releases had the press plunder their hitherto carefully locked treasure chest of superlatives: “The perfect lounge sound”, “Music as essential for your daily needs as eating and drinking”, “Indispensible for body and soul”. Music that sweeps up a wave of adjectives from the journalist’s heart: “refreshing”, “pleasurable”, “relaxing”, “sensual”, or even “sexy”. And as the icing on the cake, almost as if to be knighted, the music of Audio Lotion made its entry into the queen of all life style TV series: “Sex and the City”. After the last album “Metrosensual”, the retrospective “The Finer Essence” the Zurich-based duo are working on the next album since summer 2008. The sound of the two new tracks “Speedboats” and “Submarines” are representive for the “powerful sound” from the next Audio Lotion album which will be released in 2010.

Available format: mp3.

Mole Listening Pearls is starting the “Listening Pearls Series” with ReReleases of the best and most important albums of the label – mostly sold out for a long period of time. Beside the single album ReReleases always three albums are bundled in a special limited boxset.

In Box One you can find the following albums:

Audio Lotion – ¡adelante! (LPS 1)

With „¡adelante!“, Audio Lotion step out into the world and delivered an outstanding piece of multifaceted latin sounds which enthused a much wider audience. Supported by sexy vocal parts, sappy horn arrangements, and versatile percussionists, Audio Lotion delivered truly first class New Latin sounds. „¡adelante!“ was produced in their own recording studio with Bo Kendren (who mastered e.g. the outstanding Jazzanovas Remixes) adding the final touch. Feathery grooves and catchy melodies keep on surprising the listener from track to track, giving rise to sensual desire, spreading pure magic and delivering tales of love and lust and pain. Refreshingly different from the wasteland of all the other Latin clones out there. Elegant, jazzy and verrry, verrry sexy.

Naomi – Pappelallee (LPS 2)

On their second album „Pappelallee“ Berlin duo Naomi (Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias) delivered 11 personal and charming songs situated somewhere between pop and sophisticated electronic music. The warm and touching sound nests pleasantly in auditory canals making the album feel familiar even at first listening. When diving deeper into Naomi’s universe you soon discover a great variety of influences and contrasting elements. The songs are intense, the arrangement is compact and the sound distinctive. „Pappelallee“ is sometimes bizarre but always catchy, profound but highly accessible, melancholic but consoling. Plus, the moving Electropop jewel „King Kong Is Not Dead“ comes as an extra feelgood song.

nor elle – Phantom Of Life (LPS 3)

When nor elle´s debut album “Phantom Of Life” was released in march 1998, it was still kept a secret, that the producer of the album was Norman Feller aka Terry Lee Brown Junior – the House DJ and producer from Darmstadt (near Frankfurt/Germany) who has had a severe impact on the develop-ment and rise of the genre Tech-House. Under the pseudonym nor elle, he stayed more than true to the Mole subheading “Listening Pearls” and employed structures from diverse musical backgrounds: stopping by at Dub and then straight again into Downbeat. It is especially due to the focus on Downbeat what makes nor elle´s music so completely different from that of his much better known other alter ego.In Box Two you can find the following albums:

Alphawezen – En Passant (LPS 4)

To translate yearning and dreams of faraway sceneries into beautiful and unheard sounds is what makes pop duo Alphawezen aka Ernst Wawra and Asu Yalcindag so special. Their second album „En Passant“ (succeeding their fine effort „ L Après-Midi d un Microphone“) comprises of 12 songs full of fleeting moments, the basic mood of which swings between soothing melancholy and mellow serenity. „En Passant“ comes with such consummate ease as if being produced en passant. But it soon becomes obvious that the album is thoroughly thought through and done with complete mastery. Alphawezen playfully explore the realm between art and kitsch, experiment and calculation, yearning arrangements and hypnotic dance tracks. If you move from disco to disco you will gladly discover some fast moving tracks in this diverse offering. If you like to travel at home, you will find it pleasing to travel with Alphawezen. The album „en passant“ reminds of something which came into existence just now but radiates a feeling of something which has been around forever. And that is magical and very soothing.

Lemongrass – Windows (LPS 5)

Roland Voss aka Lemongrass has a rich musical background spanning three decades. During the ’70s, he played drums with numerous rock groups, funk bands, and jazz ensembles. During the ’80s, Voss developed a penchant for electronic instruments. Having patiently honed his skills, in ’93 Voss released his debut album, a largely breakbeat affair entitled Succa V. Four years later, he dropped his debut album as Lemongrass, Dramatic Universe, on a small German imprint called Incoming! After a short interlude with the side project Orbis, the Mole Listening Pearls debut “Lumière Obscure” from Lemongrass hit the stores and received much accolade by the music press while the accompanying single release “Comme Toujours” turned into a mellow club hit. Even before he had time to react to the tremendously positive and manifold press reviews on his third album called “Voyage au Centre de la Terre”, he was already in the midst of the production process for his fourth album “Windows”, which was released in February 2001, containing the charming cover version of the Winnetou melody. While “Fujijama,” his ode to Japan’s highest and holiest volcano, is a soft, melodic midtempo breakbeat cut, “Journey To A Star” is deep, downtempo, and extremely extraterrestrial.

Geb.el – From A Distant Point Of View (LPS 6)

Geb.el, a native Austrian who now resides in London presents his version of Urban Melancholica. He has long been influenced by Futurism, Jazz, and Soul. These influences are easily identifiable in his music, but this music is also new and exists independently in its own right. At the beginning of the eighties, Geb.el started spinning Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop. From behind the decks he witnessed the birth of both House and Techno. In these early days, these new musical directions were not always well received. Geb.el however, viewed House and Techno as simply the logical evolution of so-called “Black Music”. The Helmut Lang fashion empire began to show interest in Geb.el. Entering the fashion world, Geb.el produced the music for several shows in Paris, and received credits for his work – even in The New York Times. From A Distant Point Of View) is not an album which is limited to one style, but rather a psychic profile of an individual, who has chosen to show us his happiness (Love from the Sun feat. Dian Sorrell), his past (I’m not in Love feat. Cleveland Watkiss) as well as his entire world-view (Schulfernsehen 3 A New Science) in musical portraits. In this work, deep-headz tunes (The Killer and The Chicken) melt seamlessly together with pure ambience (Raindance and Windscreenwipers) to allow the listener to reach an understanding of Geb.el and his distant point of view.The Box One and Box Two are strictly limited and will be available in the year 2008 only.

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Listening Pearls Series (Box One)
Listening Pearls Series (Box Two)

The 75th Mole album release is quite obviously not just another “Best Of…” compilation but presents brand-new mixes from well known tracks as well as new tracks of our Mole artists. On Mole 75 you can find for example songs from Naomi, Audio Lotion, nor elle, Alphawezen, De-Phazz, Q-Point, Yonderboi, Wax Tailor, The Lushlife Project, Airmate, Lemongrass, Marcel, Anima Sound System, Khoiba, moodorama, Calmstreet, Bassface Sascha, JFC aka Jean F. Cochois and Homegrown. Mole 75 embraces Pop for grown-ups and Drum n Bass, floating sound spaces and charming vocal arrangements, heavily blunting downbeats and funky bass lines. Mole stimulates all senses – not being typical is typical Mole! The task to define the Mole borders on sheer impossibility, as Mole manages to metamorphose into lmost anything without losing its distinctive identity. Mole moves in the realm of electronic music, so much for sure. Mole oscillates between the poles of abstraction and club suitability by consciously ranscending established genres or any kind of categorisation. The objective of Mole is to release good Music of true artists while generating positive vibes. Sounds banal, but hits the ull´s eye. Te artists and their music create an acoustic mosaic which is constantly reassembled but always remains recognisable. A paradox: although there is no typical Mole sound, you can immediately feel and sense the sound of Mole. The resolution to this paradox is anchored in the labels core ideas and the mission of the Mole artists. The mission of the artists can be found in their music with the music being their message. The core ideas of Mole include the determined willingness to foster its artists and to provide them with time and space to develop their message. Mole does not steal a glance on short-term success but has its eye on long-term building up. The resulting quality is the trademark of Mole. The whole thing is quite obviously an experiment: an open production process with unpredictable outcome – subjected to continuous control of ground-breaking potential and quality. But life in general can be seen as an experiment, can’t it? And does not nature create new forms every day? Mole is like life: incalculable, inexhaustible, multi-faceted, lustrous and prolific. Mole is constantly in motion and generates new formats. Mole is sound evolution. The quality of Mole music draws from its sensuousness. The music does not aim at superficial effects, is never trivial nor shallow but deep, pulsating, reviving, sensible, tolerant – and therefore outstanding. Mole has a smart surface and knows how to adorn itself with it. Mole invites you to take joy in the pleasures of life! Celebrate with Mole! Including a DVD with nine “Mole videos”. Here you can watch the Trailer.