135443Calling an EP “Devil” although it will most certainly conjure a smile on the face of any electronic music enthusiast might come as a surprise, or even cause confusion. But let’s be fucking serious, when Boris Brejcha picked this title, he had probably no evil thoughts in mind but was rather daydreaming of one of his many shows that are known to turn any club into a diabolically hot sweat lodge due to the energetic atmosphere and ecstatic crows. So in the end you could arque that the title of his new EP seems long overdue. Meet the “Devil” and the humble man behind the EP: meet Boris Brejcha.


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We´re proud to announce, that the new “sunshine live, Vol. 58“ compilation, which was released on Uptrax Records last week (in cooperation with daredo music and digitally distributed via digedo) entered the official German Compilation Charts by GfK Entertainment on pos. 5!
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Linda Freeland hails out of Queens New York, and now since 1983 lives in the Rhein-Main metropol of Germany. Linda can look back on numerous releases with wellknown producers of the German Dance and House scene. Under her own name she released tracks which hit the international clubcharts. The succesful co-operation with DJ and producer Ralf Holl from Frankfurt over the last years has now opened a new chapter. They gave Sade’s 1984 classic hit ‘Smooth Operator’ a new up-to-date sound. The result is a pop/house version, which has its world premiere on August-23th-2015 at the German TVstation ‘ZDF’ in the Show ‘Fernsehgarten’. A pulsating beat and bass; a guitar which picks up the core of the original song, and the voice of Linda gives the new version a very special energy. Further two club tracks, which were already tested (with success to the max) in several German clubs. ‘Smooth Operator 2015′ from Linda Freeland is really infectious and memorable…

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We´re proud to announce, that Natasha Watts’ Album „Natasha Watts”, released on the well known label SedSoul, just reached the pool position at the official “UK Soul Chart Top 30“. UK Soulstress Natasha Watts hits the streets with her Debut Album following up a successsful year. All her Singles ended up in the UK Soulcharts top five and her last single „Change” made it also up to No 1 in the UK Soulcharts as did “Go slow”  and several Radio Charts across the world. She also won the Readers Choice Award from the soul survivors magazine for Best New Soul Act 2013. The 12 Track Album Procduced By Frank Ryle & Rob Hardt (Cool Million) already made the Collectors sticky fingers itch. From Soulful Bossa to 80s Influenced R&B, Natasha has got it all and delivers it on a golden plate. You shouldn ́t miss out on one of her many Live Shows between London & Dubai to see how much her heart beats for the music.

Wishbone Ash are a British rock band who achieved success in the early and mid of the 1970s. Their popular records included „Wishbone Ash“, „Pilgrimage“, „Argus“, „There’s the Rub“ and „New England“. They were one of the first bands to use twin lead guitars. Wishbone Ash are considered to be one of the major innovators of the harmony twin lead guitar format. Their contributions also helped Andy Powell and Ted Turner to be voted <„i>Two of the Ten Most Important Guitarists in Rock History“ at the „Traffic magazine“, and to appear in the “Top 20 Guitarists Of All Time” at „Rolling Stone“. Melody Maker described Powell and Turner as “the most interesting two guitar team since the days when Beck and Page graced The Yardbirds”.We´re proud to announce, that Wishbone Ash with its band members Andy Powell, Bob Skeat, Muddy Manninen and Joe Crabtree entered the official German Media Control album charts on position #74 with their brand new 24th studio album called “Blue Horizon”.
mc-charts-2013.jpgIn 2013, our digital distribution digedo and our division „daredo music“ strengthens the proportion at the official German Sales Charts. From the digital distributions with charts success in 2013, digedo reached position # 5 in the album charts (0,02% market share of the total charts incl. physical products), position #6 in the single charts (0,01% market share of the total charts incl. physical products) and position # 2 in the compilation charts (0,16% market share of the total charts incl. physical products).
mc-charts-2013phy.jpgOn top of this, „daredo music“ reached position # 5 at the physical compilation charts (0,38% market share of the total charts) directly behind Universal Music, Sony Music, Edel and Warner Music, which means, that digedo and „daredo music“ reached together 0,54% of the total market share at the official German compilation sales charts in 2013. Furthermore the album „Zagar – Light Leaks” and the single „Space Medusa“ entered the charts in Hungary. Here are our charts positions in 2013:Sunshine live, Vol. 45 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 8 Germany (Compilation)Zagar – Light Leaks (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/digedo), # 17 Hungary (Album)Sunshine live, Vol. 46 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 11 Germany (Compilation)The Peacemaker Project – It Really Hurts (Peacemaker Recordings/digedo), # 98 Germany (Single)Massiv – Blut gegen Blut 3 (Al Massiva/Intergroove/digedo), # 4 Germany (Album)Sunshine live, Vol. 47 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 6 Germany (Compilation)Zagar – Space Medusa (Mole Listening Pearls/daredo music/digedo), # 27 Hungary (Single)Sunshine live, Vol. 48 (Uptrax/daredo music/Intergroove/digedo), # 20 Germany (Compilation)charts-2013c.jpg

We´re proud to announce, that the current single from Natasha Watts, released on the well known label SedSoul, just reached the pool position at the official “UK Soul Chart Top 30″. Natasha Watts Award winning Soul Diva from the UK is back with yet another superb single produced by the modernsoul monsters “Cool Million”. “Change” is a great mixture of Bossa & Soul and shows the outstanding Voice of Mrs. Natasha Watts. There is no doubt that this song will turn the grey Wintertime into a beautiful warm & cosy evening in front of you’re fireplace. Natasha will release her full Album early 2014 and perform it live in Europe. So keep your eyes open for this Lady…Video: Natasha Watts – Change (SedSoul)