135443Calling an EP “Devil” although it will most certainly conjure a smile on the face of any electronic music enthusiast might come as a surprise, or even cause confusion. But let’s be fucking serious, when Boris Brejcha picked this title, he had probably no evil thoughts in mind but was rather daydreaming of one of his many shows that are known to turn any club into a diabolically hot sweat lodge due to the energetic atmosphere and ecstatic crows. So in the end you could arque that the title of his new EP seems long overdue. Meet the “Devil” and the humble man behind the EP: meet Boris Brejcha.


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The ‘Yellow Loop’ EP from Italian producer Santos is the latest release in This And That’s nine-part series exploring the relationship between music and art. ‘Detune’ is a laid-back groover of an opener; a thudding bass, tribal-esque percussion and pitched-down male vocals provide the build-up into blissed-out synth chords with a touch of balearic feel-good vibes, whilst ‘Give It To Me’ builds on the tempo with its persistent bell, bouncing drums and eponymous refrain. ‘Rare Boogie’ acts as the centrepiece of the EP; a masterclass in a long-play danceable record, the ethereal breakdown halfway through its nine minutes leads up to a powerful, shooting buzz-saw synth. Riva Starr’s remix of ‘Rare Boogie’ meanwhile, remains faithful to the original’s defining characteristics, whilst injecting a touch of fun – club-ready jacking hi-hats, a bumping bassline and extra echoing around those monstrous synths both enhance and emphasise the record’s original features.

Yellow Loop” is featured on Beatport‘s main and tech house page (KW43)

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We have been asked by Beatport to release compilations with some of our biggest tunes to celebrate their 10th birthday, so here we go. It’s an honor for us to present to you our most important inhouse-label’s #beatportdecade compilations: Plastic City, Mole Listening Pearls, Circle Music Germany and Harthouse. These „Best of“ Compilations are featuring some of the biggest and most influential names in Electronic Music, like Marshall Jefferson, Nick Curly, Nightmares On Wax, Steve Lawler, Ken Ishii, Terry Lee Brown Junior, Cari Lekebush, Reboot, Extrawelt, Gui Boratto, Junkie XL, Moonbootica, Robert Babicz, Yousef and countless more.

Currently, you can find nine digedo tracks from labels like Streetheat Music, UCA, Mole Listening Pearls and SedSoul in the top 100 Beatport Funk/R&B Charts:Funk/R&B Charts:# 07: Stretch – Why Did You Do It? (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 10: How Gee – Sax Machine (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 12: XL – Take 5 (Kool Summer Mix) (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 18: The Lushlife Project – The Mashroom Man (Gábor Deutsch Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)# 27: Zagar feat. Underground Divas – Wings Of Love (Albin Janoska Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)# 45: US3 – Cantaloop (Streetheat Music / UCA)# 72: Cool Million Feat. Jeniqua – Making Love (SedSoul)# 85: The Casino Royal – Don´t Play With Me (Audio Lotion Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)# 98: Homegrown – Endangered Species (Potte Remix) (Mole Listening Pearls)

Currently, you can finde fourteen digedo releases from the labels Plastic City, Memento Records, Playhouse, 4In4Out Music, Circle Music and Tronic Soundz in the top 100 Beatport Tech-House and Deep House Charts:Tech-House Charts:# 38: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Bohemian Life (Plastic City)# 39: The Timewriter – Pasadoble (Junior Gee Remix) (Plastic City)# 53: The Timewriter – Pasadoble (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) (Plastic City)# 66: Terry Lee Brown Junior with Greg Parker – Ego Expedition (Plastic City)# 75: Brett Jacobs & Sully – Take Time (4In4Out Music)# 89: Aki Bergen – Do It Up (Plastic City)# 93: Gorge & Andre Hommen – Hakunyo (Ray Okpara) (Tronic Soundz)# 98: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Neutral – Plastic City (Plastic City)Deep House Charts:# 25: Marco Effe – Sexgas (Paco Osuna & Andrea Introvigne Remix) (Memento Records)# 33: Marco Effe – Sexgas (Original Mix) (Memento Records)# 73: Terry Lee Brown Junior – Tribe (Plastic City)# 92: LoSoul – btw (Plein Soleil Remix) (Playhouse)# 95: Daniel Bortz – I Am Looking (LoSoul Remix) (Circle Music)# 97: Terry Lee Brown Junior with The Timewriter – It Startet Right Here (Plastic City)

The label Autan Records was born in may 2009, founded by Zeta Funk from Verona (Italy). Zeta Funk decided to select and promote new artists following the latin saying: “de gustibus non disputandum est” which means “in this label I release only music which I like”. It looks like this philosophy works. The 13th release, produced by Giulio Lnt, just conquer the peak position at the Beatport Minimal Charts.

Giulio Lnt – Hello Chicago (Autan Records):
# 01: Beatport Minimal Charts
# 11: Beatport Charts (All Genre)

#2. The Mulder – I Take You Out To Space (Plastic City) #8. The Messanger – Blue Summer Night (Plastic City. Play)#14. Gui Boratto – It´s Majik (Tronic Soundz)#17. Forteba – Landing Vostok (Plastic City)#53. Atjazz – Dirty Ride (Plastic City)#57. Eddie Richards – Droids (Plastic City)#78. The Timewriter – Play My Soul (Plastic City)#81. Bandmaster´s Flight – Samuel Alone (Amber Muse)

The track “The Timewriter – Reachin` Out”, remixed by Dave Spoon, entered the position 1 at the official Beatport Tech-House charts. This remix is part of a remix package called “Resensed Part One”. In the official Beatport Charts (of all Genres) the track is still placed at position #12.


Tracklisting “The Timewriter -Resensed Part One”:1: Reachin` Out (Dave Spoon Mix) 2: Booty Song (Ian Pooley’s Tummy Remix) 3: All I´ve Got (King Britt’s Nova Dream Sequence Mix) 4: Space For Lovers (Rulers of the Deep Electronica Remix) 5: Room Of A Million Rainbows (PQM’s Deephead Pass) 6: Travellers Can’t Sleep – In Deep Session With Terry Lee Brown Junior (Jesse Somfay’s Medusa Coil Mix)7: So much Pain Inside (Terry Lee Brown Junior´s Pain On Dub) 8: Here Comes The Sun (Stryke’s Sunshine State of Mind Remix)For more informations about this release, please visit: The Timewriter – Resensed Part One