TV Spot Germany – 2008 wellenreiter_spot.jpgGerman TV Spot: Die Wellenreiter 001 – 2008
The Album:
Die Wellenreiter 001 (Barcelona), mixed by Andry Nalin

This is the first „Die Wellenreiter“ compilation and it unites everything the “Die Wellenreiter” party concept stands for: high quality music, outstanding parties, exclusive locations, fashion, lifestyle and interesting people. Founded in 2006, Franka Siepmann, Markus Wolf, Oliver Ochs and Andry Nalin bundled the experiences of their work fields and decided to create a concept, that exeeds all boundaries between cities, music styles and even continents. Climax of this concept is the music & fashion sea adventure that Siepmann, Wolf, Ochs and Nalin organized, happening one week long in september this year. On the AIDAcara, an ocean cruiser of the Aida fleet, 1300 lyfestylers will experience the most impressing party of their lifes, supported by 20 international Top-DJs. Furthermore “Die Wellenreiter” did a clubtour through Germany’s club landscape with stops at Spindler & Klatt (Berlin), zuHouse Club (Dortmund), Cocoon (Frankfurt), Treibhaus (Neuss), Loveparade (Dortmund) and some more.

This mix, mixed by Andry Nalin himself, catches every kind of atmospheres that are defining the concept of “Die Wellenreiter” and brings the original sound of “Die Wellenreiter” right in your player, wherever you are. Nalin, who should be known for his enormous output and his high quality DJ sets since 1993, screwed a very fine mix between rhythmic percussion bounce, flowerily vocal House with a bit of pop and soul attitude, bony TechHouse and atmospherical club smasher. Nalin, who is one of the two heads behind Bush ll Bush and did the Nalin & Kane Project with his partner Ralf Beck in the 90ies, puts every kind of knowledge he got in his 15 years long DJ carreer in combination, compiling and mixing of the tracks from the likes of The Timewriter, Sascha Funke, Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C, Solomun, Christopher Rau or Soulphiction and creates a music experience in which you can feel the breeze, smell the salty water and receive the incredible feeling of freedom and insouciance.

So don’t be shy, take your board and ride of some waves with us!

Available formats: CD, mp3.