The band Boytronic was founded 1983 and no other band has so boast a varied history. Similar to Camouflage or their Idols „Depeche Mode“, Boytronic become quite the electronic synth pop prescribed also. With their first single “You” they landed immediately a worldwide hit, quickly established itself as 80s classics. Also the first album “The Working Model” with another single from the album, “Diamonds And Loving Arms” sold very well. Particularly noteworthy was the collaboration with the then very fashionable producer Bobby Orlando. The first single of the second album “Man In A Uniform”, the song “Hurts” was proposed. In the meantime, also “Late Night Satellite” was published, a great radio success was on the album but unfortunately not found space. There were arguments with the former record company that also attracted disputes within the band, and provided the naming rights remained with the producers. In 1988 the album “Love For Sale“ with singles like „Do not Let Me Down,” “Love for Sale” and “Tears” were released which found many enthusiasm in Euro disco area. In recent publications, however, it is not the original cast, but an artificially generated by the record company project with other musicians. Today, the original Boytronic members are reunited and planning a new album. This compilation with of all maxi-singles which were released between 1983-1989 gives a comprehensive overview of the work of this band that once shaped the sound of the 80s with.