132379Alone, all four remixes do not fit into a genre box. This is most likely the original of the forthcoming LP of the same name. The style of Frank Krumsdorf is strongly influenced by jazz. A soundtrack without a movie hits it pretty much. The four different remixes consistently distract us from what actually comes to us. A wonderful LP which is consistently surprised. Deep and with strings surrounded House by Barbaros. Progressive and with a slight slope to Big Room, which is not surprising, by Julian Reifegerste. Ben Elvis Mettin once again invents a new genre with his remix, which is strongly reminiscent of the “New Beat” of the 1990s. Technoid with a lot of groove, always looking forward, so Chris Maico Schmidt presents good news.

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118879Deep and cool, produced extremely chilled and atmospheric with very interesting sounds. So first critics judged this debut album. To speak of debut is amazing, because under projects named like “Cybordelics” and “MikerobenicsChris Maico Schmidt aka Mike S. put out well over 30 singles, albums and EPs. Who does not remember the Hard House Classics “Adventures of Dama“, which are just reissued and reinterpreted. However, Two Point Zero where he has worked for almost 2 years, is his first solo album. To still quote another critic: “The songs are already giving me summer feeling now. There are also many albums of other artists, only 2, 3 Tracks are good there, but “TWO POINT ZERO” is made cool correctly from the first one up to the last track.”

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